My Vampire System Chapter 1580

One thousand sixteen years. This number kept repeating in Quinn’s head. For one, he hadn’t even been alive for that long in the first place, and yet suddenly, so many years had gone by. Initially, Quinn was worried about ten years going past. What had happened to all the threats that still remained, but a thousand years…it just all seemed so unreal.

Looking at Peter as well, he wanted to make a comment; he didn’t understand how one couldn’t have a sense of time of what went on. How come the apartment they were put in never changed during that time? It wasn’t altered or anything, nor did anyone step in.

Things were seriously head-scratching for Quinn, but the one that he was worried about was all the others.

‘My friends…everyone who fought by my side, what about them, are they still alive?’ Quinn thought.

Thinking about it, most of them were turned into subclasses for vampires—Sam, Layla Dennis and so on. However, even as vampires, their time wasn’t unlimited unless they were original, but there was a bit of hope. After all, there were vampires like Bryce who were still strong and managed to live a long life.

When thinking about vampires and from what he knew, a lot of it seemed to be connected to will. If one had the will to live on, their body would continue and follow that will. Bryce had an unyielding will to keep on fighting.

‘But would they have a reason to stay like Bryce? What if everything was resolved? They probably thought that I would never wake up, or I wasn’t even there when they came to visit me, not knowing where I went. Would they still be alive?’

On top of that, there were also Quinn’s friends who weren’t vampires. Sil and Logan were both Human. At best, Human’s had a lifespan of around one hundred twenty years but thousand? Unless there had been some advancement he didn’t know about, it was unlikely.

Vordan and Raten were beasts, and strong ones who could live for thousands of years; however, they were simply borrowing the beasts’ bodies, and then there was Owen, one of the big four who survived and fought the Dalki with all his strength.

Quinn was apparently on one of the Greylash families’ planets. Quinn would have loved to have said something to him.

“And that will be the test for you all.” The examiner said.

It seemed while Quinn was stuck in his thoughts, the examiner had explained all the rules and what needed to be done. Looking at Peter, it looked like he was also in a daze. Peter still had a family that was alive at that time, parents who cared about him. Yet, he chose to sacrifice his time with them to look after Quinn.

“Peter… I just wanted to say you’re a really good friend.” Quinn smiled.

“Are you just saying that because now I’m your only friend? Quinn, a thousand freaking years!” Peter replied.

The two of them then looked at Minny, who didn’t seem to have understood the current predicament. Quinn had said they would look for her mother, but with how much time had passed, there wasn’t much chance of that happening unless someone had turned her mother into a vampire.

‘It’s my fault, I brought Minny along with me…I’ll look after her..but does that mean I’ll have to adopt her? Will I become her father?’ Quinn thought.

Suddenly, a loud crash bellowed through the room, which had distracted Quinn out of his thoughts. Right now, all of the participants were to stay behind the statue as they watched one of the groups take part in the exam. The participants were using abilities, weapons, and more as they took on what looked like humanoid robots.

The robots were as large as a human with a male figure. It reminded Quinn of the small mechs during his time, only these were much faster and agile, and it looked like they packed quite the punch. They also were able to produce energy blasts from the palm of their hand.

At the same time, he noticed a beast crystal powering it in the centre of its chest.

‘Although the technology in the cities hasn’t improved that much, I guess they did improve some things in the last thousand years…’

Thinking about it, his system was coming back online slowly. Even now, it was already at 6 percent. Perhaps by the end of the day, he would get his body back, but there was something else he had unlocked that he wished to use.


[A.I. Battle robot]

[Current grade crystal: Intermediate]

‘I see, so the grade of the crystal determines the strength of these robots’ power. It reminds me a bit of the gargoyle that I used to create. So they want contestants to be at least able to beat intermediate beasts, huh? That’s a higher cutoff compared to the past.’

Just then, though, Quinn spotted something else at the bottom, and this was exactly what he was hoping to see.

[Creator: Logan Green]

A large grin appeared on Quinn’s face when seeing this. When using the inspect skill, certain items’ info would tell about who created them. The thing was, it didn’t just say a random name and then Green at the end, the word on the robot specifically stated that it was Logan Green. Either Logan was still alive and well somehow, making inventions, or he had created tech while he was alive that was still in use to this day.

‘I’m glad…I was able to see your name in some way. If the Green family still exists, it’s worth paying them a visit. They might know more about what happened compared to anyone else.’ Quinn thought.

