My Vampire System Chapter 1562

Looking through the information in his head, Logan went through the data he had gathered from Richard Eno. When creating the Dalki, they used all sorts of DNA gathered from humans.

It was essential to use DNA human’s as the basis because they were trying to create a human blood substitute. After all, the vampires were unable to drink beast or vampire blood, which was why Logan found the fact that what Graham was turning into right now was incredibly strange.

Graham was growing in size, and the dragon-like features on his body were changing. Already nearing eight-foot-tall, he was now around ten feet. On his back, where his spikes would stick out from, a trail of fur had come out along till the tip of his tail.

His hands were becoming less like a dragon but still similar to a dangerous beast as his fingers imitated more human claw-like hands. His face had come out more forward like a type of snout on a dog or a wolf, and fur wasn’t just present on his back, but black fur also covered his forearms and more.

While the changes in his body were occuring a strange pulse of energy was being emptied outwards. It was so strong that the ground beneath was being cracked a bit more with each energy pulse.

It was a telling sign and perhaps unlike Quinn, it was a way to stop the others from attacking while his body was changing.

“This…this is what he was turning into last time! This is how he killed Helen.” Nate said, shaking with fear. The others wanted to move, thinking that maybe attacking while it was turning was the best idea, but it really didn’t seem like it would be the case.

If Graham was dangerous before, he was a complete monster right now. Far stronger than any demon tier beast or a Dalki they had faced before.

“What is going on right now?!” Jin shouted. “Leaders, I need an answer!” Jim shouted out to the others behind him.

Jin wasn’t the only one shaken up by this; all of their eyes widened as they stood frozen on the spot, stunned. Finally, Vincent spoke.

“I know what you’re thinking…but I have no clue why Dalki has the features of a Werewolf.”

Hearing the words from Vincent had made many of the vampires shiver hearing that word, but out of all the vampires that were currently present, many of them weren’t alive when the existence of Werewolves was known. They knew of Werewolves but hadn’t seen one before.

“Vincent, just how bad is this?” Sam asked.

“Everyone!” Vincent shouted in response to that question. “Some of you may have never faced a Werewolf before, but I’m sure you know, and if you don’t, I will state this as a reminder: If its claws or teeth scratch you, you will not be able to heal.

“Even with the use of blood! I don’t know if it will be the same for the Dalki in front of us, but everyone should treat it like so. Only the second leader, Katori, can heal you if you are hurt, so we must keep her alive at all costs.”

“Unable to heal? For some reason, I don’t think that’s going to be a f*cking problem when he can destroy a whole castle with a single punch!” Raten shouted back.

“Logan, Linda, Dennis, we will stay back and look after Quinn. We will move him and try to find out what’s wrong with him. Leave the fight up to the others!” Sam ordered.

“Samantha, you go with them as well!” Fex added.

She wanted to argue back but chose not to. Those whose names had been called felt a little bad because they knew why they were being told to stay back.

It was just another way of telling them that they were useless in the upcoming fight.

Picking Quinn up, they quickly moved him and headed towards the ruins of the settlement.

Around six of the vampire leaders now moved and formed an arrow formation and looked towards Graham. They didn’t need to know he was done with his transformation because his eyes told them all.

Now they were glowing yellow, and the next second he howled, shaking the whole world around them. Graham was a few hundred metres away, and yet his howl shook the hair on their heads and even ruffled their clothes. It was just too powerful.

“We can’t wait any longer; fight back!” Vincent ordered, and three groups of forces charged towards Graham.

Everything was still currently being broadcasted live, and the situation was so tense that Bonny had stopped reporting. The comment section was primarily silent as they watched this nail-biting moment.

They could see that the group was charging forward in three separate forces.

On the left side, there were the Blades, consisting of Raten, Sil, Vorden and Borden, who was now a five spiked Dalki. The second attack force consisted of the vampire forces consisting of Vincent, Jin, Katori, Jake, Lee, Dillan, Silver and Fex.

Finally, there was the mixed group of Layla, Peter, Nate, Owen and Mona. None of them really had a plan for how they were going to approach this.

