My Vampire System Chapter 1574

Ever since Peter had evolved, speaking to him compared to before certainly was a head-scratcher. His personality had changed, but it looked like becoming an undead also led to losing a few brain cells here and there.

“Peter, you have to explain to me… how do you not know anything that happened? You said so yourself that I was buried underneath the Tenth’s Family castle. I mean, is this the tenth’s castle?”

Peter gave him a look suggesting that he really wasn’t that stupid; of course, he knew this wasn’t the Tenth’s Family castle.

“Quinn, when I make a promise, I really mean it.” Peter started off. “When I said I was going to stay by your tomb and make sure no one took it or did anything to you while you were asleep, I really meant it. So I stayed by your side.

“At some point, something strange happened while we were there. Suddenly, you and I were teleported or something, and now we are here in this apartment. That’s all I know; the rest of the story is as much as you know.”

Thinking about it, Quinn knew that the whole settlement could be teleported to a different location; that was how he had moved it to the new location of the vampire settlement. However, could someone really just teleport the two of them without Peter’s knowledge?

“So, how long ago did this happen? How long were you at the vampire settlement? And how long have you been in this place?” Quinn asked.

Once again, though, Peter just shrugged his shoulders.

“You mean you have no idea? A year, a day, two days… you had nothing else to do. You could have at least counted the days as they went past by drawing a line in the room or something indicating one day after every sunset.” Quinn sighed.

“We don’t even know its earth, if the sun goes up or down, it could be longer than that on earth, and I told you already, I stood here protecting you. Quinn, what’s so hard to understand about what I’m saying?” Peter replied.

“So you didn’t go outside or attempt to open that door right there?” Quinn pointed down the hallway towards a door. “To see where we were, what year it is, or find out anything about the outside world.”

As Peter shook his head after hearing Quinn’s words, it was clear that he didn’t leave his position. In a way, Quinn was quite amazed at his commitment. It certainly wasn’t something he would have been able to do, or he would have gone mad.

Since talking to Peter wasn’t getting him anywhere, there was one other that was currently with Quinn that he could speak to, the one that had woken him up.

‘Ray, you’re there, right? You heard everything I asked. Can you make any sense of this? Were you conscious while I was asleep?’ Quinn asked.

Before fighting Graham but right after getting the nest crystal and upgrading his system, he remembered that Ray had awoken from whatever slumber he was in.

‘I’m not sure too much..however, I have to tell you something. I’m currently not in the system.’ Ray replied

‘Not in the system? Wait, how is that possible? How are you able to speak right now?’ Quinn asked.

‘I don’t even understand my current state, much less the understanding of crystals or the powers they hold. I just know that I am strong, and that’s it.’ Ray replied. ‘But if you want an answer, I’ll give you one. One that I think fits. I believe that the power of the first nest crystal had brought me back, my consciousness back, that is.

‘However, the second nest crystal that you absorbed. You only needed a small part of its energy, and it allowed me to use the rest of it. And when the crystal was fully absorbed, I found myself in what I believed to be your shadow space. Don’t ask me how your shadow powers work or why this happened.

‘But remember, the power of the shadow is quite special. Its origins are nearly as mysterious as the origins of all the abilities that humans know of to this day.’

Honestly, Quinn couldn’t wrap his head around it either, but Ray was in his shadow space. Didn’t that mean he was currently alive? Did he have a physical body in there?

‘No, I do not; just my consciousness moved there, although I did have a small portion of my power. Similar to how I let you access it through the system, and I have used it to make a nice little home in your dragon pet you have with you.’ Ray replied.


It was then that Quinn realised that Ray was referring to the Demon tier beast that Quinn had placed in his shadow. If what Ray was saying was true, now Ray’s consciousness was inside the demon tier pet.

‘Oh no…’ Quinn thought as he realised something else.

“Sunny and that little girl! They were both in the shadows with me, and I never released them when you guys put me into eternal sleep.” Quinn said out loud he was so surprised.

