My Vampire System Chapter 1569 – Betting Everything

One could only imagine what thoughts were going through Graham’s head as he saw Quinn’s open palm. For even him, at the level he was, could feel the blood tingling in all of his body.

“You…you really have reached a different realm above mine…” Graham mumbled. “I was so close, but now I will never know.”

Seeing everything around, the planet’s land mass being destroyed by the tornadoes of blood, the red lightning strikes whose single touch perhaps could obliterate anyone. It was as if Graham knew that there was no longer anything he could do.

Quinn swung his hand down so fast, and with it, from the sky itself, a giant red beam shot towards Graham. At that moment, all of the tornadoes of blood and lightning moved towards the target. The red clouds were becoming no more, and all of the blood was joining up with the single beam of attack.

All of it was directed at one spot in the far distance, and as it continued to rush through, it condensed into blood-red energy. Slowly the beam from the sky stopped, and now all of the power was being held in one place.

Quinn raised both of his hands. They were shaking as he struggled to control the energy that was in front of him. He slowly pushed them closer together as blood trickled down from his face, but the red glow inside his body was beginning to fade.

Eventually, his wings seemed to give up, and he fell to the ground. Suddenly, the energy was growing more prominent again.

“ARGHHHH!” Everyone heard a voice from the inside.

“That damned Dalki is still alive even from all of that!” Fex shouted. “Quinn, you have to kill him. You have to get rid of him!”

Continuing to use all his power, Quinn began to condense the energy. Once again, it started to form into a giant red ball that was now the size of a house; as he continued, the ball of energy got smaller and smaller.

They couldn’t see a figure inside the red energy, but considering that there was no Graham around, they could only guess he was inside.

“Come on, Quinn, you can do it! Use my power as well!” Layla held out her hand, it was quite far, but she was willing to give whatever energy she could towards him.

Those watching online no longer cared who or what Quinn was. If they couldn’t do anything now, then at least they could cheer him on through the screen.

The power continued to condense, and once again, Quinn coughed up a mouthful of blood on the ground. His foot staggered, but he didn’t fall. However, his wings began to return to his body.

“This is bad,” Vincent said, and the others glanced at him, wondering what he was talking about. “I don’t know what Quinn turned into, whether it was a permanent form or something temporary that he can use, but right now, it looks like he’s reverting to his regular self.

“In the new form, sure he could handle all of that power, but right now, Quinn is no longer in that form. If he continues to handle that much blood, I’m afraid he’s going to damage his own body and kill himself.”

“What can we do?” Jin asked.

“We can stop him…I doubt Graham is alive right now; the reason why Quinn is still condensing the blood is so it doesn’t suddenly break out again, because if it does…it could kill everyone on this whole planet and the ships that are near in orbit. Other than that…we can do nothing.”

Hearing this, Layla had only one question to ask.

“If we stop him, will Quinn live?” She asked.

The explosion caused by the condensed blood attack wouldn’t destroy the whole solar system, only get rid of all the vampires and them as well, but if Quinn would survive, Layla already knew her answer.

“We only made it this far because of the king. Everyone only survived because of the king!” Jake declared, “We have to save him.”

Vincent turned to the others all around him, at those who had been with Quinn from the beginning. Since it would be their lives lost, it wasn’t a decision he could make on his own.

However, it looked like everyone had decided as they all nodded.

“Order the vampires to move as far away from the planet as possible,” Sam said over to Muka. “And Muka, everything will be left to you from now on; the same goes for Megan in the Cursed faction.”

Owen simply made a similar call to his own Graylash faction. He was instructing them who they would follow from now on if he didn’t make it.

“This is crazy! Owen, we can come back and get you!”

“No!” Owen shouted back. “If we wait too long, then Quinn will die. If anyone deserves to live, then it’s him.”

With the decision made, everyone was ready to rush forward under Vincent’s command to stop Quinn, but before they even take the first step-

“Stop!” Quinn shouted back and turned to look at them. His eyes were glowing red, and all of them had frozen in their tracks.

“Is he using the influence skill on us…and it’s actually strong enough to stop us all!” Silver said, shocked.

“I have fought and have gotten stronger to freaking save you guys… To change the world. You know, I thought it was easy, that when I got to the top, it would be easy but I realised…it isn’t something a single person can do…I realised that change takes time, and I can’t change this world just on my own, but… I can save it.

“Let me save the world…save all of you…this is what I want. I don’t want any of you to die.”

Turning around, Quinn looked back at the condensed red ball of energy that hadn’t changed in size. It hadn’t gotten bigger or smaller but was still as large as a house.

“Don’t distract me!” Quinn said as he cancelled his influence skill because he needed to use every ounce of power he could.

“ARGHHHH!” He screamed, pushing his hands closer together, and the ball in the distance could be seen getting smaller and smaller. However, now, blood even began to flow out from his skin. It was as if the blood inside his body was under so much pressure that it had managed to burst through his skin.

The blood fell on the surface, but Quinn didn’t step back. It was now, or never.

“NOOO! Quinn! You can’t do this, NO!” Layla screamed so loud she felt like her own throat was bleeding. She tried to rush over, but Peter quickly pulled her back, pushing her to the ground.

“Quinn told us to stay back!” Peter shouted at them all. “No matter what, no one is going over to him. I will follow his will no matter what. Even if that means I have to use force!”

Some looked like they were going to attempt to go past and around Quinn but getting past Peter would be a mammoth of a task.

However, all of this didn’t matter now.

The ball had gotten smaller now and continued to shrink; more blood poured out from Quinn, and eventually, the ball was now the same size as a tennis ball. There was no sign of Graham anymore – not a single bone, blood or anything.

Quinn had destroyed everything of him, and finally, he had placed his two hands together. The ball of red energy had finished condensing and took a solid form as it fell and rolled on the ground.

It was no longer glowing bright red and looked like a crystal almost entirely black, but a slight tint of red.

At the same time, though, Quinn had fallen to the ground as well. The others, seeing this, rushed towards him, but the vampires already knew. They knew as they approached him there was something seriously wrong because none of them, not one of them, could sense or hear any heartbeat.


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