My Vampire System Chapter 1561

To reach the level beyond that of a vampire lord. This was a quest that Quinn had for a while now, and he always wondered what were the requirements to complete this quest. Was it increasing his levels, by increasing his blood aura or by gaining more Qi?

In a way, whenever he improved any of these things, it seemed like it would push him forward, but he felt as if he was missing something. However, not knowing what that something was, Quinn had no choice but to put it at the back of his mind.

When fighting against Graham, Quinn could feel this rise in power as the Nest Crystal synced with his body. Ever since absorbing the Blood crystal throne in the fourteenth castle, Quinn had more blood aura than his Qi.

There was an imbalance in power inside him. Mixing both of the powers and balancing was how Quinn could produce the strongest attack possible. However, since one power was more significant than the other, it was almost as if he would have to hold himself back.

He had three choices: Using an attack with just Qi or using an attack with just blood aura, or lessening the two to combine a strike that wouldn’t quite be at its full potential but would have the advantages of one or the other.

As the sync rate went up, Quinn could feel that his energy, the Qi in his body flowing through him, was reaching the same amount as the blood aura. What was even better was when absorbing the nest crystal and all the pain he had gone through, it had changed his body and somewhat almost upgraded it to the point where now he could handle more Qi in his body.

This was why he could now use the Demon tier gauntlet to absorb even more energy into himself. Obviously, if he got stronger as the sync rate went up, the best thing to do would be to wait for the sync rate to increase, so Quinn had a higher chance of winning this fight.

What he didn’t expect was to suddenly evolve in the middle of a fight. With each evolution Quinn went through, his body suffered extreme pain, and the process would take some time. In simple words, right now, he was vulnerable.

His body was changing whether he wanted to or not, and Quinn had fallen to one knee. There was quite a distance away from Graham as Quinn had used his Blue fang set to get as far away as possible.

‘Damn it…I really…I really can’t fight this.’ Quinn thought as the veins on his neck started to bulge, even being on one knee was painful. Lately, he had been through a lot of changes. Since he had absorbed the nest crystal, he thought it would be the end of his painful days, and he could handle anything.

‘How wrong I was about that..this thing hurts even more!’ Quinn thought, making a fist and eventually collapsing on the ground completely.

Graham, watching this, just didn’t understand what was happening at all.

‘Did my attacks actually get through, and he is only feeling the effects now? Or is this a trap?’ Graham thought. ‘No, this is something else.’

Not wanting to take any chances, Graham continued to charge ahead. It was time for him to end the fight.

‘Damn it; I can’t move…after waiting this whole time, after letting everyone down, is this really how I’m going to go?!’ Quinn thought.

“Quinn!” A lighting strike crashed right in front of Quinn, and the next second, a man in white robes had appeared. “You saved my life; it’s now our turn to save yours.”

‘Our?’ Quinn frowned and looked around, only to see that it wasn’t just Owen that arrived. The rest of the cursed faction leaders were here as well. And along with them were Mona, Samantha and the remaining vampire leaders.

‘No, what are you guys doing?’ Quinn couldn’t speak, so he could only speak in his head. ‘He..will kill you all, he’s too strong.’

“Quinn..we aren’t as weak as you think,” Owen said as if he could read his thoughts. “Genbu, I summon you.”

Lighting up from his hand, the familiar turtle appeared and immediately showed its back.

“That won’t be enough!” Sil stated as he placed his hands on the ground, and a slight shine was seen for a second before becoming completely invisible. Graham soon felt his body crashing into something, and it turned out that Sil had put up a barrier.

Still, Graham was strong enough to go through the barrier, but Sil’s powers slowed him down significantly. But when Graham reached Genbu, he clenched his fists and threw out a punch on the latter’s shell.

Purple sparks started to flicker, but the shell was beginning to crack. While still for a moment, though, three sets of red blood strings began to coil around Graham from behind. Standing there was the thirteenth family vampire leader, Lee, with Silver and Fex, who were doing their best to pull Graham’s arm and force him back.

Still, even with this, the shell soon was cracking and completely shattered, making Genbu disappear back to the familiar world. It would take time before he could be summoned again for help.

As Genbu disappeared, Graham punched again, expecting to hit Owen, but there was Nate with his demon tier shield, to his surprise.

The momentum of the punch was already moving forward, so Graham was unable to pull back, and his fist landed right in the middle of the shield.

Nate felt like he could feel a slight jolt hitting his body, even though he had the shield. This was something he had never felt before, but thankfully everyone’s efforts in slowing Graham down so far had worked, and of course, it was Sil who had come up with this plan.

The demon tier shield lit up, and everyone got out of the way as they imagined the big explosion would go off around the shield. And that was what exactly happened as a blue energy, larger than any other, shot off from the shield and there were those that stood behind Nate for support so he could hold the shield properly, the Blade family, Linda and Smantha in their transformed state.

The explosions being delivered from the shield were larger than a mountain. One couldn’t see the other side opposite the settlement because it was covered in blue energy. All the flowers on the ground were destroyed, crumbled and turned into nothing as eventually, the blue light lit up.

The group holding onto the shield were being pushed back even more but then…

When it disappeared, they looked in front of them and could see nothing. Graham wasn’t in front of them at all.

The others were suspicious; Layla had her sword out, Dennis and the others drew their weapons and had their abilities active as well. Peter, with his lesser wights, and Borden, with his claws, were ready to charge in…they just couldn’t believe it was that easy to kill Graham.

However, the demon tier shield was meant to produce twice the attack power of its opponent back at them. If there was any item that was perfect for who they were going up against, it was this one.

“Is it over?” Vorden asked.

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“I can’t see,” Sil said, rubbing his eyes, looking tired. “I already used up too much of my powers when going up against the dragon… I’ve run out of MC cells.”

“He’s not dead… he’s definitely not dead,” Raten said.

Moments later, they saw a Dalki in the distance. He no longer had any clothes on his body because they were burned away by the explosion. He slowly walked over to the others, and now they could tell he was hurt.

His body was wounded, and green blood oozed from certain parts of his body. Which wasn’t a good sign with a Dalki.

“I never thought…after becoming a seven spike I would get hurt by you people, but luckily, I always take precautions.

“There was a reason why I was a little late,” Graham said as he looked up at the sky. “There is something I can do only once a month, and this was the perfect moment. I could kill you all slowly but why bother with that.”

Hearing these words, Nate and Sil remembered.

It was then that Graham’s muscles started to bulge, and fur began to appear through his body out from on top of his scales, his face was enlarging into a type of a snout and his nostrils were growing bigger as well.

“ happening to him?” Layla asked.

“Graham is transforming.” Logan replied remembering the files.


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