My Vampire System Chapter 1559 – I choose…

Everything that Graham had said was heard loud and clear by the audience watching the Livestream, and now they knew that it was up to Quinn to decide the fate of the two people in Graham’s grasp.

“He has to choose the human. I mean, she is only a child, right? That vampire is clearly an old woman.”

“Do you really think he would? He’s the king of the vampires, and if I remember correctly, that woman is one of their leaders. She’s an important figure, but that girl…she’s nobody. I hate to say it, but I think he might be better off picking the vampire.”

“He could try to save them both, maybe this is too hard of a decision for him, and who knows, Graham might kill them both anyway.”

“If he picks the vampire, then that means that when this whole crap is over, Quinn will always be on the vampire’s side, not the humans. I don’t care if that girl is a nobody; she’s still a child.”

“How many children have already died in this war? How many children have died in the past already? Do you think one more death really matters? The vampire protected us, she led the attack against the Dalki in the war, and now that little brat is just being used as a hostage, that kid is a waste of space.”

Reading all the comments coming in, Bonny couldn’t quite believe it. Just moments ago, while Quinn was fighting, they were all united. United and cheering Quinn on, but now Graham had caused a stir between everyone with just a few words.

“He’s not just thinking about now; Graham’s thinking about the future as well. He doesn’t believe this will be the last fight and is still trying to pit us against each other.” Bonny said.

Although Quinn had no clue what the world’s reaction was at the moment, he had an idea since he knew it was all being filmed, and being put in this position, it was his job to make it clear to everyone and what action to take next.

“For me, the answer is simple,” Quinn said out loud. “The vampires are protectors of Humans. We have lived in the shadows, minding our own business, and now that humans need us, we have decided to come forward.

“I’m sure that one of our family leaders will understand because I know she would have fought with her life on the line to save the child in the first place. So I choose to save the young girl.” Quinn said, pointing.

Hearing this, a loud sob came from back in the settlement. Ruby was kneeling over in tears, thankful that her daughter was safe and sound, and those online were quite surprised by Quinn’s decision. Most had never expected him to say this, and they were wondering if his words were true.

Were vampires human protectors and not this enemy they were made out to be?

“I see; well, that’s your choice then,” Graham said as he dropped Minny to the ground.

But in that second, Quinn raised his hand.

[Shadow lock]

Minny disappeared into the shadow, and just before Graham could squeeze Sunny’s head.

Sunny also disappeared from Graham’s grasp and appeared right by Quinn’s side.

[Shadow lock]

Using the shadow lock again, Quinn also placed her in the shadow.

“I won’t play your little game, Graham!” Quinn shouted. “I got stronger and stronger every day, just so I would never have to see any of them die again, so I chose neither!”

Quinn blasted off from his feet as he kicked the grounds beneath him. He readied his fist, creating a large drill of blood, and it continually swelled around his fist. At the same time, he mixed it with his Qi, creating a balance of blood and aura.

Seeing this for the first time, even for Quinn, something strange happened; the red blood drill had swirls of yellow energy mixing in and around it. Syncing up with the system and also taking the energy from the five spiked Dalki’s had given him a boost in power.

“I see, so you seem to have chosen the third option,” Graham said. “None of you will survive.”

Graham looked at his fist for a second and stood there as Quinn came towards him. Then, Graham threw his own fist right towards Quinn at the right time.

When the two fist’s collided, the blood drill energy had almost disappeared, and before Quinn knew it, Graham’s fist slammed him with a powerful force, and his body went flying through the air. Blood dripped from his mouth, and his arm was mangled.

“Everyone move!” Sil shouted.

The vampires ran to the two sides of the settlements as the punch continued going forward. The energy slammed right through One Horn’s body as if there was no resistance at all, and eventually, it had hit the King’s Castle.

When it did, everyone heard a large bang, and the rumbling of the whole settlement continued as they witnessed the king’s castle fall just like that in front of their eyes, and all of it happened from just a single punch of Graham.

“Everyone, take the ships and fly out of here. The ground isn’t safe; the settlement isn’t safe anymore!” Sam ordered.

After seeing what happened, some of the vampires agreed, while a few were hesitant.

“This is an order. Allow our king to fight on this planet without any worry.” Jin shouted to them.

The vampire leaders and the Cursed leaders were going to stay on the ground. They were strong enough to avoid whatever strikes were to come this way, but they were worried that perhaps with the fight that was about to go on, the vampire’s settlement wouldn’t survive, no maybe the whole planet.

[Blood bank activated]

Quinn’s arm began to heal, and now he knew from Graham’s single punch that this wasn’t a fight he could take the risk of holding back.

‘The five spiked Dalki were so easy to deal with, and even the six spikes weren’t this strong…could it be.’

While in the air and looking down, he could see that on Graham’s back, there were, without a doubt, seven spikes.

“Do you see the number on his back…its seven spikes, a seven Spiked Dalki!”

“Quinn’s body went flying from a single hit…is he even still alive?”

“Even if he is still alive, how can he win? How can he go up against that?”

Sam and the others on the ground had a similar feeling because they never imagined that Graham would have gotten this strong. Even Nate felt like he wouldn’t survive if he blocked that attack with his shield in Quinn’s place.

“Hahaha, I would like to thank you for giving me such a great feast by sending that woman from before. Thanks to you, I was able to get even stronger than before. Hopefully, I will grow even more once I eat you and everyone else. What’s the limit of the Dalki body evolution…is it endless?” Graham wondered aloud with a big smile on his face.

Jumping from his position, Graham had destroyed the ground beneath and went to throw another fist towards Quinn.

“I’m sorry…for thinking I could beat you with just my bȧrė hands!” Quinn shouted.

[Shadow Overload activated]

A pair of shadow wings had formed on Quinn’s back, and using them, he dashed forward towards Graham.

At the same time, Arthur’s sword appeared in Quinn’s hand. With the armour, it started to light up. Just as the two of them were about to collide, a shadow appeared right in front of Quinn and passing through it; he appeared directly behind Graham.

He then swung the sword, hitting Graham at the top of his head, causing mass explosions as the force sent the latter down, but Quinn wasn’t going to stop there, as he flew with the sword aiming to pierce it right through Graham.

Just as he was about to reach the ground, though, Graham punched the sword on its side, knocking it out from Quinn’s hand and skidding it across the ground. With his other hand, Graham then whacked Quinn on the shoulder and knocked him to the side as well. Graham;s punch was far quicker than the shadow.

Quinn’s body went skidding across the ground side but not too far away as he quickly regained his composure. The shadow body is like having the shadow armour covering him at all times, but Quinn could still feel pain.

Something was up. Similar to Qi, Graham’s hits could get through the shadow, causing him some pain, but it still had blocked most of its attack.

[70 percent of Nest Crystal has been synced.]

‘With punches as strong as his, I have no clue how long this Shadow Overload skill will last, and I know this sounds crazy…but I think he’s faster and stronger than me.’ Quinn realised after having received two of Graham’s punches.

To win this battle, he would have to rely on his skills and special powers.

[Twin tail chain]


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