My Vampire System Chapter 1581

At first, Quinn thought his ears might have misheard things, but soon he heard others spouting the same word as Jessica had just seconds ago Dhampirs.

Honestly, Quinn knew very little about Dhampirs in the first place.

Only that they were a subclass that was to be killed on sight under the old rule, similar to that of a blood fairy among other ones, but also through living Vincent’s life, he knew that a Dhampir was far more dangerous than a blood fairy. So much so that the other families wished to harness their power for their own strength.

‘The only dhampir during my time was Erin?’ Quinn thought. ‘Leo attempted to control her urges until she eventually ran away…what happened? Has the vampire structure fallen that more dhampirs have been created, and since about a thousand years have passed…could all of this be Erin’s doing?’

If that was the case, the one that had turned Erin into a dhampir in the first place was Quinn, and he had neglected his duty to look after her since he felt like Leo had a handle on things because. It was only later he had learned things were more complicated at that time. Yet, Quinn had his own troubles to deal with as well, but he still blamed himself.

The other participants had already started to leave the area, including the examiner himself, leaving only those currently participating in the test, which was Quinn and his group.

He could see that Jessica’s confidence had faded since her body was shaking, but she had readied her string to put up quite the fight. At the same time, Lucia had equipped her spear, pointing it towards the attackers.

“You are breaking the agreement!” Lucia shouted towards them. “This is a Graylash planet. You have no right to be here!”

However, her words seemed empty, as Quinn could feel something within their bodies start to activate. It was similar to the feeling that Quinn could feel on Minny. This was a blood lust, but not for human blood.

[8 percent of the system has been synced.]

Lifting up his hand, seeing how what had worked for Minny seconds ago, Quinn thought that perhaps he could control the dhampir’s blood lust. After all, they were half-vampire. He focused, but he could feel no such connection.

Unlike the red aura that Quinn could feel through Minny and Jessica, he could not connect with that of the dhampirs in front of them.

The group of dhampirs charged forward with each of them wielding a katana blade. Two of them swung their blades, and slicing through their weapons were what looked like blood swipes but yellowish in colour.

Seeing this, Jessica used her own blood swipe, but when the two collided, her attack was no match against the yellow aura as it smashed through her attack and continued forward, but before it could reach her, Lucia swung her spear down, and with it, a trail of lightning left her weapon.

Quinn could sense the Qi infused within the lightning powers. This one had different properties and effects due to the power of Qi. However, her powers weren’t as strong as some members of the Graylash family he had seen before.

The Qi increased the impact of her attack. The yellow aura clashed into the lighting, and the two attacks collided in the air for a few seconds before they had eventually cancelled each other out.

However, that didn’t stop the other strike that had managed to hit Lucia. She lifted up her arm to block, and the attack had pierced through her robe, making her bleed. Trying to soften the blow somewhat, she leapt up and spun her body, encasing it with lighting.

And soon fell to the floor. The wound around her arm was quite deep.

“No!” Jessica shouted as she came over. “Why did you take the hit for me?”

Jessica quickly lifted her on her shoulder and jumped back while kicking her legs out, sending more blood aura attacks in the way of the others.

“These guys need to respect our leader’s wishes!” Lucia said as she tied part of the robe around her arm.

The others suddenly heard a bang from the side and wondered what was happening when they could see that one of the dhampirs had been sent flying back and crashed into the wall.

“Hey, Qu— Nate, these guys are better than I thought,” Peter said, as he avoided several strikes from them and then kicked one away, hitting it a great distance and causing blood to fall from its mouth.

Soon though, the dhampir wiped its mouth and continued to charge forward.

The two girls watched in amazement as Peter was faster than them; his strength was also more powerful.

“I don’t understand; who is that Wight? The dhampir forces have been too strong for vampires to deal with for so long.” Jessica said. Honestly, when she saw the dhampirs arrive, she was pretty sure her life was doomed.

She had wished she had listened to her commander at the time when she had requested to leave. The latter had told her that they were better off together, but she refused to listen. Yet now, she had managed to find someone, a Wight, for the first time, that was not only able to deal with a dhampir but multiple of them at the same time.

In the meantime, Quinn was observing. Unlike him, Peter had his full strength. But he wasn’t using his full speed to take them on. Peter also hadn’t used his own Qi that he recently developed. Actually now that Quinn thought about it, he had developed it long ago. Still, if he did use it. the fight would have been over by now.

Perhaps, Peter knew that Quinn wanted to learn more about them. Either way, while observing them, due to them using Qi and the yellow aura that seemed to be stronger than the red aura that vampires used, he could tell that the dhampirs in front of him were at the level of the vampire knights of his time.

Although the Dhampirs were getting up several times after getting hit, they soon slowed down, helpless, as the fight continued. And the two that had gone after the girls decided to change targets to Peter.

However, one of them sensed something, and it was Minny, she was gripping on holding onto Quinn’s leg, and at that moment, that dhampir had broken off from fighting against Peter and went straight towards her and Quinn.

The dhampir sliced out its blade, and a yellow slash came towards them. Minny gripped onto Quinn’s leg even tighter out of fear, and for a second while fighting, Peter looked back towards Quinn and just saw him shaking his head.

“It’s okay,” Quinn said. “I thought maybe we could solve this misunderstanding or ask some questions….but now I see these people are scum, attacking a young girl.”

[10 percent of the system has been synced.]

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Picking up Minny, Quinn used the flash step at the perfect time, avoiding it and allowing it to continue hitting the wall. Quinn still wasn’t as fast as Peter, but this was about skill more than anything.

After putting her down, he walked forward towards the one that charged towards them. Quickly, Quinn stepped on the dhampir’s foot and knocked both of their arms up in the air. The next second, Quinn grabbed the dhampir by the head and kneed him right in the face, causing his head to fling back.

And, taking a quick step forward, he then slammed his foot on the ground and struck as hard as he could with his fist using the hammer strike right in the dhampir’s stomach. The attack forced blood to pour from his mouth.

“Martial arts? A vampire that specialises in martial arts and doesn’t use weapons?” Jessica thought. On top of that, they could see that Quinn was quite a skilful one.

‘Hmm, I guess I still can’t gather my own blood aura with 10 percent of my full strength, even though the skills and my body are still at the same level, there is still something I can do.’ Quinn thought.

The dhampir wasn’t dead yet, and as he looked up at Quinn, he tried to swing his sword towards his face, but before he could, he was hit in the air by a great force that threw him away until he was slammed against the ceiling and fell back to the floor.

Now, floating around Quinn were three balls of blood. He had gathered the blood from the dhampir and Lucia around him using his skill.

“You guys tried to hurt someone I promised to look after. I’m sick of losing people I care about.” Quinn said.

Walking forward with the blood floating around him, Peter stepped back, and the next second, the blood ball hit one of the men, right in the head, and in the next instant, there was no longer a head on those shoulders. The other two ran forward, but with a flick of his hand, Quinn bashed blood into one, whacking him to the side of the wall, and it was the same with the other.

“Now, we only need one of you alive,” Quinn said with his eyes glowing red and the power of a celestial vampire advancing in him.

[12 percent of the system has been synced.]


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