My Vampire System Chapter 1564

The vampire settlement had their own fleet of ships and different types. They often used them to explore the planets in their solar system and in case there were other needs. However, the spaceships were never meant to be used in a war.

The vampires never planned a full-scale evacuation because the settlement was their safe haven. If all of the vampires were to up and leave at once, then there wouldn’t even be enough space for all of them.

Thankfully though, there was enough room for them. The vampires might have found the ships cramped for them, but they realised that there was space for them, and that was because a lot of the vampires were dead. Those vampires had gone to the war and sacrificed themselves, while many died due to the infighting from before.

At the moment, the person in charge of the evacuation of the vampires was the Royal Knight Muka. Along with all the other ships, she wasn’t too far away from the planet and was still watching with everyone as they waited for the result on the screen.

“Why aren’t you helping our king?” Since becoming a Royal knight, Muka didn’t stay around her family for long, but now she was once again standing amongst them.

She took out a coin and spun it, waiting for it to settle, it landed on tails.

“You know, when we explain our families abilities to others, we often explain it as luck, but that’s just the simplest form of our ability. The truth is that it more equates to timing, which is why I have everyone in the family carry a totem with them.

“Something they can use to know whether luck in the fight is on their side or not. Our will doesn’t even activate our ability; rather, it has its own will. However, lately, I feel like our ability is closer to foresight than anything.” Muka began to explain. “Perhaps it helps determine our chances. I spun this coin a hundred times to land on heads and not once has it landed on tails. But this time, I have tossed it for the 101st time. This battle, if we join, we will die.”

Of course, the vampires weren’t the only ones watching the Livestream, and after seeing Graham transform and what he had done to everyone so far, there seemed to be anger amongst the viewers.

“What is Quinn doing? What are the vampire leaders doing! Some of them are just standing around there! Aren’t they supposed to be the strongest?!”

“That’s Oscar’s sword as well, but the attack from that Dalki’s claws still beat the power of the weapon.”

“That’s a demon tier weapon as well, so I don’t think we could be doing better.”

“I’m not saying that we can do better, but if these guys don’t get their act together, we’re going to lose. Quinn needs to join the fight as well. What is he doing?!”

“I agree; why the hell did he suddenly fall? He should have been prepared!”

Soon the comment section continued to blame a certain individual, the vampire king and leader of the Cursed faction, Quinn. They were blaming him for what looked a failure in defeating this one Dalki.

The Dalki who could easily wipe all of them out.

“Are you reading all of this?” Void said as the hate continued to pour in.

Of course, Bony was seeing everything. They always had a separate computer that would scroll through the comments to see what people were thinking and the general reaction of viewers.

“SHUT UP!” Bonny eventually shouted, which was also played in the live stream. “You hate Quinn, then you rely on him, and now you hate him because you relied on him. I understand you are not angry; you are just all reacting with anger right now.

“The reason why you guys are angry is that you’re scared…and right now, the only one you think that can actually help us is Quinn. If that’s that, then don’t take your anger out on him, but show support!”

“Screw you, we all know you were getting D from him. You think we didn’t know?”

“Oh yeah, she kissed him right and has always been right up his arse.”

“Saying we’re scared? We’re just saying that if we were in the same position as them, we had the same power as them, we wouldn’t have f*cked up this whole situation so badly. The most useless person in the world happened to get all this power and doesn’t know what to do with it.”

Despite what Bonny had just said, it seemed to backfire the whole situation. It was very easy to criticise when one wasn’t in the driver’s seat, and this situation couldn’t be a better proof of it.

“Just carry on filming everything, Void, make sure they see the faces of the ones that fought for this damned world. They don’t even care that people have died from them.” Bonny ordered.


After seeing what had happened to the others so far, no one exactly was charging in on their own towards Graham. Peter and Vincent seemed to be quite hurt, but others couldn’t help them because it was clear Graham was using the two as bait and would go after them next as his target.

No longer were they trying to stop Graham, but it felt like they didn’t want to be next. That was until Layla’s body was attached by the set of strings that Lee controlled.

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‘Wait, this might actually be able to work.’ Layla thought.

Layla’s swordsmanship skills weren’t the best, and the thirteenth family’s true ability came when puppeteering. When activating the sword, the voices distracted her somewhat, and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to use the sword’s full power for a long time.

‘But now with someone controlling me…I can let the powers of the sword take over!’ She thought.

The next second, the marking on the sword started to glow in and out. Layla began to scream as if she had gone mad on the spot.

“Don’t worry about me!” She somehow managed to shout through her teeth.

In doing so, Lee started to run forward while also being not too far behind her, controlling the set of strings. Graham, seeing someone had dared to come forward, did what he was doing so far and swung his arms out, creating a set of deadly air ripples using his claws that could seemingly cut through anything.

However, at the right time, in a smooth motion and control, Layla’s black sword moved in a complete circle and in doing so, it met the claw-strike head-on at each time. When it did, the claw ripples that would go travel the air, cutting through everything, slowly dissipated.

“I could tell there was something strange about that sword,” Graham said as he saw this. Honestly, even Lee was surprised by the result. It was far better than he was expecting, and it allowed them all to charge in.

With Layla close, Lee swung the blade in beautiful motions thrusting forward and back, but Graham dodged all the strikes.

Graham was large but fast in this form, but he had a strong intuition that if the sword touched him, even if on his claws, it would cause a problem.

Seeing this, others felt like maybe they should go in and help. Raten, Jin, all of them were trying to wait for the right opportunity, but as they all came in, annoyed Graham lifted his foot and slammed it on the ground, shaking the foundation of the ground itself as the area around them splintered, making Layla stumble on the ground for the next second.

Seeing this, Owen quickly bolted himself over to her position, hoping to protect her, knowing that she might be the best chance at beating Graham. However, Graham ran straight past her. He was never targeting Layla in the first place.

The next second, they all saw Graham’s hand go directly through the thirteenth family’s leader’s chest.

“You think I’m stupid like those other Dalki…it’s clear that he is the actual one that caused a problem, and I’m happy to take you down one by one!”

“NOO!” Silver screamed as it looked like she was about to run over, but quickly her body was wrapped around in strings, and she was yanked back.

“Sis, don’t kill yourself; trust me, I know how you feel!” Fex shouted as he pulled her to his side. “Trust me; I want to go over there right now! Believe me! I do…but…”

Fex stopped himself right there as his throat was choking up, but then something strange had begun to happen on the battlefield. The sky, the clouds above them, were turning red. The others, upon seeing this, wondered what was happening, but Fex knew.

“He…he’s ready now,” Fex said.


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