My Vampire System Chapter 1566 – Ruler Of Blood

The drones were struggling to fly properly through the sky. The red clouds above were quite dense, so they moved behind the vampire settlement to film everything clearly, and instead of concentrating on Graham, all cameras were now focused on Quinn.

They witnessed his new form through the camera, and many of them had similar thoughts running through their heads as they saw this.

“That…is not a human… I don’t care what you say. That thing is a monster.”

“Is this what happens after transforming? what even is that thing…is that what a vampire actually looks like.”

“It’s so…beautiful…if I become a vampire, will I look like this?”

“Weirdo, take your fetishes somewhere else.”

Quinn didn’t need the system to tell him his body had evolved. He could feel the strong energy seething inside him, giving him a strange feeling he had never felt before after the many times he had evolved.

This form that he was currently in, its power and strength, were similar to the time when he had borrowed Ray’s power for a few moments.

While the system screen was open, Quinn quickly went through the prompts to see if there were any notable changes. The first two were what he had become and his title. However, there seemed to be something up with the system.

The values of his stats, the blood control, and all of his skills appeared blank.

‘Can the system not keep up with it, or is it something else?’ Quinn thought.

Not even his current level would show, but there were a few things that could still be seen, including the system’s quests, the other titles, and what he currently was.

[Celestial Vampire Lord]

‘Celestials… aren’t they beings from heaven or space. Beings that are above human kind…have I become a…’

‘Don’t get ahead of yourself, boy.’ Ray’s voice boomed in his ears, ‘You have no clue what you can do, you have no clue if this form is something permanent either, or is it just like when I lent you my power. Those in front of you need you.’

Looking up, Quinn could see that the fighting had stopped, and Graham hadn’t attacked any of the others and just continued to look their way. For some reason, noticing the dead bodies on the ground, Quinn wasn’t angry.

The energy inside him was keeping him calm, but he still remembered them, remembered the times he spent with them, and still knew what he wanted to do even if the anger from him had escaped.

Jumping from his position, Quinn covered the great distance between the settlement and the battle. It was at least a kilometre away, and just before landing, he flapped his red wings that left particles of red dust each time they moved.

“What…what is that?” Fex couldn’t help but mumble and was hoping his sister or Vincent had an answer.

“I…have no idea. I have never seen anything like this in any of the books before.” Silver replied. “Even when Laxmus transformed, he looked more like a bloodsucker, whereas Quinn seems more human, or even angelic.”

“Everyone, leave this to me. Take the dead bodies away and head back to the settlement.” Quinn ordered.

When speaking out loud, even the tone of Quinn’s voice had changed, and it was light smooth and gave everyone a strangely calming influence. At first, the others weren’t sure if they should move because they were confused if they heard Quinn’s voice or someone else’s.

Graham was beyond what any of them ever thought he would be, even if Quinn had gotten stronger and evolved. No one knew if the new Quinn was enough to match Graham in strength. The first one to move and follow the order of stepping back was Peter.

He believed in Quinn, and thus he would always follow the latter’s orders.

“I know you can beat this damn wolf, and he wouldn’t even be able to lay a finger on me if he wanted to,” Peter said out loud for the others to hear.

There was another reason why he was so confident. As Quinn got stronger, the connection that Peter would usually feel and grow with him as he grew power was drifting further and further apart from him, but now it was gone entirely.

It was as if Peter could no longer become or reach Quinn’s level. Soon after, the rest started to move as well, and strangely Graham didn’t say anything or do anything as they picked up the dead and moved away.

Even Silver carefully used her strings, not going too close to retrieving her father’s body. The others soon ran back to the settlement and started to see what they could do on those injured.

“You can feel it, right?” Graham eventually spoke after all of them had gone. “You have managed to reach a new realm. You know, I was always searching for something to go beyond the five spiked Dalki, and ever since I got the sixth spike, I realised something.

“I was different from the rest of my race. I could feel something beyond my current realm, but I didn’t quite know what it was, and now I am nearly there; I can feel it. Me and you, we are more similar than you think.

“I got stronger, and I am now very close to reaching it: the realm of gods. The powers to control and destroy anything I wish and you, you know, have reached the same realm as me as well, haven’t you?”

Quinn was taking in what Graham had said. His eyes wandered around the surroundings and remembered the battle he had witnessed before.

“Me and you, the same? So this is why you continued to attack and hurt humans and vampires? Because you were searching for something beyond what you currently were? You are doing all this just because you can become a god?

“You and I are completely different. I got stronger because I had to; I grew in power to protect those that I care about and change the way people mistreat the weak, and as for you, you are killing those underneath you just because they are weak!

“If you had just tried searching for the Demon tier beast or searching for a way to extend your life, I could understand that, but what you are doing right now…l. So, don’t give me that crap that it’s in your nature. Borden is one of you as well, and he is with us just fine!

“Now, knowing who you are, I believe just like the humans, there was someone controlling everything—controlling you from when you were created—putting in your mind that humans and the vampires abandoned you. It was instilled in your mind that you needed to be rid of these two races…maybe it was Jim, but he’s dead, Graham.

“When you took his place, you could have changed that, but did you?You didn’t even care for those that were part of your race. No, you chose to continue focusing on your own goal. You are an existence that needs to be wiped out no matter what.”

While Quinn was speaking, the clouds above began to turn dark red in colour, and then the strangest phenomenon started to ensue on the planet. It was raining, but not just any rain; it was raining red droplets of blood.

The clouds poured endless blood down on the entire surface of the planet.

“You can’t kill me anymore. You have only just reached my stage now; I am close to the next stage. I can tell that fighting you will only help me evolve into what I wish to become. So if you wish to do that, then so be it.” Graham said as he opened his mouth wide and howled straight towards Quinn.

Moving his wings, Quinn covered his body and blocked out the screech coming towards him; what looked like red-coloured energy flew off the wings. Quinn opened his wings up again and was completely fine.

“That is just the power of my shout!” Graham shouted, as if to show his strength.

“Graham, you are wrong about one thing… I am not trying to become a god…right now…I already am one.” Quinn replied as his eyes began to glow red, and suddenly the blood rain slowed down and paused on the spot – with droplets still in the air.


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