My Vampire System Chapter 1577

Knowing how much time had passed couldn’t be necessary, at least he could put that off, for now. These were some of the thoughts that went through Quinn’s head, but being put in the current situation, he started to think, perhaps it was important.

Many things could have been lost in history and changed depending on how much time had passed. For one, it was evident that the vampire in front of him knew that he was also a vampire since they both caught each other’s scent.

However, Quinn didn’t really know what he smelled like; the different ranks of vampires would smell slightly different and honestly, it was harder for the lower ranks to distinguish between these smells. To top it off, he would assume that he was the first of his kind, the first ever Cleisital vampire. Perhaps he smelt like a subclass or a lowly vampire to the person in front of him which was why she was comfortable speaking to him in this way. Regardless, it was clear that even though she knew he was a vampire, she didn’t recognise him; perhaps there was some tension going on among the vampires.

After all, there was a good chance that over a thousand years had passed based on the dates he had seen, but based on the technology that Quinn had noticed around him, it didn’t seem too advanced for that amount of time. Things weren’t adding up.

‘Is it between the families, a new group of vampires? Or maybe during the time I was away, Laxmus could have been creating his own group of vampires?’ Quinn quickly thought.

In the end, he had to just go for it.

“I belong to the Thirteenth Family,” Quinn answered.

Why did Quinn pick the Thirteenth family? Because the Tenth family, which was the family that Quinn belonged to, was their King at some point. However, the Tenth Family always seemed to have…problems. Once again, there was a good chance that something new must have cropped up as well.

‘Fex was still alive back then, and he was a Royal knight, so I doubt that the Thirteenth family would have problems.’

After answering, the vampire looked Quinn up and down. Her aggressive nature seemed to lessen after hearing the answer. However, it seemed like it was all a facade as she quickly lifted her hand as if she was trying to hit Quinn right in the face.

‘Damn it, her punch is a lot faster than that human…one percent of my strength just isn’t going to cut it!’ Quinn thought as he leaned his upper body back but could see the fist would still hit him.

Before it did, though, Peter quickly snapped his hand and firmly grabbed the vampire’s wrist.

“What the f*ck do you think you’re doing?!” Peter shouted as he tightened his grip around the wrist.

It was clear that it was somewhat hurting the vampire.

“Peter, relax; I think she was just trying to test us,” Quinn replied.

As the former let go of the wrist, the vampire looked annoyed because everyone in the room had stopped to watch the little spat that was going on.

“What are you looking at? There’s no fight; mind your own business!” The vampire shouted towards them.

The others soon scattered and returned to their work while the angry female vampire stormed off and sat down on the sofa arranged off to the side. Quinn looked at Peter and the little girl. Since she hadn’t run off or said anything else, Quinn must have given her a satisfactory answer.

Either way, Quinn was sure that he could get some of his answers from her. So he decided to follow her, with the others.

“Mister, that girl scares me,” Minny said, pulling the corner of Quinn’s shirt.

“It’s okay; I don’t think she’s a bad person,” Quinn said as he held Minny’s hand, and the three of them came over and sat down on the seat opposite her. The vampire stared at them and folded her arms.

“So are you going to say why you have been following me this whole time? Or are you going to just sit there and stare at me?” the vampire asked.

“It’s a little difficult for me to explain.” Quinn nervously smiled. “You see, our memories have been wiped. We don’t know if it was an ability or something else, but when we regained our consciousness, we were here, and we know nothing of this place.”

It was the best explanation Quinn could come up with, which would allow him to ask so many questions.

“Then how did you know you were in the Thirteenth family?” She asked.

“There are parts that we remember here and there; our memory isn’t completely gone,” Quinn answered. “But things like what planet we are on, how much time has passed, what happened to the other families and so on… it’s all a little jumbled in our heads.”

The vampire unfolded her arms and continued to look at Quinn carefully. It made Quinn worried, wondering if she had recognised him or perhaps Peter.

“If someone wiped your memory, it was probably done by a superior vampire. They probably gave you a mission, or you did something bad to have your memories wiped.” The vampire then glanced at the kid. “Or it could even be that the three of you saw something that someone didn’t want you to see. Maybe it was easier than killing you since you have that strong Wight with you.

“Either way, I understand your situation a little bit now. You sensed another vampire, which was me, and came to me looking for answers.” She sighed.

Thankfully, it looked like the vampire had bought Quinn’s little lie and was now being a little understanding.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you out much. I’m not part of the same group of vampires as you, so I have no idea why you are here. I used to be part of the Vampire corps, so I have little connection to the family vampires.”

Now Quinn was perplexed; Vampire corps, family vampires? Was there a difference between the two? Were there now different groups of vampires like Quinn thought.

“I’m sorry, vampire Corps, what are they?” Quinn asked.

He was a little worried that this question would have made it too obvious that he knew nothing of this current world, but what else could he do? He really didn’t know anything.

“Wow, how much of your memories did they remove for you to not know about the Vampire corps? It’s like you’ve been living under a rock.” She replied. “If that’s the case, then you really must have a lot of questions.”

She looked at Peter and then glanced towards the front desk, at the receptionist from before.

“So I have information that you want, right? Honestly, you will probably want me to help you find someone after I tell you everything as well.” She scratched her head like it would be a pain. “Look, I’ll be happy to answer your questions, but how about you do a favour for me first?”

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Honestly, Quinn thought it was quite fair since she would be helping them out, and he didn’t think he would find someone that would have as much information about the whole situation as another vampire.

“As long as it is something I’m able to do, I think it’s fair,” Quinn replied.

“My name is Jessica Clark, ex-member of the Vampire corps. I know that means nothing to you, but I’m at the vampire Noble level, so that should at least tell you my strength if you remember that much.” Jessica explained. “Right now, I need a job, and the only thing I’m good at is fighting, so I’ve decided to become a Traveller. I’m sure you overheard our conversation, right?

“To take the test, I need a team of five. I’m strong enough to do things myself; I just need you guys to enrol for the test with me. But it looks like your friend there is quite strong, so if he wishes to help out as well, it wouldn’t be bad either. You understand what I’m asking?”

“I do,” Quinn replied. “But with us, if we include Minny, that means we have four people. I’m not even sure Minny can take the test.”

“She’s a vampire as well, right? They don’t have an age restriction for vampires, so that’s fine, and I promise I won’t let your daughter get hurt,” Jessica said.

Looking at Jessica, he wanted to correct her; Minny certainly wasn’t his daughter. However, the person in question glanced at Quinn with her mask, her eyes just showed smiles like she didn’t mind.

“It’s okay, dad!” Minny giggled after.

‘What the…’ Quinn was at a loss for words.

“This is part of the favour; we need one more person to join us. With us being vampires, it might be a bit hard. I’ve asked around a bit but can’t find anyone, so hopefully, your luck is a little better than mine. Maybe use that pretty face of yours to woo some girls over.” Jessica suggested.

Thinking about it, Quinn thought maybe it was a chance for him to find out what Jessica was talking about, why humans currently disliked vampires yet were in the same society.

“It’s a deal.” Quinn agreed.

“Great, I’ll be waiting here until you find our Fifth member, and by the way. Maybe I can help you get in contact with your family; what’s your name?” Jessica asked.

Thinking about it, Quinn didn’t want to use his real name. Not until he knew the situation, but perhaps a name would be a way to make others aware that he was looking for them. When picking the name, Quinn was a little happy but melancholy at the same time.

“My name…is Nate, Nate Snell,” He replied.


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