My Vampire System Chapter 1578

One of the reasons why Quinn agreed to the request rather than arguing with Jessica in the first place was because he believed that it was quite an easy task. The fact that she was sitting in her seat patiently meant she was somewhat expecting him to complete it, and what better place to look for a partner than the Travellers centre they were in right now.

‘There has to be someone in here who is in the same situation as Jessica. Looking to form a team here.’ As Quinn listened, he could hear that many were having conversations about taking the test together or looking for partners.

They asked each other about their abilities, what weapons they used and so on. Many in the room seemed to be taking the test for the first time to become a traveller and were a bit nervous, and this made Quinn understand why Jessica was quite confident.

Since many of these in the room had never taken the test before, as a vampire Nobel taking the test for the first time, she should be above most of those in the room.

“Why don’t you two wait here,” Quinn said, thinking that perhaps Peter wouldn’t be the best person to come along. When walking off, Jessica couldn’t help but take a peek, wondering just how Quinn would do.

“You know, when your friend accepted easily, I thought he might have had a plan, but I guess not,” Jessica commented.

It wasn’t the hardest thing to talk to people for Quinn, so he decided to approach others that seemed like they were also looking for members.

“Hey guys, I heard you’re looking for a team; we only need one more per-” before Quinn could finish his words, the others looked at Quinn and started to walk away.

Immediately, the reaction from the people annoyed him somewhat. It had been a long time since he was treated in such a way. Thinking that perhaps he might have just come across a rude group of people, Quinn approached another group, but once again had the same reaction as the other as he turned away and started walking off, only this time he had heard one of them throw a comment.

“Get off the planet, you nasty vampire.” One of the men mumbled under his breath.

It was then that something clicked in Quinn. Why had the people outside been so unwilling to answer his questions from before? Even if they were strange questions. At the same time, why was Jessica having such trouble?

It wasn’t just because she was a vampire; it was because they somehow knew that she was a vampire.

‘Two of the things that scared humans about vampires in the past was the influence skill and the fact that they could hide among other humans. I guess they figured out those problems then, but I wonder how.’ Quinn thought.

Looking around, he started to notice that each person was wearing a ring. It was rare to see a beast ring that would give stats, so other than a fashion accessory; much wouldn’t wear them in the past. However, everyone seemed to be wearing one in the room. Quinn knew the vampires had their own rings, so it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that someone had created something that could detect vampires.

‘I don’t know whether to be happy or upset. At least the vampires aren’t being attacked, but they are being discriminated against.’ Quinn thought, looking back at Jessica, who just smiled, telling him that this wouldn’t be as easy as he initially thought.

Still, Quinn wasn’t going to give up. When looking around, he soon saw another female, and she was wearing white robes that covered her body and wielded a spear on her back. On her own, Quinn saw that someone was approaching her, and Quinn quickly went forward and sat down opposite before the others could reach her.

Seeing that Quinn was there, the others looked at the rings on their hands for a few seconds before kissing their teeth and leaving.

“You should have a good explanation why you decided to deter those people from approaching me.” The woman said. She was a brunette female with blonde highlights and green eyes. She stared at Quinn with a serious expression on her face.

“You’re the first person who hasn’t just outright gotten up and left,” Quinn replied. “I believe you know why I’m here if I approached you before them.”

The woman sighed as she looked over to where Jessica was and looked around at all the others as well before staring at Quinn himself—noticing that he had next to no beast gear on his body.

“Look, I have nothing against your kind.” The woman replied. “Which is why I didn’t choose to move away. Our leader has asked us to treat you with open arms, and I will follow his wish. However, joining up with you will greatly affect the test result. Perhaps they might even just fail us all. I have to look out for myself first before I look out for anyone else.”

Hearing this, Quinn smiled because he had a plan. All he needed was someone to talk to him, and he was sure he would succeed; as for why he approached this person, there was a specific reason.

“You are from the Graylash family, correct? Or at least from their groups judging by the robes you are wearing.” Quinn stated.

