My Vampire System Chapter 1567 – An Ancient Battle

There were multiple solar systems in the vast universe. Yet, for some reason, it was quite difficult for Humans and vampires to find any other race out there that had a significant level of intelligence like themselves.

In fact, nearly every solar system seemed to have something more akin to the beasts that they would find. From those, the only ones that were considered intelligent were the ones that had more of a human appearance.

It begged the question multiple times how exactly did the human race start? Regardless, drifting off into space in a spaceship of their own, they were in an unknown part, but they weren’t far enough to not get a signal, and right now, all of them in the spaceship were watching the current battle that was about to take place.

“That Graham… I never knew he was so powerful. How did you manage to even keep him under your rule for so long?” Truedream asked.

“He wasn’t like this before,” Jim replied. “Graham was always special, but honestly, I didn’t even know about his ability to transform. It seems like one of the files of DNA I had when making the Dalki wasn’t just that of a regular human, but a Werewolf.

“Werewolves were creatures that got stronger based on what they ate, which were usually the enemies they battled against. I feel stupid now; I thought that was some strange fetish of his, just like him liking to wear human clothes!”

Jim was beyond annoyed, he was the one that created these beings, and they didn’t even seem thankful to him. On top of that, he was the one being tricked. If he was in the right position, Jim, at this moment, would have tried to get rid of the Dalki himself.

‘Or perhaps I would enslave them and force the vampires to use them as a food source forever.’

“And that damned Cursed faction kid, what did he turn into? If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t even recognised him as the same person. Is this something that all vampires can do?” Truedream asked.

Glancing at the screen, Jim was still furious, but he did have a great interest in Quinn. As someone who lived a long time, someone who studied the originals, this was something he had never seen before.

“I…I have no clue; from day one, I have had no idea with this person, but I know one thing: whatever he is right now, if he is an all-powerful being, then it means it also had to have come at a great cost. If my ability has taught me anything, it’s that everything has a price.

“If you’re asking me who will win, well, battles between werewolves and vampires used to plague us for centuries. In the end, the old generations determined that the Werewolves were too big of a threat for the vampires.

“They healed better than us; they were physically more capable than us. They even got stronger depending on the moon and sun. There seemed to be no limit to their powers either.”

“Wow!” Trudream interrupted. “It sounds like being a werewolf has a lot more benefits than being a vampire, but in the end, you guys are here, and they are not, right?”

Jim paused for a second; it was as if he was debating whether to reveal the truth to Truedream or not.

“The difference between werewolves and us vampires were our societies and our cultures, which then became the deciding factors for their fate.

“But anyway, what we are looking at now isn’t a werewolf, but a Werewolf-Dalki hybrid, which I fear is stronger than any vampire has ever lived.”


The raindrops of blood had frozen in place; every single raindrop could be seen clearly just staying there still. It felt like time had frozen for a second, but that hadn’t happened at all; everyone was still able to move.

“This amount of blood control, is it even possible for the king to do this?” Jin asked.

“No…this level of blood control is unheard of,” Vincent replied.

They had seen something like this happen before but only in a smaller area or that of the settlement, the rain being still seemed to spread even further than they could see.

Graham ran forward. He didn’t strike the air like he had done so many times before; no, Graham knew that he would have to use the full force of his attack. In an instant, he had reached in front of Quinn.

His deathly claw was already heading towards Quinn’s face, but before it could reach it, blood had gathered in front of Quinn, similar to how the shadow would be used and blocked the attack head-on.

The moment Graham’s claw clashed against the hardened blood, the energy flowed through Quinn and the ground itself, tearing it up and throwing the land either side of Quinn up in the air.

The next second after the blood had stopped the attack, it completely wrapped around Graham, consuming him whole. Quinn lifted his hand as he controlled the waves of blood, and from the rain, more blood started to cocoon Graham.

It lifted Graham and slammed him into the ground. But he recovered quickly and was slashing at the blood infront of him, but his claw could do nothing as it just went through it like real blood. Knowing that it was doing nothing but now was not in a hardened form, Graham jumped back, away from Quinn.

However, Quinn immediately threw a small handful of blood towards Graham, and when it hit his body, he felt a heavy thud towards him. Blood came rushing out of Graham’s mouth, and even the green blood moved, mixing with the red.

Once again, Quinn threw another handful of blood; when it hit Graham in the body again, everyone heard a loud bang as if a tank’s shell had gone off. It was clear that this was no simple attack.

“Did you say you and I are the same, Graham? Let me tell you something. You won’t even get a chance to hit me this entire fight.” Quinn claimed.

“You might be able to hurt me, but then why don’t you try killing me?!” Graham shouted as he left both fists and slammed them into the ground. The force was so powerful it created a large crater going off nearly two kilometres in diameter.

The rocks were blown away, and the force seemed so powerful that an explosion was felt from the other side of the planet. Graham’s blow had travelled through, but it didn’t affect Quinn because he was now in the air. He was flying with his wings, yet they weren’t flapping. It looked almost as if he was floating in the air.

“You know why I stopped the raindrops, Graham? Because I didn’t want to kill you too easily.” Quinn said.

Now though, one of the blood raindrops that was frozen in place started to move. It was faster than a bullet, and the second it hit Graham’s body, a loud bang similar to a tank shell resounded once again, and Graham’s was injured as his foot slid on the floor due to the impact.

Soon though, all the raindrops started to move and headed towards Graham.

“Ahhh!” Graham screamed as he slashed through the air, attempting to get rid of the raindrops, and he had hit a few, but there were far too many. Bang after bang reverberated through the battlefield as the raindrops hit him all over continuously, one after another.

A trail of blood streamed from his mouth, his organs hurt, and it also heavily damaged his hard hide. Still, Quinn noticed something; the wounds that Graham was getting were being self-healed fairly quickly as well.

‘The Dalki get stronger through their battles, and the Werewolf body has incredible healing capabilities. For evolution, this body is the perfect base for the Dalki.’ Jim thought, watching the video.

Soon, Quinn started to shape the raindrops of blood, and now he had formed them into swords. With the total amount of blood that was in the air, there had to be tens of thousands of swords of blood, now all ready to assault Graham.

Moving his hand, Quinn sent all of them to Graham at once. The swords were sharp, the blood was strong, and as expected, they pierced right through Graham’s strong scales and werewolf skin. Consequently, they had gone through him, hitting him from all sides, but somehow, Graham had managed to do two things.

One, he was able to avoid the sword aimed at his head even if he had been cut all over the face multiple times, and the second was to stop the sword from hitting his heart and the hard claws.

As for the blood dripping from his wounds, it flowed and added into Quinn’s blood sword.

Soon, a real blood sword formed in Quinn’s hand, similar to what Arthur would use. It was created using hardened blood, and as Quinn hardened the blood, it had the same red glow as the one in his veins and wings.

“You think you avoided those on purpose?” Quinn smiled. “I usually never want to kill, not unless I have to or for my own life, but to you, I want to kill you with my own hands.”

Hearing this, Graham just smiled.

“I guess you were right…I wasn’t on the same level as you…but I am now.”

From the top of Graham’s head, something started to emerge – a spike that was larger than no other. Breaking out, all blood swords in his body shattered and fell to the ground, and the wounds on his body began to heal in front of everyone’s eyes.

“You should have killed me when you had the-“

Quinn threw the sword from his hand, and it went right through Graham’s chest and sent him skidding off into the distance. The camera couldn’t even pick up what happened, and others only saw Quinn throw his sword, and in the next instant, Graham disappeared.

“You are still not on my level.”


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