My Vampire System Chapter 1579

Of course, the words from Minny’s mouth had certainly gotten the attention of all the participants in the room. There were around fifty of them already in the room, and the young girl hadn’t exactly been quiet when she had made her comment. It happened at the worst time, as the participants were all nervous and silent.

The others looked at her, wondering why she would even be in a room like this in the first place, but soon figured out that it was perhaps due to her not exactly being human.

The one thing about the rings was that although they would send a signal when a vampire was close. When there were many, it was impossible to tell who was and who wasn’t a vampire. They could have just been getting a reading by going close to the others. Doing this type of action wouldn’t exactly be discreet.

One among the group, the one closest to Quinn, tilted forward and looked at his face.

“They look nothing alike.” The man stated. A few more checked to see if what the little girl was saying was true. Although none of them thought they would see anything, after all the hero, in a place like this? And there were many reasons why they knew it would be impossible. Still, none of them could see the resemblance to the person there or the statue.

Quinn looked up at the statue, its face was certainly his, however it was his appearance from before he had become a celestial vampire. Each evolution had made his body mature a bit, yet it wasn’t to a degree that he became a completely different person.

No, the reason people couldn’t recognise him was due to Quinn currently using Peter’s Soul Weapon. The special mud mask that gave him the appearance of Chucky.

“Little girl, I understand what you’re trying to say.” The examiner said making a fist and placing it next to his heart. “You see your father as a Hero, correct, just like the one in the statue here.”

Quinn was happy that there was a sensible person here, who made up a perfect excuse. Although he didn’t mind revealing himself eventually, for now he would prefer learning more about this new world. If it had really been a millennium, he could only imagine the chaos that might ensue if someone claimed to be him, even if they did look the same.

“No.” Minny shook her head. “That’s not what I meant!”

Quickly, Quinn went to the girl’s side and whispered.

“Minny, for now we need to keep it a secret.”.

Understanding the situation a bit, she smiled and just nodded away. The examiner looked like he was ready to explain a few things, but before he could, there was one more distraction that hadn’t stopped.

“Hahaha!” Peter was on the floor, rolling around as he couldn’t stop laughing. “They keep thinking you’re a dad…and that statue. Have I gone crazy? Or am I daydreaming this all again?”

It was strange for Peter, having known someone for so many years, having been close to such a person, and then suddenly to see a statue of them. Imagining how his oldest friend was feeling made the situation even funnier to the Wight.

“Hey, stop laughing!” Someone from the crowd shouted. “That’s disrespectful to the Hero!”

“Yeah, it’s really rude, and I fail to see what’s so funny?” Another female commented.

Pulling himself together, Peter got off the floor and took a deep breath. He hadn’t laughed like that since he had become a Wight. Although he did notice that his emotions were coming back more to him as time went on.

Perhaps the passing of time had helped with that as well.

“Hero? If I remember correctly, he was a vampire, no? If you ask me, none of them should be here. I can’t believe this damned planet worships him so much.” A large man scoffed. He was sleeveless and had a fairly big sword on his back.

“If you don’t like it, then leave the planet. No one is forcing you to be here.” Others replied, as they turned around, and started to berate the man. Most seemed to not like how he was talking.

Seeing this, left Quinn a little confused. The man wasn’t shy about stating his dislike for vampires. It seemed like a lot of people on the planet disliked vampires, yet they were clearly upset when they were making rude comments about him.

“Do you really believe the Dalki were such a big threat back then?” The large man continued to say. “He introduced the world of vampires to us. The Dalki never even reached Earth. I’m sure there were plenty strong enough to fight against the Dalki. Everything in the history books is just vastly exaggerated. They were just weak and couldn;t fend for themselves, they deserved what came to them.”

Suddenly, a gust of wind went past many of the examiners faces, some had even been pushed away slightly, and the next second the sleeveless man felt his shirt having been grabbed.

“PETER!” Quinn shouted to stop the Wight.

The man hadn’t even seen Peter move, the rest hadn’t either, and now his fist was inches away from the person’s face. He had only stopped when his name had been called.

“Do you have any idea how many lives were lost in that fight? Do you really think you can even imagine how many sacrifices had to be made in the fight against the Dalki?! Were you just born a piece of turd?!” Peter shouted.

“It’s okay.” Quinn said, clenching his own fist. Hearing Peter remind him of the price they had paid, the celestial vampire seriously wanted to hit the man as well.

“But it’s not okay.” Jessica suddenly spoke up. “Just like that man said. If it wasn’t for Quinn Talen, the Hero of humanity and vampires, then none of us would have been here today. And that’s right, remember he was a vampire, a human turned vampire that gave his life so all of us could live. Even this piece of scum right here.”

She then leaned in, touching Peter’s arm, and whispered in his ear.

“Just let him go, he’s not worth it, and we won’t be able to take the test.”

Hearing this, Peter let go and walked back to where Quinn was.

‘Just who created that Wight to be this strong? I wasn’t even able to see him. Who are all these strange people? But at least they seem to care…care about the past.’ Jessica thought.

Lucai just nodded her head in agreement. While keeping to herself, unlike a certain someone she knew there wasn’t more to be said and didn’t want attention to be on her. There was enough of that being a human taking a test with the others.

Through that little spat, Quinn did find out one thing, though. It was the fact that everyone believed he had died. Although he had merely gone into eternal slumber, to the world, they had lost their Hero that day.

It made him feel a little strange, knowing the world thought of this.

‘The question is…is it better that the people believe Quinn Talen is dead? Perhaps, the world has become a better place. If that’s the case, then Quinn Talen doesn’t need to come back…and maybe I can enjoy my life.’ Quinn smiled to himself.

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[3% of the system has synced]

[Some system functions are now online]

[Inspect skill available]

‘3%? It looks like it’s moving along a bit nicer, and I can feel my body is lighter already.’ Quinn thought the system notification appearing was a bit ironic. Perhaps in this world, his powers were not needed. Everything had been dealt with.

Clearing his throat, the examiner tried to ignore everything that had happened so far and get things back on track.

“The test will soon commence.” The examiner said in an upbeat voice. “However, before that, as always we have the statue here by my side to represent our Hero Quinn Talen.

“As stated by some of you earlier. Without him, the planets that we live on, the people you see on the street, and the vampires and humans standing by your side wouldn’t exist today. However, the world is still under threat, and the planets we live on still contain beasts.

“Beasts which provide us with very special crystals used to power our everyday items. As you can see on the statue by my side, even our Hero, Quinn Talen, had fought using beast armour and specially designed gauntlets to fight off the vicious Dalki! The world is wide and vast, and as we continue our exploration there may be a day when we run into our own troubles, or perhaps even other creatures like ourselves.

“It is important that we equip ourselves with the best gear possible.”

Hearing the man talk about himself, was making the celestial vampire cringe a little inside. Shivers were running up and down his body. He had never fought to gain fame or things like this. Honestly, he wanted to leave the room.

“This is why our roles as Travellers are important!” The examiner said. “So let the exam begin, and I wish you all luck on your journey to become Travellers. Perhaps you can become as great as Quinn one day, who defeated the Dalki, 1016 years to date.”

The last sentence had raised Quinn’s ears and the surrounding noise had been drowned out.

‘A….a thousand and …sixteen years?!’ Quinn looked at Peter and the two of them had a horrified look on their faces.

Their worst assumption seemed to have been true.


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