My Vampire System Chapter 1570 – The Final Breath

The large group that had remained on the Daisy Planet stood around Quinn. They had left the bodies of the other dead to rush and save the one they deemed the most important of them all.

As stated before, each of them agreed that if anyone needed to survive this battle, to survive this war, because they had worked harder than anyone else, it would be Quinn. As the group stood around him, two of them approached Quinn on the ground.

Vincent was the first to arrive, along with Logan. The two of them quickly got to work, as Logan had used his spiders to create a strange device around his body, and they formed something like a chest piece over himself.

The chest piece started to compress when the spiders finally formed, beating hard in the specific chest area. The special device worked like a compression unit, simulating a heartbeat, although a regular heartbeat rather than a vampire’s.

“How is he?” Owen eventually asked.

Hearing this question, Logan, who seemed to be one who showed a lack of emotions, lifted his head and looked at all of those around him. Eventually, he couldn’t look at their faces anymore and decided to squint and concentrate on Quinn instead.

“I’ll be honest. I’m just doing whatever I can, whatever little I think I can to help him. Although I’m not a doctor, the technology that I can create and use can be comparable to any top doctor. Right now, this device is acting as if his body is brain dead. If the machine can simulate signs of life, maybe we can do something.” Logan explained. “I’m sure you all know…I’m sure you can tell by the fact that I’m using this; right now, he’s-“

Dennis placed his hand on Logan’s shoulder, stopping the latter from finishing his words, at least not until they confirmed everything.

“See what you did!” Layla shouted, turning to her side and grabbing Peter by his shirt, “Because you didn’t let us stop him, because of you, now he’s dead…I should… I should…!”

“You should do what?!” Peter said as he quickly twisted Layla’s hand, who was entirely overwhelmed by his mistake.

“Layla, you think just because you are a girl that you cared for him more than I f*cking did!” Peter shouted back. “He saved my life at the military academy, he saved my life when the Dalki attacked me, and he’s been freaking saving our lives this whole damned time.

“If he tells me to let him do as he wishes, the person who did all of this for us, then I’m going to do what he says!”

While the two were arguing, Vincent had called over Katori. She was pretty tired, having used her powers on mostly healing Vorden, Peter and Vincent himself, but of course, she knew she had to try her best to mend the injuries on Quinn.

Her hands were lighting up all over Quinn’s body, but nothing was changing, neither the wounds on his body nor his long hair. Quinn’s state remained the same, something Katori had never experienced before.

“Wait, I still might have some Dalki blood, maybe it can help, and let’s give him some human blood too,” Fex said as he pulled out his flask. He still had some of One Horn’s blood with him, which he hadn’t used in the war.

He knew fighting against Graham that it was useless for him to use One Horn’s blood, and at the same time, the Dalki blood, especially one of a high tier, seemed to work better than human blood. They poured the green blood into Quinn’s mouth after opening it a little by pulling the chin.

It hurt the others to see the look on Quinn’s face, covered with blood all over, and just showed that they had to continue to do whatever they could to save him. The green blood quickly went into Quinn’s mouth as they all waited to see if there was any reaction at all.

Yet, there was nothing other than Logan’s machine that continued to beat. After that, Owen cut his hand, allowing for his own blood to be used since he was a human for Quinn to feed off.

The cut he made on his palm was quite deep because whatever the amount of blood that Quinn needed, Owen was happy to give it to him. Yet, still, there was no reaction whatsoever. A few of them even had their eyes moistened as tears streamed down their cheeks.

The cameras slowly descended, aiming to catch everything that was transpiring on the group, mainly the unsuccessful attempts of everyone to try and bring Quinn back.

Watching it on screen, Bonny couldn’t help herself as her whole heart poured out.

“Are you all satisfied now!” she shouted. “You called him a monster, you called him all sorts of names but did you know, Quinn he was just…a kid…he had only just finished military training…and the weight of everything…the weight of the whole world was always on his shoulders, yet he never…never chose to give up…ARE YOU SATISFIED NOW?!” she screamed at the live stream.

The viewers who took a back seat while the whole war was going on, at the moment they all felt…guilty. Guilty for their opinion on Quinn. They recalled when he had taken over the other beast planets and how they thought he was doing it for his own gain.

Some people said the Cursed faction was good, supplying all the planets with those they needed. Still, many didn’t believe them but witnessing today’s events and hearing what Quinn had said to the others in his final moments, how he wanted to protect everyone, he had changed all of their minds.

“A human turned vampire…I guess he really did just care about everyone after all.” A user commented.

“F in the chat to pay your respects.”

“May he rest in peace. We need to remember him forever. We need to have a ceremony…it’s because of him this whole war has ended.”

“R.I.P. Quinn, I still can’t believe it. This whole thing…it feels like a dream. Is the war really over? Did we just see the last battle against the Dalki?”

“Quinn! Take my blood, please! Bring him back!”

“He changed a lot of people; he saved us all.” Void said as he tried to show Bonny the screen, but she just pushed it away.

“Does it really matter now?” Bonny replied, wiping her face. “He can’t even see what they have said. He won’t even be able to see the world he tried to save…and there’s none of his family left. We can’t even try to make up for what he has done.”

“But there are the vampires, those that he really cared about.” Void said. “The war might be over, but our job is not done. Remember what Quinn said in his final moments. One of his dreams was to change the world. He was able to save it, but he might never be able to see it change into a better place. We need to make sure, through our reporting, by spreading his wishes, that the whole world gets to hear his message and move on to become something better.”

Sniffing up what she could, Bonny was left there still crying, but she knew Void was right.

Since nothing seemed to be working, Vincent decided to lift him off the ground.

“You weren’t meant to die before me, you idiot.” Vincent smiled. “Did you bring me back so that I could be the one to burry you? You gave me the hardest job of them all, do you know that?”

Looking ahead, the settlement, although the battle destroyed most of the King’s castle and the perimeter walls, some places managed to remain intact. They had fortified the burial ground, so Vincent hoped it was all okay. The least they could do was bury Quinn’s body.

As he started to walk, the rest followed until…

“Vincent… your chest!” Logan pointed out. “It’s glowing; the nest crystal is glowing.”


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