My Vampire System Chapter 1582

Right now, what Jessica was witnessing without a doubt was blood control. At first, she was unsure who was using it—either the little girl or the strange looking plain vampire she had seen. However, now it was clear.

Blood control was different from blood aura, which is what every vampire had. Blood aura allowed vampires to emit strong attacks such as the blood swipe, blood canon and so on.

However, Blood control was something that only the gifted vampires could do, and it tended to follow the bloodline of the vampire leaders, decedents and more could use it. Still it would vary from vampire to vampire.

With blood control, one could change the direction of their attacks and could even use it to speed up and strengthen their attacks to the next level, which was why right now, Jessica was more amazed than ever.

It was clear that this stranger of a vampire was using just blood control. There was no aura involved in his attacks. The energy didn’t even leave his hands, and something that she had never heard of before happened; the vampire was controlling others’ blood.

The spilt blood from the dhampir, the blood from the human and of those around him, was under his control.

‘His blood control is at such a high level that he can even kill dhampirs with just blood control alone…who is this vampire? Is he one of the originals that I have heard of before? Is that why he knows nothing?’ She started to think.

While she was lost in her thoughts, Quinn had already killed the other dhampirs. Honestly, he never did enjoy killing others, but he could sense it; the dhampir’s blood lust wasn’t settling. At the same time, it was almost as if their lust was allowing them to continue to stand up as if they were mindless zombies.

If he even allowed them a chance to attack and regain their strength, there was a chance Minny could get hurt, and he had already promised to protect her.

‘I won’t make the same mistake as I did in the past.’ Quinn thought as he stared down at the last one left.

Since Peter saw that Quinn had already killed a couple, he quickly helped him deal with the rest. One emotion hadn’t come back with Peter, and that was death, and the weight of dying or killing someone didn’t bother him at all.

“One left, and I doubt that you were any stronger than the others,” Quinn said. “The only reason you’re alive is because of luck. Now tell me, do you know of a dhampir that goes by the name of Erin?” Quinn asked.

His influence skill wasn’t quite working the way it should have if he was at full power, but even if that was the case, similar to his blood powers, he wondered if that would have made much of a difference in the first place.

Hearing that name, Quinn could tell that the man’s heart in front of him began to thump louder than it was seconds ago.

“So you do know her. Where is she? Let me speak to her…wait.” Quinn didn’t know quite what to say because he didn’t really think there would be a relation between the two. At least he hoped there wasn’t a relation between the two.

“Step back!” Jessica shouted.

Hearing this, Quinn wondered what her warning was about, and that’s when he was the man’s face ballooning up, his whole body growing in size. He had seen this once before with one of the Pure Agents, Agent 2.

It was a Qi explosion, but this one seemed to be self-inflicted to cause more destruction before his death.

“The Queen will get rid of you all.” The man said before the light started to escape through the cracks in his face. At that moment, Peter appeared directly in front of Quinn.

A loud bang was heard in the room, destroying the ground and the area around them. The girls looked away due to the bright light. When they turned around, though, they could see Quinn was okay.

However, Peter had his skin burst off, including his clothes from the front of his body. It was clear he was in pain.

The attack came as a surprise for more reasons than one. The first was that Quinn never knew that Qi had advanced so far. These didn’t seem like talented Dhampirs, so maybe there were others who knew more about this situation, which made him wonder about 0, whether or not the latter was still alive as well.

Regardless, what really concerned him was his shadow. Quinn no longer needed the system to activate his shadow powers, and just as he was about to use it to create a shield to protect him, he realised two things.

I was able to get through his shadow, it acted as a counter, but the second thing was that using the shadow was dangerous. During the fight with Graham, Quinn had used Shadow Overload. In doing so, he had lost a lot of MC cells as the drawback of using the skill.

Right now, he had the Dragon in his shadow space. If Quinn used too much of the shadow, there was a good chance the Dragon would spill out. Not that Quinn was worried Ray would do anything as the Dragon, but it might complicate matters for him in this place.

Placing his hand on Peter, Quinn started to remove the foreign sources of Qi from his body. It was the least he could do for taking the blast for him.

“You know, you’re going to have to learn the second stage yourself, or at least learn how to use it properly. Especially if everyone can use it now.” Quinn said.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t practice during the last thousand years,” Peter replied.

Quinn also thought it was unfortunate. He couldn’t help but imagine a Peter who would have trained for a thousand years to become unstoppable, but whenever he thought about him just standing there, he didn’t know what to say.

Soon, Peter was able to heal himself. The damage wasn’t too severe on his body, and honestly, even if Quinn took the hit, he thought the explosion wouldn’t have hurt his body either. In this new evolution form, his body felt different from before.

Not just in appearance, either.

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Still, he didn’t want to tell Peter after what he had already done, but there was a reason why Quinn didn’t move despite the warning.

“Hey, so…who is that vampire that you have with you?” Lucia finally asked. She was already interested and now even more so.

“I have no idea,” Jessica replied.

The group had exited out of the examination room and gathered in an empty room. It looked like everyone had somewhat left the place. Seconds later, though, people came rushing in, all dressed in the same beast gear.

It was quite the heavy equipment on their body, and all of it was mainly white with blue outlines.

‘Did they dye their equipment? I think some people did it back in the day, but it wasn’t too popular.’ Quinn thought.

However, the guards seemed to ignore their group and ran straight to the training room to assess the situation. Finally entering through the doors was a man dressed in more blue armour than white compared to the others, which made him seem like a more high ranking official.

“Please, do you mind waiting inside here? We will be calling everyone else back in to make a report.” The man said in a soft, soothing voice. The others nodded, and during their wait, Quinn decided to sit back in the sofa seats that were off to the side.

The two girls naturally followed, which he wanted to anyway.

“Okay,” Quinn said. “I kept up my part of the deal and took the exam with you. Now before those guys come and question us about what happened. I need to know, what is going on, and what happened in the last thousand years?” Quinn asked.

It was time for some answers.


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