My Vampire System Chapter 1568 – Blood Rush

For a brief second, many thought the battle was over. They could no longer see Graham on the screen, and only Quinn was present. But, not everyone was this naive. Before Quinn’s attack landed on Graham, they noticed that he had managed to turn into an eight spiked Dalki successfully.

The power for each dalki upgrading from one spike to the next was considerable, and now they assumed it would be the same this time as well. At the same time, the look on Quinn’s face said it all. His next set of actions seemed strange as his body started to float in the air.

Once again, his wings didn’t move so much, only slightly but not quite flapping, and the red dust that looked similar to flakes of dry blood would fall from his wings as he rose up in the air.

‘His body is more resilient than I thought,’ Quinn spoke in his mind while staring off into the distance.

Quinn had thrown the sword too fast for Graham to react, and by the time the latter finally noticed it, the sword had already pierced his chest. Still, as the sword pierced into his body, his body almost instinctively reacted on its own.

The muscles tensed up around the sword and halted it on the spot, not letting it go in any deeper. Although the sword had been somewhat stopped, the momentum of the attack itself has sent Graham flying backwards. His feet were skidding across the ground, breaking and destroying everything he went through.

“Is this vampire’s full damned strength?!” Graham shouted. “Or is it something else?”

It was strange how the momentum was even continuing now, but eventually Graham himself was feeling strength rise in him. From Graham’s back, he sprouted a pair of Dalki wings. Around the edges along the top was black fur, similar to what was on the rest of his body.

Flapping his wings, Graham countered the momentum, which decreased even further, slowing him down; meanwhile, his body had time to take in the rest of the transformation. Clenching his claws around the sword, he instantly shattered it.

Finally, he came to a halt. It was hard to pinpoint his exact location or how far he had been pushed back; at least he knew it was far because he couldn’t even see the vampire settlement off in the distance anymore. His green blood was pouring from his open wound, but it started to heal up quickly, and within a few seconds, he was back to his prime, or even more powerful.

“Haha, haha!” Graham started to laugh. “This battle will bring me to where I need to be.”

Jumping up in the air, Graham’s wings started to flap wildly, and the strong force coming from them blew the rubble that had been formed behind him due to the impact. Graham was ready for a rematch as he flew through the air and headed back in the direction he had come from.

He was moving faster than he had ever before, and his body felt like it was indestructible.

Eventually, Quinn saw a small dot approaching him, and he knew exactly what it was. Quinn gathered a small amount of blood and aimed towards this dot, and in the next moment, a vortex of blood beamed out from his hands.

Graham crashed head-on into the blood and started swiping, chipping away the vortex as he used all his strength to get closer and closer to Quinn. Although a lot of the blood was being hit away, most of it would still hit parts of Graham’s body, destroying the scales around him and causing him to bleed.

At the same time, however, Graham’s body was healing from all the damage the blood vortex was dealing. Lifting his other hand, Quinn created another blood vortex that spiralled from his hand and crashed into Graham.

It had managed to push Graham’s body back, and this time the power was too much for him. He fell to the ground and looked hurt, bleeding, but moments later, the wounds on his body were healing again.

“I admit, I might not have more power than you, Quinn!” Graham shouted from below. “But with this body of mine, I really have become a god. It is impossible to kill me, and eventually, your power will run out. So let’s see who can last longer!”

Graham slashed his claws, and as usual, a wall of blood moved to block the attack, but flowing up from the ground itself was Graham. Quinn quickly moved out of the side and hit him with the blood again, right on his side. Blood spewed out of Graham’s mouth, but it didn’t seem to slow him down at all as he continued to rush forward.

Eventually, the blood spiralled around Quinn’s hands, creating what looked like two giant drills, and throwing his arms outward, they launched from his palm and crashed into Graham’s palms, tearing them up as he blocked the drills.

Graham tried to push back against it, but they were ripping every fibre in his body. This attack by Quinn right now was the same level as what he had used against Laxmus, except the blood being used was stronger and energised by Quinn’s new found power. On top of that, this time, there were two drills.

However, although it looked like Graham could not do anything to get rid of the blood drills that were spinning towards him, his hands were healing, and both parties now seemed to be at a standstill.

“Your body…is a lot harder than I thought. It just means that I will have to attack you with something that you can’t heal from. Something that will finish you off in one go.”

The red veins that appeared over Quinn’s body were no longer fading in and out; instead, the red got only brighter and was glowing; the same was happening with Quinn’s wings.

Graham was still trying to deal with the Blood drills as their power got weaker and weaker, but he could not move since the attack was still strong enough to suppress him.

This gave Quinn the time to gather his power and show the world the power and title.

The blood raindrops began to rise from the ground, adding to the dark red clouds still around the planet. All of the blood moved up, and it looked like a storm of blood was brewing.

Quinn’s eyeballs started to bleed as blood fell from both of his eyes down his cheeks, only to rise up once they fell and add to the blood that was being used above.

“Can you feel that!” Fex said. His body was tingling all over; it felt like he was standing upside down as even the blood from his own body wanted to escape.

“I can…I think everyone can.” Layla said as she looked around.

She also could feel the sword by her side as well. She hadn’t activated it, yet it was even active now for some reason.

What they failed to realise was that even the audience were feeling something strange.

And the comments soon started to come through online.

“Hey, I’m feeling a tingle, and I don’t think it’s just from watching the video.”

“Yeah, I feel it as well; my head is killing me!”

“I just got a nosebleed. Is this happening with everyone?!”

A strange phenomenon ensued, and from the clouds above, tornadoes of blood began to hit the ground. Not just one but multiple tornadoes hit in the area around Quinn, and moments later, red lightning strikes crackled through the clouds, creating deafening reverberations.

The lightning had the same red glow they had seen many times during the fight, and in the centre of this chaos, being untouched by everything, was Quinn. Eventually, blood began to trickle from his own mouth, nose and ears as well.

Honestly, Quinn didn’t know if he was feeling pain right now or not.

He just knew that he needed to create an attack strong enough to get rid of Graham.

Eventually, the power of the two giant red blood drills had stopped, and Graham stood on the spot as his body healed from the last attack. Now. he was finally able to take in everything that was happening around him.

“Graham, you will never be able to achieve your goal. You know, I have met a few gods before, and do you know what the difference is between them and us? They will never truly die, but as for you…I will never see you again.”

Quinn raised his hand and opened the palm of his hand in the direction of Graham.



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