My Vampire System Chapter 1576

Since everyone was treating Quinn weirdly anyway, he decided to make sure what he was sensing was right. Unlike Leo and Erin he didn’t have an ability that would outright allow him to see things. With the next person that went by, he quickly grabbed onto their hands and tried to focus, seeing the Qi inside their body.

He had picked a stranger because he wanted to see if it was just one of the many. Unfortunately for Quinn, he had grabbed the hands of a girl.

“What are you doing, you pervert?” She shouted as she went to hit him with an open palm, but Quinn quickly stepped back and avoided the strike quite easily. Even if his strength wasn’t fully recovered, he wouldn’t get hit by something like that.

“Sorry, I thought you were someone else; please forgive me.” Quinn smiled, and the girl gave her a look and was quickly on her way.

In that brief interaction, he had confirmed his thoughts. It wasn’t just that all the human’s had Qi. On top of that, they had learnt up to the second stage, and this way, they were able to use Qi in their brain area. No matter how strong Quinn’s influence skill was, it couldn’t bypass the Qi accumulated around the brain.

‘There’s only one reason why they would do something like this.’ Quinn thought. ‘It has to be to avoid vampires using the influence skill on them.’

“Well, I mean, what do we do now? No one wants to talk to us; we can’t force them. I guess we could beat them up or keep asking until we know.” Peter suggested.

“No, don’t beat up strangers!” Minny shouted at Peter, telling him off.

“Well, just knowing what the date is or what planet we are on won’t change much,” Quinn replied. “It’s more important to find out what happened during the time we were away and to see if we can find anyone.”

They strolled around the streets to see if they could see any information, but there just seemed to be ads of different companies everywhere, from luxury clothes to holiday adverts.

The atmosphere was quite peaceful and there certainly didn’t seem to be the threat of a war, which was a nice change for once.

Eventually, heading into a shop, Quinn finally saw the day’s date; however, the date itself made no sense to him at all.

“Did they change the system again?” Quinn said as he awkwardly looked at the date, and the other two did, scratching their heads.

“Did we travel into the past?” Peter asked.

“Thats imposible, stupid!” Minny said.

Although what Peter said was highly unlikely, he could see why he had come to that conclusion. The year they were in was around 2670. Yet, the date currently says they were in 1016. Either the planet they were on wasn’t following conventional means, or it was something else.

Walking out of the shop, they were now stumped at what to do. They had long realised that their money cards had expired and weren’t accepted. So they couldn’t buy anything, much less get a ship, which they would need eventually, but getting anywhere would be difficult without money.

‘Right now, I really wish I had Logan by my side as well.’ Quinn thought. The little inventor was sure to figure out things quickly for them.

“Maybe we should just head to a library or something; there should be information there about what happened, and it’s better than asking people anyway.” Quinn sighed.

However, a whiff had caught his nose; it was a very familiar scent. He turned his head and opened his eyes wide for a moment before suddenly he began to run through the crowd of people.

“Quinn, what is it?” Peter asked.

“It’s a… it’s one of us.” Quinn answered, not wanting to say the word out loud. “They smell exactly like us.”

This was a big enough hint for Peter to figure out what Quinn was talking about. The ones that smelt different from humans, it was a vampire, Quinn could smell a vampire.

He continued to follow the scent, but with so many people on the streets, it was hard for him to pinpoint who it was, but finally, as the area cleared a little, Quinn had arrived just outside a large square shaped building.

It looked like a giant cube and was solid black in colour. The colour itself reminded Quinn of the material used by the vampires and Dalki in the past. The strange thing about the area was the fact that it was plotted in the middle of an open square.

The other skyscrapers and more were spread out away from it. Here there was an open space, and it was full of what Quinn suspected were: Travellers. They were talking, swinging their swords and were busy in their day.

“That girl! The one by the door!” Quinn said as the doors slid open to let the girl in, and she went inside.

The three quickly followed.

‘If it’s a vampire, we can ask what happened to the other leaders and the rest of them, if they’re one walking among them, they should know something, I mean I was their king…they should at least remember me, have put me down in their history books or something, right?’ Quinn thought.

When they entered the strange building, they noticed that there were even more Travellers inside than outside. They had gathered in groups and were busy talking. It was a large open hall without much else, and there was a reception straight ahead. This time, unlike the apartment, rather than a robot serving people, there was an actual human behind the desk, and the woman that Quinn had sensed earlier was at the reception.

Quinn caught a glance of her appearance from the side, wondering if it was a vampire he noticed. She looked around 5 foot 10 and had long shiny black hair and a normal figure; there was nothing strange about her; in fact, she blended in the scene pretty well.

This made it difficult for Quinn to recognise her; what he had just described in his head was what most vampires at the settlement looked like. At the same time, it wasn’t like Quinn had talked to every vampire in the settlement.

Still, there was one thing he noticed, and it was her eye colour; from where he was, he found out that she had hazel eyes.

Walking around and stepping closer, Quinn pretended he was talking with Peter while eavesdropping on her conversation with the receptionist.

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“I’m sorry, Miss Clark, but we have told you multiple times that you are unable to take the exam on your own. You must proceed with a group of five.” The receptionist spoke in a polite tone.

“That makes zero sense. You measure our individual abilities, but do we need to do it as a group? I could take the test myself, so why are the requirements so strict? Is this just to stop us from becoming Travellers? You know very well it will be hard to find anyone to team up with me!” The vampire shouted back.

“I’m sorry, but the rules are made for a reason, and I can’t change them. If you are a vampire, then you can always go through the support program, where we will put you in an anonymous group to take the test. We know it’s hard for vampires these days to form a group.” The receptionist replied.

“But I don’t want a group! If you put me in a random group, they will just slow me down, or worse, they will purposely try to obstruct me from getting a good rank!” In the end, it looked like the vampire knew there was no point in her arguing anymore and walked away.

‘That was interesting.’ Quinn thought.

From the conversation they had, the receptionist was aware of the fact that the girl was a vampire. On top of that, the former didn’t seem to be scared of the fact even though she was human. The world knew of the V, but a vampire travelling on their own like so was unheard of. Learning of this only made Quinn more interested in what happened to the world.

On top of that, he had figured out that what they were in seemed to be similar to a Travellers centre, where Travellers would give a test to apply for or to upgrade their ranks.

Getting closer and moving away, Quinn didn’t want to lose sight of her, but he thought that perhaps there would be more and was wondering how to approach her and what to say. Then suddenly, after a few sniffs, she had turned around.

She had stopped and stared straight at Quinn with a frown on her eyebrow. Now that Quinn had a good look at her, he realised that her both eyes weren’t hazel; instead, only one of them was. The other eye was blue. It was the first time he had ever seen such a thing before.

“You…why are you following me? Are you with them?” The female vampire asked. “If you are, then consider this a warning. You will be in big trouble if you try anything funny.”

The others in the room turned their heads and looked towards Quinn and the others. The problem was Quinn had no idea what was going on or how to answer the question without turning this into a fight.


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