My Vampire System Chapter 1563

Two people, Nate and Owen, who were currently present on the battlefield, had seen this type of scene once before when the group was in a desperate situation, when they felt like they were on their last legs.

“Layla, get away from her!” Nate shouted.

An emotion of joy had come over Layla when seeing Erin, one that she hadn’t felt in a while since the last time she saw her long lost friend. She had completely forgotten about the details that Nate had told everyone.

‘No, she wouldn’t hurt me, right? She just stopped Graham’s attack.’ Layla thought.

Due to the sudden attack, Graham jumped back after seeing the strike on his hand turn it to ice. It was then, at that moment, hoping to stop him from following up with an attack, Erin threw her sword into the ground.

She triggered the third active skill the next second and constructed a giant ice wall between them. Usually the wall of ice was used to reflect attacks similar to how Nate’s shield did, but she was now using it more as a barrier.

After an instant, she turned to look towards Layla, making the latter’s body flinch because she could see Erin’s glowing eyes. They were fierce, and for some reason, these eyes terrified Layla. The fear enveloped her body, freezing on the spot.

‘No.. has she..has she really gone over to the other side?’

As fear took over Layla, she felt a strong urge to activate the sword, which was something she would feel only in dangerous situations, and right now, as she stared at Erin, the sense of danger kept on increasing.

The symbol on the sword began to glow, and the strange voices that would give her a different emotion, but one she was more used to, ran through her head, immediately she felt like she could move once again as she gripped the sword tightly in her hand.

“I am not the one…” Erin paused for a second as if she was taking a deep breath, “That you should be fighting.”

The ice barrier soon went down, and Graham was standing on the other side. The group somehow managed to reorganise themselves for a second but now would have to face the monster known as Graham once more.

At the moment, Vorden was getting healed from Katori. He was the only one who had sustained injuries that she could heal. Because Dillan had died from the single attack by getting sliced into pieces, Katori couldn’t heal her.

In the meantime, Sil stood at the end of the group because he was trying his best to recover his MC cells. Once he recovered, he could use his soul weapon to change the abilities he wanted as he wished. Switching between these abilities could also increase his MC cells, but they wouldn’t restore what he had used.

Since he had already selected some of the strongest abilities when going up against the dragon, his MC cells were already as high as they could be. Using his powers had drained him then, so it made no difference selecting new abilities.

Right now, all he could do was wait.

The first one to act was Erin, as she twisted the grip on her sword, making the blade turn a slight red. She swung down her sword, creating a tunnel of fire on the side of Graham. This blocked him from going after Katori and those around her.

Quickly twisting the sword again, it now changed once more, and Erin rushed forward, fearlessly, to face off her opponent. Layla was about to go on after her, but she noticed that Erin was incredibly fast; the second Erin kicked off the ground, she had almost reached Graham.

She wasn’t quite as fast as Quinn, but her speed was closest to his.

“Your sword…is annoying,” Graham frowned. He could still feel the frost on his arm. After all, what Erin was using wasn’t just a demon tier weapon; instead, it was a humanoid demon tier weapon.

Graham dug his hands into the ground, cutting through it like butter, and at that moment, he also charged forward. The next second with a large slash, five giant holes ran deep into the ground as a fissure appeared.

Each strike on the ground was large enough to cause one to fall through the hole. Jumping up, Erin tried her best to avoid falling into the hole, but that’s when she noticed that Graham had leapt up after her as well.

Pointing her sword towards Graham, she activated her first skill and an ice tunnel shot out from her sword. Swinging his arms and slashing through the air, Graham had sent out an attack. As soon as the ripples that were cut through the air had reached the ice tunnel, it broke through it completely, not even holding for a second.

The attack continued towards Erin, and it looked like it was about to hit her.

‘The ice tunnel lost out…just how strong is this Dalki.’ Erin thought. Her ice tunnel had only lost out to one person in the past, and that was Laxmus when he used the blood beam attack, and now for the second time, her tunnel had failed her.

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Erin lifted her sword, hoping to block the attack, but seeing this, Layla got worried that the former’s sword wouldn’t be enough to stop the attack.

However, Peter had chucked Nate up from the ground, and the latter held out the Demon tier shield in between Erin and Graham. The strike hit the shield and absorbed the energy. The two soon fell to the ground, and the shield was lighting up with power once again.

‘The shield…it worked. I was worried that Graham’s power would be too strong for it.’ Nate thought maybe the ice tunnel had weakened Graham’s attack’s power a little.

On the ground where Graham was about to land, both Vincent and Peter were right on the spot to hold him back, but the second the former landed, he charged forward across the field and reached out for the shield in Nate’s hands.

His large hands gripped the entire shield.

“This is annoying,” Graham said, as he used all the strength in his claw at the shield. The next second, the shield was being sliced from all five directions, and as it got destroyed, the blue glow on it began to fade away.

Eventually, Graham had managed to close his hands, and the demon tier shield that so far had been able to withstand every attack was crushed.

“Crap!” Nate managed to say, as he was looking to get out of there, Erin ran around Nate and with her sword was planning to attack, but before she could even swing her sword fast enough, Graham opened his mouth wide and bit off Nate’s head, separating it from the rest of the body.

With a fling of its arm, he knocked Erin away into the far off distance as the rest of Nate’s body fell to the floor.

“NOOOO!” Layla screamed at the top of her lungs, and many others felt their heart drop. Vincent and Peter had also caught up, and they grabbed the back of Graham’s head. Clenching their fists, they punched Graham as many times as they could, but he soon grabbed both of them from behind and slammed them into the ground, causing them both to spit out blood.

“Bring him back!” Layla shouted as she swung the sword again, but once more, Graham stepped back and moved far away, too fast for any of them to keep up.

But this time, he had someone in his hands, and it was Mona. She knew when Graham was aiming to grab her; she could see his movements from the countless battles she had, but…this battle was far above her abilities.

“Don’t worry about me…just kill this basta-” Mona managed to say before her head too was bitten off by Graham, and as he gulped down, with a trail of blood sliding from the corner of his mouth, he howled.

“Layla, listen to me…allow me to help you so we can take that thing down together!” Lee shouted as he threw needles into her back, and his hands now controlled her body. For some reason, Lee noticed that Graham avoided the sword even after his latest transformation. In simple words, the sword was the only way right now which had the highest possibility to hold him back.


“Another one!” Quinn grunted through the pain. “HE KILLED ANOTHER ONE!” Quinn’s face was boiling with anger as veins popped on his face. It was the first time that Sam had ever seen him like this, but Quinn’s evolution wasn’t complete yet, which meant quite possibly he was going to lose a few more of his friends, if not all.


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