Immediately, figuring this out, Quinn placed his hand out and used his shadow lock skill to release them. Although his body wasn’t what it used to be, perhaps his blood powers were still getting better. The shadow powers he had learnt to use, he could use them all just fine.

“Wahhh.” A girl’s voice was immediately heard, crying her eyes out. She was around the age of six or seven, it was hard for Quinn to tell, but he did know one thing, the girl looked the same age as when he put her in the shadow space.

‘Does even shadow lock stop things, or does time just move slower there, like when I trap attacks in my ability?’ Quinn thought but now was not the time to worry because although Minny was moving, it didn’t look like Sunny, who was by her side, was.

Kneeling, Quinn observed the latter. She was battered and looked just as bad as when Graham had her in her hands. Quinn waited for Minny to calm down so he could get some answers from her because there was one other change.

It was the fact that she no longer smelt like a human, but instead, she smelt like a vampire now. After eventually calming down, Minny opened her mouth to speak.

She spoke about how Sunny was still alive but incredibly weak when Quinn pulled them into the shadow space. Graham had hurt her beyond the point where she could naturally heal. Currently, she had drunk some of Minny’s blood, but it was useless.

The wounds inflicted on her body were from Graham’s werewolf form; thus, she couldn’t heal them on her own. Since they were in space and didn’t know how long they would be there, Sunny decided to do something. It was a gamble, but she thought it was the best chance of the girl’s survival.

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So, in the end, Sunny ended up turning Minny. Vampires didn’t need blood to live; they just went crazy without it, turning into bloodsuckers. Still, Sunny believed those on the outside would work it out, but eventually, she ended up dying, leaving Minny on her own.

However, a short while later, she had made a friend, claiming that she met with the dragon and played with it a few times. The two had managed to keep each other company.

‘From what Ray just told me, he must have been using the dragon body to look after Minny…I’m glad things worked out. If Ray had never regained consciousness and taken over the dragon, Minny would have most likely died.’ Quinn thought.

Now, Quinn had a better understanding of what happened, but still, he knew nothing about the current world. Thus, all that was left to do was head outside. Quinn used his shadow equip and placed some clothes on his body. He realised that both of the blood sets were no longer present; at the same time, his blood gauntlet also had disappeared.

This most likely happened when Quinn transformed and decided on his final attack. Everything made out of blood on his body had disappeared, and same for the armour that was in his shadow.

Still, he had the rest of his beast gear, his demon tier gauntlet and his blue fang set. He didn’t equip his blue fang set because when heading outside, for now, Quinn didn’t want any attention until he knew precisely what was going on and got information about the state of the world.

Who knew, maybe Travellers, among other things, didn’t exist anymore. So he just wore some normal clothing he had stored away.

“Is that Arthur’s power?” Minny asked.

“Arthur? Ah…yes, aren’t you that girl, the one that Arthur looked after?”

It was then that Minny started to cry once more as she welled up.

“He..he joined them..because of me…they kept me, and used me against them…and..and.”

“It’s not your fault,” Quinn said as he rubbed her head. “The Dalki were coming after us no matter what, and Arthur…he saved my life. I liked him a lot as well. Arthur must have adored you, huh?”

For some reason, Quinn felt like he owed Arthur a lot, even after he had put him through everything, but the girl in front of him, she was innocent, but at least he could do one thing.

“Hey Minny, you told me you want to find your mother, right? Well, let’s go and look for her together. I promise that I’ll protect you until we find your mother. You can trust me. I’m a friend of Arthur; that’s also why we have the same power.” Quinn explained.

Minny still looked scared but decided to nod and follow him.

Before leaving, Quinn placed Sunny back in his shadow space for now and would give her a proper burial when things settled down, but now it was time to head out the door and see what the new world had in store for them.

‘Layla, Sam, Vorden, Logan, are all you guys still alive?’


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