My Vampire System Chapter 1557 – The War Over?

There was a brief pause by Quinn after taking out Slicer. Once again, he looked at his hands; everything felt strange to him as he got stronger by the second. On top of that, even after absorbing Slicer, his body felt even more…powerful.

‘That nest crystal…it changed my body.’ Quinn thought. ‘No, it’s still changing my body.’

[System is currently syncing 34 percent]

As the percentage went up, Quinn’s whole body was reacting to it; not only that, but he could see his natural base stats were improving along with it as well. Checking the notifications after absorbing the nest Crystal, Quinn noticed there wasn’t much.

In fact, it would have seemed like a disappointment, but now he understood, the process wasn’t complete yet. There was still more to come.

‘I wonder what my body will be able to do at a hundred percent?’

The cameras were able to catch glimpses of what had occurred, but mostly all they could see was that Quinn had defeated several Dalki. Especially the large one who had destroyed the large wall but was killed by just one punch from Quinn.

They all had seen the five spikes on its back, and they all also saw the fight with Slicer, another five spiked Dalki, who too wasn’t a challenge in front of Quinn’s newfound strength.

“That’s the cursed faction leader, right? I mean, I only saw him for a second, but he was using shadow and blood powers, so that has to be him.”

“I’m not going to lie, I have never been a fan of Quinn, but right now…it might be the only thing we have.”

“Was he always this strong, though? I heard the big four and leaders struggled to take on a five spike. How did he make them look so easy….is that why he was out of the fight for so long?”

“Maybe he entered one of those hyperbolic time chambers?”

“Those things aren’t real, man, but whatever the case, I just hope Quinn can get rid of all the Dalki.”

For the first time between viewers with the arrival of Quinn, their views weren’t split. Right now, with the whole world’s fate was in his hands, they were just happy that he was on his side. The world had already lost too much.

Even those that were alive were primarily young teens, yet to even join the military academy. They all knew those in the war, and they weren’t stupid. They knew many of their loved ones, and even their parents had already died, which is why all of them wanted the same thing:

“Kill them all, Quinn! Kill them all!”

Watching his fellow five Spike die so quickly, the new Green Horn stepped back a bit, and it was the same for the other surviving Dalki.

“How, how can this be possible? We are five spikes, the strongest the world has to offer. Who is this person?!” Green Horn shouted. Of course, being relatively a newborn, he knew very little about the enemy in front of him.

Banging his fists together, the energy on his hands started to glow brighter than before. He was ready to constantly fire off all the power he could as if his life depended on it. He looked at Quinn in front of him, but suddenly, everyone heard a bang, in the next second, a hand appeared in front of Green Horn’s face, clenching its head.

“Where is he?!” Quinn shouted, lifting his body in the air with one hand and then smashing it on the ground.

The others tried to get close, but the shadow on the ground rippled outward like a wave. It didn’t quite hurt them when it hit the others, but they could feel the energy coming out of the shadow itself.

It felt just as strong as Quinn, and this was because, with all the extra power he had, he was also able to spread it through his shadow as well. Before, using so much Qi that he had in the body this way would have been damaging to him, but his body had changed, and the nest crystal with his demon tier weapon was giving him more strength.

The glow around the Dalki’s hands started to fade as Quinn’s fingers pierced the head of the Dalki, the pressure cracked the skull, and blood was dripping down around the edges.

“Who are you talking about?!” The Dalki screamed as if it was begging for its life. Something that many hadn’t witnessed before.

“I’m talking about Graham!” Quinn shouted again.

The ripples in the shadow continued, and all of the Dalki looked like they were jumping towards Quinn.

[Nitro acceleration has ended]

Seeing this message, Quinn changed to the king’s blood armour at that moment.

“Then all of you are useless to me.” Quinn’s armour set began to light up, and the armour drained the blood from the Dalki.

The next second, the incoming Dalki reached Quinn, and a large red aura explosion went off. It exploded from where Quinn was at and went towards all of the others around him, hitting them all one by one.

“That’s..the king’s armour, but I’ve never seen it create that big of an explosion before,” Jin commented.

“Is it because of his blood aura?” Jake wondered. “Is it that strong, or maybe the Dalki blood that was infused with the armour?”

When the red aura began to fade, Quinn had switched his armour set one more time. This time, he was now wearing Arthur’s blood armour on his body. The Dalki, who were closest to him, had already perished in the previous explosion. As for the one that Quinn was holding, its body looked almost burnt, with some of his limbs becoming ash.

Looking around him at the injured Dalkis, he stomped his foot, and from the black ground, arms began to arise. They picked all the Dalki and hung them in the air.

“It’s strong enough to pick up a Dalki?” Vorden was shocked. He remembered when Quinn had first discovered the shadow, and now the two of them could see what it could do. Although Quinn could use the hands this way, they were always so weak that Quinn never tried to do such things.

However, the shadow was being powered with Quinn’s second stage Qi energy, giving it a more solid form. The scene was a little horrid. The dark shadow hands lifted the Dalki’s bodies, and the whole scene looked similar to a field of trees in a black pool of water.

The next second, seeing them all, Quinn started to raise the green blood from his fallen enemies and began to shape the blood. He made countless swords from them, similar to how a certain old man had used the blood powers before.

“I can tell from the system…many of my leaders…they’ve died. They fought to the end, and it was all because I asked them to.” Quinn swung his hand down, saying these words, and the swords went right through the Dalkis’ neck, finishing off the rest of the remaining enemies.

The shadow on the ground started to return towards Quinn, absorbed through his feet as the ground slowly became visible. Looking towards the ship, Quinn gathered his hands, his armour activated, and blood started to form.

He condensed the blood into a ball of energy, and eventually, throwing his hands out, Quinn had produced something similar to the blood cannon. Only the strike was far more extensive and stronger. As it hit the ship, the ship exploded into pieces. This mothership was definitely no longer operational, and the same could be said for whatever was inside it as well.

“Did…did we just win this war?” Bonny said with excitement.

The group walked out of the broken wall in silence, the vampires looked throughout the battlefield but stayed away from the battlefield, and they saw their king just stand alone.

[62 percent of syncing is complete]

The vampires began to cheer behind him in joy, and this reaction was spread through to the viewers who were watching as well. Many people were even hugging each other out of happiness.

“NO!” Quinn suddenly shouted aloud, empowering his voice with Qi so the others could hear. “It’s not over!”

Off in the distance on a hill, near the wreckage of the mothership, Quinn saw a Dalki in clothes, stare at everything in front of him.

Graham was here.


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