My Vampire System Chapter 1573

– The Return Of A Legend

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There was an endless black space in front of him, filled with complete darkness and nothing else. It felt like one was asleep yet, at the same time, not. There were no dreams, no sounds, no noises, nothing. And, all they could see was an endless black space.


Since no thoughts could transpire, one couldn’t even feel the passage of time. Meaning even the person themselves had no clue what had happened or what their body was currently doing. This was the current feeling or non-existent feeling they were going through. For how long had it been like this, there was no sense at all. And after an unknown amount of time, they finally heard a voice.




He heard it, but whose voice was it? At the moment, he couldn’t even access his own memories in his current state.


‘ need to…’


‘Yeah…I need to do what? Make breakfast? Get ready for school? Do homework? What are you trying to tell me?’


‘You need to wake up!’ The voice yelled, resounding in his head.


‘Quinn, wake up!’ The voice shouted once more.


‘Quinn?’ Hearing his own name, something summoned inside of him, suddenly the darkness he was surrounded in began to diminish and disappear. In return, a bright white light started to shine in his mind, and with it, images flashed through Quinn.


‘Everything…is coming back to me.’ Quinn felt.


All of the flashing images were everything that Quinn had gone through so far, and the memories were returning to him with every detail. Memories from when he was a child, memories of when a certain individual had knocked at Quinn’s door, declaring that his parents had died.


The memories flooded his head. They were all coming back to him: how his life had changed, how it had started when he first had arrived at military school—turning into a vampire from that book, meeting Vorden, meeting Fex, another vampire for the first time.


The school tournament, Fex being abducted, saving Fex, returning to the world during the civil war, the multiple fights he fought, allies he made along the way, and the allies Quinn lost as well, saving Vorden from Blade island and barely pulling him back from death’s door.


Not just once, but multiple times. Founding what is now known as the Cursed faction, becoming part of the big four. Then, saving the vampire settlement from the new king Cindy, losing close allies to him once more.


The start of the Dalki attack, becoming the Vampire King and finally fighting against Graham.


Having completed the quest and become something beyond a vampire, he had managed to defeat Graham.


‘I did a lot; I did a lot during that time.’ Quinn thought. ‘I guess I’m dead now; I guess I can finally rest.’


‘Oi, you idiot! Didn’t you hear me? You have to wake up!’ the voice screamed in his head once more. It jolted Quinn awake as his eyes opened, and the first thing he could see was a steamy glass in front of him.


Huffing and panting, Quinn could feel his heart race, something that hadn’t happened in a long time. Ever since he became a vampire, his heartbeat was usually slow, and now, all of his body was starting to move slowly. The tingly feeling as blood began to rush through his veins, and in the end, was the familiar screen that flashed in front of him.


[System is rebooting]


[Congratulations, you have been granted the Celestial Vampire System]


‘Celestial vampire system?’ Quinn read, wondering what that even meant, he could guess based on his evolution that the two were linked, but it wasn’t exactly clear yet. Still, seeing the system message like so was reminiscent of the first time when Quinn had become a vampire.


The only difference was, last time, he passed out before he could hear the whole message.


[Your System has successfully been upgraded to suit the current user]


[Error: The user’s body is not yet fully functional]


[Syncing will begin as the User’s body improves]


[Current Sync Status: 1 Percent]


Quinn had been with the System a long time to understand the meaning behind the messages in front of him. Judging by what he could remember, he could only imagine that his body had gone into a slumbering state. Even now, Quinn could feel that his body was quite weak.


However, as the blood flowed through his body, it was slowly getting back to its normal state, and not just him being a vampire, but his celestial vampire form. He could feel that his strength hadn’t degraded in any way if the system’s number was anything to go by.


Just like vampire lords and the evolution before this one, it was a permanent change. He just needed his body to wake up, and then the System would sync up his body and powers allowing him to use his strength at his will.


‘I just hope that it doesn’t take as long for me to get back to normal as it did for me to absorb that damned nest crystal.’


Eventually, upon sensing that the figure was alive in the container, the glass door slid open, allowing Quinn to see a different view for the first time.

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The first thing Quinn saw was a large glass plain window revealing the bright blue sky. The white clouds, and on the ground were the countless buildings all over the place, ornamented with giant advertisement billboards.


“Is this…earth?” Quinn wondered. As he took a step, his body was certainly weaker than he thought it was, but still, at 1 percent of his actual strength, he was stronger than he ever was as a human; thus, it wasn’t a problem for him to walk around.


Looking behind him, Quinn recognised the strange container device. It was one of the special burial tombs designed for the leaders to rest in peace.


“Was I in some eternal sleep then? Is that what happened?” Quinn said. “But then, why am I in a random apartment building and back on earth, not the vampire settlement?”


“AHHH!” A voice suddenly screamed from the side; turning his head immediately, Quinn saw a familiar face. “…Peter?”


“Quinn…you finally came out of that thing…what the hell! But you were asleep; it’s really you!” Peter couldn’t help but shout.


Peter couldn’t stop staring at Quinn up and down, which was weird for the latter because, for Quinn, it felt like hardly any time at all had passed when fighting against Graham. Based on Peter’s reaction, who was constantly pinching different parts of his own body to check if he was in a dream or not, it seemed like Quinn had been in a slumber for a long time.


Quinn also noticed that his own body had still changed quite a bit. For one, the red vein-like markings were still spread along his chest and arms. There was a very, very faint glow in them, but it was enough proof that his body was different from others.


His hair was still long, and they went down till his waist. On the other hand, Peter looked the same as Quinn could remember him – pale skin, bald-headed, undead subclass.


For now, Quinn couldn’t access his system, and it looked like, while the system was being synced with his body, he wouldn’t be able to use it. He was hoping to find some information from that, but now, the only person he could rely on was Peter.


“So tell me, Peter…what happened to me?” Quinn finally asked.


Peter went on to explain the moments after Quinn had defeated Graham. They had gone through what they had gone through and the decision that was made to put him into eternal sleep, as well as the nest crystal used.


“I see, but I guess the chest piece that Logan made.” Quinn took it off, as it was clear it was no longer working and threw it on the floor, revealing his bare chest. “It’s broken, so they won’t know that I’ve woken up. Anyway, I understand why they put me into eternal sleep, but why are we here in this apartment?


“And are we on earth? What happened to the vampire settlement and all the others, and how long was I in there for? You said that it could take ten years or maybe longer. Have ten years passed?”


After asking all those questions, Quinn waited to hear which one Peter would answer first, but all he had gotten back was a shrug.


“I don’t know… I’ve been here with you the whole time. I don’t even know where we are right now.” Peter replied.


Hearing this, Quinn raised an eyebrow. Just how was that even possible?




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