The test eventually ended, and another group was called. Seeing Jessica walking out, it looked like it was their cue to take part. Of course, having already attracted much attention, many participants waited for their performance.

‘There’s no need to worry. I can take out intermediate beasts with ease even at 6 percent.’ Quinn thought.

The test began when they arrived at the stage. And from the doors that were lined along the wall, five A.I. robots came out. Once again, Quinn noticed that they were all at the intermediate level.

“Just stay by my side, okay, Minny? Peter and I can protect you.”

Surprisingly, the first one to charge ahead was Lucia. She had broken off from the group, perhaps to prove herself in this fight. In the next moment, she grabbed the beast spear in her hand and went to thrust it forward.

The robot was quite the distance away, but it didn’t matter. Her Spear started to light up with blue lightning, and the next second, a zap came out from the end of it, hitting the robot. Its body started to shake, which allowed her to go forward and thrust her speed quickly—hitting its arms, head and vital parts.

The first robot was down. Looking around, Quinn wanted to see how Jessica was fairing. It was then that Quinn saw something familiar to him. She ran fast and straight past the robot; in doing so, the light in the room reflected a piece of red thread against the light around her.

An A.I. Robot’s head rolled on the floor the next moment.

‘The thirteenth family’s ability? But she said she belonged to the Vampire corps, not the thirteenth family? Why does she have that power?’ Quinn thought.

The two of them turned around and saw the last three robots heading for Quinn and the others. However, seeing this, Quinn didn’t move because he didn’t have to. Peter leapt up in the air and punched one of them in the side of the head.

Immediately it was thrown off, and its body smashed into the other two, destroying all three with a single strike. The audience watching was speechless. They had never seen in person one display such power.

At the same time, the man whom Peter almost hit earlier was now tucking his head in—knowing that a single punch could have killed him.

“I see this is far too easy for you! Let’s see if you can get a higher ranking!” As more doors opened and more robots started to enter the arena, the examiner said. Now there were double the amount: ten in total.

Quinn didn’t care to show his abilities. He didn’t need to become a Traveller. It wasn’t necessary to him and brought him no benefits other than helping Jessica, so he would allow the two girls to shine and that they did.

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However, while fighting, a robot had blasted a hit at Lucia, right on her forearm. The impact scratched her skin, making her bleed a little. It dripped onto the floor, and the next second, Quinn saw someone run past him.

‘Minny! I forgot she’s a new vampire; it’s the first time she smelt blood!’

Quinn didn’t know what happened at that moment, but as he wanted to reach out to Minny, he felt something. It was as if he could feel the red energy inside Minny. The energy that was doing her act like so. It was wild.

Reaching out his hand, Quinn tried to control this energy. He could feel it like it was his own, running through his body, and in the next second. Minny’s steps began to slow down.

“Huh..why am I here?” Minny muttered to herself.

‘What did I just do? Did I just get rid of her blood lust?’ Quinn thought.

‘Did you not remember what the system showed you?’ Ray asked. ‘You are not just a vampire; you are a celestial vampire. Quinn, you are practically a god now, close to being a god of the vampires. Doing something like this is just child’s play for you.’

Thinking about it, if that was true, then what could Quinn do when his body was back at its strongest.

From this distance, Quinn lifted up the small amount of blood that was on the floor. One of the robots was coming after Minny. Although his body wasn’t there, his blood control was as good as it had ever been.

The next second, Quinn threw it right towards one of the robots and pierced its chest, causing it to fall before it even reached Minny. The attack was too thin for the human eye to notice for the others.

“Did that little girl do that?”

“I think so; she must have some type of strong ability?”

Although the audience had failed to notice what had happened in that small moment, Jessica had seen it.

‘Someone who can control blood like that. I’ve never seen that in my life. A vampire at that level. Surely it should be someone I have heard of before.’ She thought.

The test was to continue, but just as the examiner would call an end having seen enough, they heard a loud bang coming from the side. Smoke entered the room, hitting everyone. It was clearly an explosion and not something done by the examiner.

It had come from the opposite side of where the participants had gathered. When the smoke settled, Quinn saw five figures standing there, male and female—wearing a dark red uniform with black lining and an array of different weapons.

“Damn it! With so many vampires gathered here; we should have known that they would come here.”

“But here on the Graylash planet, why would they?” The other participants said, knowing full well who the intruders were.

While staring at them, there was one distinctive feature that Quinn could see. It was their glowing yellow eyes.

“Dhampirs! They found me…” Jessica said, her voice quivering.


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