My Vampire System Chapter 1572 – Goodbye Quinn

Everyone couldn’t quite believe it. Of course, they had heard what Logan had said about the variables in time, but that only meant that it was possible it would take longer or shorter for Quinn to come back. That was if he even came back in the first place.

“Ten years…” Layla mumbled. “We really will have to live without Quinn for ten years?”

For a second, it made everyone imagine what life would be like if Quinn was away. The countless times when he had saved them all, and from the strong enemies that were in front of them. Even today, there was nobody else who could have defeated Laxmus.

“Does he have to go into an eternal slumber? Can’t we just look after him with the machines we have here?” Fex asked.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible.” Vincent shook his head. “We will have to make the preparations, so Quinn officially goes into an eternal slumber. At the end of the day, Quinn is a vampire, so it would give him the best chance of not just recovering but healing his body, so he will wake up just as strong as he was when he went in there. If you want to give him the best chance of waking up, then this is what we’ll have to do.”

As bitter as it was, the others understood. Vincent had no reason to lie to them about something this important, and there was also Logan, who hadn’t said anything to contradict what he was saying.

“A special device will be created. I have adjusted the one around Quinn’s chest to allow the Nest Crystal to be placed there.” Logan explained. “At the same time, it will inform me the second he wakes up again.”

The others looked to be in agreement, since it was the only thing they could do. Now, they waited once again, while Logan was finishing up the details on the chest piece. In the meantime, it left the others to sit down and think.

“I won’t lie to you all… I’m a little worried.” Sam confessed as he looked at his hands. Whenever he felt small or insignificant, the tactician would always look at his hands for some reason. “Although Quinn saved us in the end, we lost a lot of good people. Nate’s gone, Mona, Oscar, and a lot of the vampire leaders… and I’m worried what we will do without Quinn.”

“I wish we could just rest, but there’s still Pure back on Earth, trying to cause all kinds of trouble. I haven’t heard any news from Leo about them yet. Then there’s Laxmus as well. He’s out there, somewhere among other vampires, and could attack humanity at any moment.

“We have to prepare for the case he will attack us while Quinn’s asleep! Lastly, there’s something else that Logan told me. It’s about Truedream… it looks like he’s alive and is out there somewhere with a clone of Jim. Even without the Dalki, there’s no saying what they will do. There’s a lot that can happen in that amount of time without Quinn.”

All the worries that Sam currently had were shared by those surrounding him.

“Then we just have to get rid of them! He might be stronger than any one of us, but we aren’t that weak without him.” Sil broke the silence. “Instead of always relying on him, why don’t we try to make the world a better place for when Quinn does wake up? Can you imagine how happy he would be, to find out how much the world has changed for the better?”

Of all the people to speak such sense, they had never expected it to come from Sil.

After their little talk, it looked like Logan and Vincent were ready. They started to carry Quinn over, out from the lab, and headed towards the castle. The foundations of the place were broken, but the underground tunnels had remained intact.

They continued to travel down them, and eventually reached the tenth family’s burial area. Usually only Vampire Knights and leaders would be allowed to rest in such a place. Or a ceremony with the vampires would be held, allowing for them all to see, but this time, it was just those close to Quinn.

Those that had been with Quinn the longest were here with him, to send him off. Vincent activated one of the chambers which rose from the ground. The door slid open, and the others gulped, second guessing if they really needed to go through with this.

Before placing him on the container, Vincent had drawn something on the ground with blood, and laid Quinn on top of it.

“I’m starting the ritual to place Quinn in eternal sleep. There shouldn’t be much change to him physically, but there will be one thing.” His ancestor explained as he placed his own descendant down. There was something truly bizarre about this scene. Although he was technically older, he was inside the body of Quinn’s clone, yet after his transformation the original looked older, making it look as if a son was burying his father…

The circle lit up, yet he wasn’t using his equivalent exchange ability, no, those markings were more similar to what the vampires would call magic. Ancient texts left in their history allowing them to do certain things, and this was one of them.

Looking at Quinn, there really weren’t any changes, however black smoke started to appear from his body, and soon, the Bone Claw started to appear in front of those gathered. The others were shocked by this, but moments later the Familiar King had completely faded.

“When a vampire goes into eternal sleep, it’s similar to death. To the familiars, it feels like the same thing. It’s one of the ways to actually get rid of a familiar contract. However, making a vampire go into eternal sleep and waking them up so soon isn’t possible. Which is why we don’t do it… and usually only the leaders are able to enjoy this special privilege, anyway.”

It was then that Quinn was lifted and placed into the container. The door wasn’t shut just yet, as it was time for everyone to say their final goodbyes.

“What about the Absolute Blood Control, won’t people be angry that it’s still with Quinn?” Fex asked.

“Angry? Do you really think anybody would blame the King after all he has done? Besides, Quinn has left us with a lot. Arthur’s sword for one, and this.” Vincent replied as he showed the special red blood crystal that he had left behind…

“There are many gifts that Quinn has managed to leave us, so don’t worry about that.”

“Do you know what happened to those in his shadow?” Sam asked. “The Demon-tier Dragon, Minny and Sunny. His equipment, they were all still in there, right?”

“I’m not a user of the Shadow ability myself.” Vincent replied. “But if I were to take a guess, they are currently trapped along with Quinn. Until he wakes up, there isn’t much we can do. However, remember that the shadow itself has the ability to slow down time. Maybe for them, it won’t feel as long.” Vicnent didn’t say the other half, the possibility that it could feel like a lot longer to them. The only good thing was, it possibly meant that the Demon-tier dragon had been sealed away with Quinn.

One by one, the group placed their hands on Quinn, in the container, wishing to say their goodbyes. They all said personal things, while reminiscing about the good times that they had shared together. Nevertheless, each one of them made it clear that they would see him again.

Finally, it was Layla’s turn. She seemed to take the longest out of everyone, but nobody faulted her for that. All of them had been aware how she personally had felt towards Quinn. In a way, these ten years would be the most torturous for her. As the tears fell down her face, the others began to choke up a bit as well.

They had been through a lot, lost countless people, and this moment served as a reminder to all of them that even the mightiest being could fall.

The last one to say his goodbyes, out of all of them, though, was Peter, and after speaking a few things he turned around.

“I wish to stay here with Quinn.” Peter announced. Although his face showed only a sliver of emotion, all of them felt the loyalty in his voice. “I know… I know that he is just going to be sleeping, and he probably won’t know that I’m here with him, but as long as my first friend stays here, I want to protect him.

“I intend to make sure that nobody disturbs his rest. As a Wight I never need to sleep, so I will be awake the whole time, and I will make sure that Quinn is protected until he wakes up.”

A lot of them wanted to tell Peter that there was no need, that Quinn would be safe here. However, from the look in Peter’s eyes, they could tell he had already made up his mind. Besides, some of them thought he might get bored and decide to come out after a few days anyway.

All of them stood there surrounded, watching the special tomb activate. The glass screen covered them, while the container started to spiral into the ground. Eventually closing and locking in place.

“Enjoy your sleep, Quinn. Look forward to what we’ll have to show you once you wake up again.” Vorden smiled.

End of Volume 6

Note: There are two more Volumes of MVS to go.

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