My Vampire System Chapter 1558 – Humans or Vampires?

The Dalki ship was quite away from the vampire settlement walls, and there was a large terrain of meadows and flower fields that were mostly destroyed due to the fighting happening in between. Despite this great distance, Quinn could still shoot a cannon of blood aura to a great length, far enough in the distance to destroy the large mothership.

All the others were celebrating just seconds ago until Quinn shouted at them, reminding them the war wasn’t over yet. They saw Quinn walk towards the wreckage of the mothership, getting further away from the settlement.

They couldn’t understand why he was heading forward because all they could see was black smoke enveloping the whole site.

But then, Bonny and Void’s drones followed Quinn and continued to film everything, and that’s when they saw him – the figure that was behind the smoke.

He leapt through from the other side, quickly going through the smoke. As he did, the force from the jump pushed and cleared away the smoke; even the fire was put out simply from the impact of this jump, and finally, upon landing, it crushed the ground beneath its feet.

Now they could all clearly see. A Dalki wearing human clothing and currently wore a white shirt and simple black trousers. It certainly looked strange and out of place—something unseen by the others, but those from the Daisy faction who were watching, those that had been in the countless meetings that Sam would have, knew who this was. This was Graham, the most dangerous Dalki in existence. His description was detailed to them several times in the meetings before, and now, he was standing in front of them.

“He finally appeared, and only a little after Quinn,” Sam said. “The last great threat from the Dalki. He arrived even later than Quinn; I bet he’s surprised at how far we were able to come while he was away…”

“Well, that’s good then. Quinn can kick his arse…but I’m a bit worried about something else.” Fex frowned.

They all were worried about something else. They soon saw him and Quinn facing each other on the live stream. In Graham’s hands right now were two bodies.

Being held by the head, covered in blood, in his left hand was Sunny, the fifth leader. The vampires gasped as they noticed who it was. Sunny was one of the leaders, loved by both political sides – for and against the vampires ruling or protecting the humans.

She had that effect on people, and to see her in this state like so…was devastating for them. However, since Quinn stood very close, he could tell that Sunny was still alive albeit her energy was weak.

Yet this wasn’t the only problem because, on Graham’s other hand, he clutched a small girl that looked to be perhaps only around six years old.

“Minny!” Ruby shouted at the top of her lungs. Turning his head, Sam moved and immediately grabbed her hand before she could run out any further. Ruby had come along with Sam in his journey so far, trying to find out where her daughter was, trying to find an answer, and now, they have finally found her daughter.

“That’s your daughter.. isn’t she? The one that Arthur was trying to protect. She was with Graham all along, but why?” Sam frowned.

“Let me go…I have to save her! Let me go!” Ruby continued to struggle and scream, but Sam’s strength far outmatched hers as a vampire.

“Please..I can’t imagine what you are going through right now, but the best person that has a chance of saving her right now is already out there. You have to leave it up to Quinn.” Sam tried to calm her down.

Sam’s words were true – if anyone could save her, it would be Quinn, but the question was could he save her. At that moment, Graham held Minny by her head. Though she wasn’t covered in wounds like Sunny was, she wouldn’t be able to free herself even if she struggled or did much.

And, with her head in Graham’s grasp, he could crush it at any moment.

‘Since he’s holding onto both of them, I can’t use the shadow lock unless I take all of them into the shadow; but with Graham being who he is, is there any need for him to use hostages? What’s his goal?’ Quinn wondered.

“Graham? That’s your name, right!” Quinn shouted out. “We have defeated the Dalki. Other than a few strays, you are the only one left. You have lost this war; there is no need for you to use them as a hostage.”

Graham started to laugh at Quinn’s response.

“Ah Quinn, the Vampire King and leader of the Cursed faction,” Graham replied. “You know, in all of the data that Jim showed us, your name never came up in the list of those who had the even the slightest chance of disrupting his or my plans, but now Jim is dead, and as for me, well as you say I’m the only one here, but that doesn’t matter.

“If I defeat you and get the demon tier beast, I can always create more of my kind. You are the problem; you are the anomaly in our plans, if I get rid of you, then all is well, and everything can continue the way it was meant to be.” Graham replied.

“Then just fight me, as you said, no one else can match up to you, right? I’m the problem, then just fight me and let those go. Whether they live or die doesn’t matter, the only fight that matters is between you and me.” Quinn said, hoping to convince Graham somehow. Seeing that he was wearing human clothing, Quinn ȧssumed that this Dalki was a bit more human than the others.

However, after hearing Quinn’s words, just a smile appeared on his face.

“You’re right, but you see, I brought these two because I thought I could make things a little more interesting,” Graham explained. “I know your story; a human turned vampire. Someone who rose to the top to get a high position with the humans and eventually became king of the vampires as well.

“The odds of that happening are quite impossible. You have achieved a great feat, and because of this, you were perhaps the only person who could convince the humans and vampires to join together. You know, I even watched a lot of your broadcasts.”

Graham said, looking at the hovering drones. He knew they were there but chose to ignore them, so the Livestream could pick up everything the two of them were saying.

“Every time you would appear, when you made the announcement to the whole world about the vampires, there was always the question, are the vampires really on human’s side? Better yet, they would always ask if Quinn was on the human’s side.

“This is without them even knowing the truth, and I wonder how many of you out there know the truth? I’ve heard the broadcast describe us as aliens, but that’s not right at all. The Vampires created us! That’s right, the reason why we exist in the first place is that vampires were the ones that made us.

“The vampires aren’t helping the humans out of kindness. No, they were the ones who screwed up in the first place, and now, the humans, who are in the middle of it all, are suffering the most as the collateral damage.”

Since the drones were broadcasting everything, Bonny wondered if she should cut the Livestream right now. She knew how this would make others feel, but the truth was necessary, and the people needed to know what had happened.

“Don’t try to turn us against each other,” Quinn shouted. “You knew about vampires, you knew where they were, yet you decided to attack humans anyway, and I saw what you did to Helen? Did you do that just because vampires created you? What did she do to deserve a cruel death like that, so stop your bullshit right now, and let’s finish this.”

Once again, Graham started to laugh.

“Oh, don’t worry, we will, but I’m more interested in you, Quinn. You, who always stands on both sides, I want to know whose side you are on, so choose.” Graham lifted Sunny, and then Minny after. “You can only save one of them, and the other will be let free. Are you on the humans’ side or with the vampires? Choose.”


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