My Vampire System Chapter 1575

Before leaving the apartment, Quinn decided to inspect the whole place. All three of them looked around to see if they could gather any clues. For one, someone had to own the apartment in the first place.

Peter had stated that not a single person had visited the apartment during his time here, which meant that someone had purposely teleported them to this place and had prepared the room for them as well. On top of that, not one person had visited them during Peter’s time in the tomb.

Either they were moved fairly quickly which didn’t make any sense or something happened that had stopped them from visiting.

Whoever organised all of this, Quinn hoped that they would have left something, a reason, maybe an update of what was going on outside, but other than the container that Quinn was slumbering in, it looked like there was nothing else worth noting in the room.

“I guess I should put away the tomb as well; although it’s a bit strange carrying my own tomb around, we don’t want anyone finding it and asking questions,” Quinn said as he placed it inside his dimensional space.

Quinn wasn’t done there yet, though. He looked out the window at the people below. It was hard to imagine they were in a shelter because no matter how far he looked, he couldn’t see the edge of the Shelter walls like he used to be able to.

What this looked like, was what used to be described to them, taught to them as children, cities of the old that didn’t have any walls.

“Peter, it’s best if you disguise your face for now, and do you mind changing mine as well?” Quinn asked.

“Huh, you really are a cautious person, aren’t you? Is there any reason we should hide?” Peter asked.

“Well, everyone in the world once knew our faces, right? We don’t know what could have happened while we were away, how much has changed. Maybe I am thinking too much, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Quinn explained.

“But does it matter? I mean, Quinn, even if a hundred years passed, there isn’t going to be anyone stronger than you, I think, not even in a million years. I thought that your body might have reverted back after your fight with Graham, but you’re the same, and my connection to you hasn’t reconnected either.” Peter replied.

Talking about connection, Peter referred to that of the Wight and creator. Now that Quinn thought about it, he couldn’t feel a connection with anyone like he usually would, from Peter, who stood next to him, or from any of the vampires he had made.

‘I would have been worried that they might be dead, but Peter is right next to me, and I can’t feel him…is it something to do with my body?’ Quinn wondered. ‘Maybe because I’m…not really a vampire many things have changed with my body. I don’t even feel like I know myself anymore.’

While thinking this, Quinn looked at the system screen, stating that his body was still at one percent syncing.

‘Maybe a few days.’

Quinn then moved his hand and put it out in front of Peter, as if he was going for a handshake.

“Take it.” He added.

Peter followed Quinn’s words and grabbed the hand, and suddenly, he could feel that Quinn was attempting to squeeze his hand, but that’s when he realised it wasn’t hurting him at all, and the pressure was minimal. Not that Peter could feel pain, but he could still feel the pressure.

“I can tell by the look on your face, you know now.” Quinn smiled. “I just tried grabbing your hand as hard as I could. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to normal, and honestly, I can always use the best gear and activate that in an emergency. Even without my strength at its fullest, with the beast gear, there won’t be any problem, but just in case, Peter, it looks like I’ll be relying on you to protect me for a bit.”

In the end, Peter listened to Quinn and changed his face to one of the many Cursed faction members he had seen before. He then handed the mask over to Quinn and turned him into a person that hardly ever stood out: Chucky, from the Cursed faction.

“What about me!” Minny asked, excited to get a new look.

“You won’t need one; you’re cute enough as it is,” Quinn said, but he could see that his answer didn’t satisfy her, making her a little glum. She pouted clearly upset. Not having any siblings before, or any kids of his own, he didn’t know the best way to deal with the young girl. On top of that, there was a chance that Minny could be with them for a while.

“Ah I know!” Quinn said excitedly thinking of something.

Quinn decided to enter his shadow space and pulled out one of his masks he had kept on him.

In his hand, it was the red Oni demon mask, which was currently at the Demi-god tier level after being upgraded with the upgrade crystal. He had already attempted to use the cominucater that was built inside of it to see if there was any answer but there was no such luck.

Quinn felt like it was strange having such a mask on a little girl, especially since it seemed to be a bit too boyish and a little frightening, but as soon as Minny got her hands on it, she was over the moon and immediately placed it on her face.

“It actually kinda suits you, in a scary way,” Peter said, as Minny ran around pretending to be a monster making growls with her hands up by her head.

‘That mask might even help her protect herself a little bit.’ Quinn thought. Still, there was always the shadow space if he wanted to protect her, but with her being in the shadow space for so long already he felt guilty if he was to put her inside it again.

Before opening the door to the outside world, Quinn’s hand hesitated just before it touched the door knob.

“What’s wrong?” Peter asked.

“I’m just worried about what we might find out…I’m a little scared. I fought so hard to defeat the Dalki to change the world, and now that we have finally defeated the Dalki, is the world still as bad as it was before?” Quinn asked.

“What are you scared of, clearly you can see it’s better. Quinn, all those people can walk outside because of you. Whether a thousand years have passed and everyone’s forgotten everything, does it matter? Come on.” Peter said, nudging him to the side and opening the door for him.

In front of them, there was just a hallway, and Peter soon walked ahead.

“You know, I wouldn’t be so worried if someone had just left the apartment like that to just take a peek at what had happened,” Quinn replied.

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The three of them walked down the hallway, wondering if they would see anyone, but they hadn’t and, then going down the stairs, they finally reached the reception area. Quinn looked to see if there would be a worker, but instead, there was just a floating robot.

As they reached the exit, the door opened, and finally, they were on the normal streets of the world—flying spaceships above moving about in an orderly fashion, robotic and automated machinery everywhere, but what else was noticeable was that many were wearing beast gear.

Even walking around the city, these people had their weapons on them. The weapons were sheathed or put away, but it reminded Quinn of what the developed Shelters would look like, mainly the A-tier or above Shelters.

Taking a deep breath, Quinn stood in front of a random person on the street, a middle-aged man.

“Sorry, sir, do you know where we currently are, what planet we are on?” Quinn asked.

“What planet are we on? What planet are you on, you weirdo? Who doesn’t know what planet they are on.” The man ignored him and walked straight past.

Seeing the next person, Quinn tried to talk to him, but most people wouldn’t give him the time of day.

“Sorry, do you know what year we are in?” Quinn asked.

“What year? Are you shooting a time-travelling movie or something?” A woman replied without halting her steps for even a second as she continued to move her way.

“Arghh this is so frustrating!” Peter shouted. “Just use your influence skill on them or something and get an answer.

“I…I can’t. Something weird is going on.” Quinn said as he looked at his hand. He had sensed something when he was stepping towards the woman he talked to just a moment ago. Closing his eyes, Quinn started to focus.

“What do you mean you can’t? It’s just one or two, so why don’t you use it?”

Opening his eyes, Quinn was thankful that his body could still do this much, but without his body being at his previous level, he wouldn’t be able to do it for long nor sense those that were too far from him. The good thing was, his powers were better than before, and there was no need to touch them.

“All of these humans, they have the power of Qi,” Quinn answered. “Either we’re on a planet full of Pure members, or something serious happened while I was asleep.”


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