Hearing this, suddenly, the woman’s eyes lit up, which was not the reaction Quinn was expecting.

“How…do you know that? Do you have an interest in the Graylash family’s past?”

“No, the clothes are a trait of the Graylash family. Either way, I am good friends with those in the Graylash family, so I’m happy to hear that you don’t have a distrust for them. Anyway, I’m sure you can take the test more than once, no?

“All I’m asking is for you to take the test with us once, and in return, you will be able to obtain this.” He placed a king tier dagger on the table. Due to all the low ranking people in the room, he could tell their equipment was at best at the advanced tier level, including the one he was speaking to.

As for Quinn, he had countless high ranking items in his dimensional space for more reasons than one.

“I know your weapon is a spear, but you can always sell the dagger and, in return, buy a better spear for yourself. As I said, you just need to take this test with us; whether we pass or fail, you can keep the weapon and do whatever you want with it.”

It sure was an offer that was too enticing, and Quinn could even see some of the others who had overheard who were willing to accept the offer. All he needed to do was have someone hear him out. Whether they disliked the vampires or not, it was only up to a certain threshold. Everyone had a price.

However, for the woman, there was another reason she was interested in the person in front of her, and she wanted to know more.

“I accept.” The woman said, picking up the dagger and placing it on her side. “The name is Lucia Song, and as you guessed, I’m part of the Graylash group. I would be interested in knowing what exactly your relations are with them. Especially since you know our traditional clothing.”

Hearing this, it looked like Quinn had accomplished the task quite easily. Standing up from the seat, he decided to take Lucia over to the others so they could introduce themselves. While walking, though, Quinn thought he would figure out one thing.

“Do you mind telling me what planet we are currently on? Is this Earth?” Quinn asked.

Lucia, chuckled thinking it was a joke.

“Earth? For someone who says they are friends of the Graylash group but don’t know that we are on one of their planets, it’s a strange thing to ask. Besides, there aren’t many that would choose to stay on Earth; there is far too much fighting.”

‘Fighting?’ Quinn wanted to ask more questions, but just as he was about to, he saw Jessica was already in front of them.

“I can’t believe it… and you did it so easily? Did you bribe her, promise to go on a date with her or something?” Jessica asked. “Nevermind, who cares? We can finally take the test!”

Running over, Jessica went to register everyone. Other than Quinn, the rest had used their real names, and they were told they wouldn’t have to wait long for their turn to enter the test room. Jessica and Lucia were discussing with each other their abilities and strengths.

For someone who said they could take the test on their own, she sure seemed to be over worrying. Because of this, Quinn didn’t really get a chance to come in and ask more questions about what Lucia was talking about before.

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‘Fighting on Earth? Is there a war going on Earth but not the other planets?’ Quinn wondered.

“Okay, everyone who is participating in the Travellers ranking exam, please head through this door. There we will inform you of your test, and it will soon begin.”

The door opened, and everyone began to step inside with their groups. They had entered what looked like a large training room, but right at the entrance they had placed something enormous in the front.

The instructor, who was also the examiner, stood in front of it. While the rest gathered.

Immediately though, as Quinn entered, Peter, Minny and he were drawn to the large object placed in the room. Quinn stepped forward carefully, with his mouth widened in surprise.

“I can’t…believe it,” Quinn said as he stared up.

“What are those idiots doing?” Jessica frowned.

“Haha! Hahaha!” Peter couldn’t stop laughing as he looked at the object because it wasn’t just any old object; it was a sizable giant statue. “Haha! Haha!” Peter continued to laugh.

So much so that the others were now looking at him and were scorning. The reason why he was laughing was that the statue wasn’t just any statue, but it was, without a doubt, a giant statue of Quinn himself.

It was one of when he had shorter hair, his gauntlets in both arms, and the Blue fang armour set was on his body. The detail was quite well done, clearly showing they had put care into it.

[The legendary Hero who defeated the Dalki and put an end to the war]

[Quinn Talen]

‘It really is a statue of me.’

“Why is there a statue of you?!” Minny pointed and said out loud for the others to hear.


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