The vampires were the most forward of the groups, and quickly just like before, Lee jumped to one side, throwing out his red string wrapping it around one of the arms. At the same time, Fex and Silver went to the other side, wrapping the string around the other arm.

With all their strength, they pulled, trying to stop Graham from attacking them. Then charging at the front was Dillan, who wore a cape and could harden any material he touched and change its shape and form.

“Idiots!” Graham snarled through his mouth.

He moved his hand aimlessly, but it was so fast the others couldn’t see what happened, but suddenly flying through the air were three arms. With a little pull, Graham had ripped them off the string still attached. It was almost as if there was no resistance at all, and now all of those in the thirteenth family were bleeding from their side.

The next second, Graham swiped his hand not even close to Dillan. Having a bad feeling, he lifted his cap to protect himself. Still, his ability and powers were useless as the force of attack through the wind encased his cape and cut through his whole body diagonally, which fell on the ground after getting cut into five different parts.

A vampire leader was killed just like that from a single swipe of Graham’s hand.

“Don’t falter!” Vincent shouted as he sped up ahead of everyone running in quicker than the others upon seeing that there was an opening after the attack, but he wasn’t alone; two more were by his side in the attack as well.

A lightning bolt, Vincent’s fist and Peter’s hands that were glowing proceeded to whack Graham right in the stomach, all at the same time using as much power as they could the strong force crashed into the same place.

Graham’s body didn’t even move with the three attacks, and the others were unsure if they had even scratched him.

“You…why do you look like that boy,” Graham said, smiling at Vincent. It looked like Graham was about to make another attack, but before he could, a mud-like substance had landed on his arm, freezing him for a moment. The group of attackers split in a moment as they fell back, and now Peter’s wights had come forward instead to make sure Graham couldn’t chase after them.

Still, the mud seemed to have done nothing, as Graham swung his arm, towards the Leg’s tail that was coming at him, and for the first time ever, Peter had seen something that was sharper than Slicers tail, because just like with the leader before, Graham sliced the tail into five parts and before anyone could react, he once again swung his other hand, and Legs was gone.

Raten and Vorden were frozen about what to do next, and so were the rest of the vampires. They didn’t have time to think, though, because now they only had time to react.

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“It’s my turn.” Graham smiled.

He rushed forward towards the headless Hilston and clawed at its body two times. His hands sliced right through the bodies, and just like Legs, there was no coming back from that. The claws had ripped through the armour as if it was nothing, and now everyone could tell no matter what, if those claws attacked them, nothing could save them.

Next, Graham leapt up in the air as the others couldn’t help but wonder about who he was aiming for.

“I won’t let you try anything either!” Graham said as he had grabbed onto Vorden, who was up above. He held onto his wings, and Graham’s weight made them both come crashing down to the ground, breaking the area beneath him as he fell.

The next second digging his nails into the hard Demon tier wings, Graham pulled and ripped them off from Vorden’s body, causing black blood to spill everywhere.

“Get off from my brother!” Borden shouted and rushed forward. The anger filled him, but before he could even get close to Graham, he lifted his foot up and kicked him away. Borden felt his chest crushing in on him, and his body sent flying back way off in the distance where no one could see him.

‘We…we..can’t win.’

These were the only words that came out of Nate’s mouth as he loosely held the shield.

“No! No!” Layal shouted. “We took out the dragon! He’s the only one left who we need to take out!”

Layla had transformed into her true Hannya form, and without hesitating any bit, she activated her sword as the symbol lit up.

Jin and the other vampire leaders were using all of their blood powers and abilities they could towards Graham, but none seemed to be able to get through his scales or hide. Still, it was a distraction nonetheless as Layla charged forward.

“You said you could cut through anything, so then cut through him and kill him!” Layla screamed as she swung her sword down. She soon heard the sound of nothing and felt her sword hit nothing but air.

“You’re sh*t with that sword!” Graham said as he easily dodged the sword attack and swung his hand down, ready to reach her face, until everyone heard a loud crash and something knocked his hand to the side. For a second, Graham’s hand started to freeze, and because of this, he leapt back, away from the danger.

Layla couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Erin…you’re finally back.”

However, Nate seeing the new arrival didn’t know if this was a good thing at all, remembering what had happened last time.


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