My Vampire System Chapter 1556 – Syncing

The two ships had left from the swampy planet, and onboard one of them was Quinn and the original crew that had come with him. Jesk the gorilla-like beast, was also moving along with them but chose to stay on the far end of the ship.

The others guessed that it was due to whatever Quinn was doing because even now, he was still going through the steps. Ronsten, who had been keeping an eye on him, knew that Quinn was most likely in the final stages. The energy previously surrounding Quinn was no longer present, but instead, Quinn himself was the one that was bursting with energy.

“We just went through the space station and are now heading towards the vampire settlement, and he’s still like that? We can’t join the fight if he remains in this state.” Viscount Norvic said.

The Earl agreed. In the worst case, they would have to hover around the planet until Quinn was done because they had no clue what he was doing right now or whether any interruption would disturb him.

Because of this, the group agreed to wait patiently while the fifth family continued going forward. They had reached the outside of the planet, and Quinn still wasn’t done with whatever it was that he was doing.

Eventually, all the vampires started to watch the broadcast shown in the settlement. It fueled their bodies with anger, and they were wondering what to do.

“We have to go help!” Norvic shouted once he saw the large three appear.

Earl tightened his fist and struggled to decide what to do, but when he turned around, he suddenly noticed that Quinn had stood up and was looking at his own arms as if they were foreign to him.

[100 per cent of the Crystal has been absorbed]

[System is In the process of being upgraded]


There were multiple messages in front of Quinn, but before he checked them all out, he wanted to know if Ray was back.

‘Ray…are you there?’ Quinn asked.

There was silence; it was a long shot, but he was hoping since Ray was in the system, with all the power he had absorbed, maybe it had brought a small part of the latter back.

‘I am…but don’t focus on me…look at the screen, you idiot. Your people, they need you right now.’ Ray replied.

Looking at the screen that was in the room with them, Quinn could see exactly what was going on.

“Please update me on the situation,” Quinn asked.

He didn’t have time to check the system’s messages as Ronsten began to relay all the information about what had transpired in the war; at the same time, Norvick was already moving the ship towards the vampire settlement as fast as possible.

First, Quinn needed to know which planet needed the most help where he should use his shadow travel. Only to find out that all of the fights had ended. He had no clue how much time had passed while he was away, and Quinn couldn’t imagine the chaos.

Then, seeing the ship approaching the settlement, before saying anything else, he used his shadow travel to sink through the walls and leapt down to where the others were. Before touching the ground, Quinn allowed for his shadow to hit the floor first, making his landing soft at the same time no one had seen him arrive.

Quinn walked behind as he looked at the trouble in front of him and could see the others ahead, he could feel how tired and exhausted they were and on top of that hear Fex’s words. Finally, the shelter wall crumbled.


“I’m sorry…I’m sorry I took so long. You can all rest.”

Turning around, they saw Quinn in his blue fang armour set; the others didn’t even know when he got there, but still, with what was in front of them, with what they had to face, they weren’t even sure if Quinn could help them out of this one.

They wanted to cheer, ask Quinn what was happening, but each of them needed to focus on the fight in front of them.

Two cameras were currently filming, one aimed at Quinn and the other aimed at the new One Horn, who had just finished crushing the wall.

[Nitro acceleration activated.]

The next second, everyone saw Quinn disappear all of a sudden, and before anyone could react, he was directly in front of One Horn, throwing a fist out right towards the latter’s head.

“No one is going to take over this settlement ever again!” Quinn screamed.

The fist soon turned into a large blood drill mixed with Qi energy. The speed that Quinn had moved at made him look like he had teleported from one area to the next. Before One Horn could even react, the blood drill exploded through his head, leaving a large gaping hole.

The five spiked Dalki’s hard scales were useless, and its body slowly started to fall down. When it eventually hit the ground though, it was different to before. The whole area was covered in a black substance, that was because Quinn had already made his move out onto the field, utilising his shadow powers.

‘Not a single one of you will escape.’

The other ships had landed with the rest, with Samantha and Owen coming out as they needed help but the first thing they witnessed was Quinn’s show of strength.

“Did he just…kill One Horn…the thing we struggled to take out that whole time… in just one punch? but how?” Fex expressed his amazement.

The whole group rushed out to the hole in the wall to see what was happening outside. What they didn’t know was Quinn had upgraded his armour set to the Demi-god level, making him faster than he was ever before. That, and with an upgraded gauntlet as well as the nest Crystal – all these things counted together, Quinn had improved a lot since the last time others had seen him. Still, they didn’t realise that it was just the tip of his strength at the moment.

When heading out, they witnessed Quinn dealing with the Dalki, as if the latter were moving in slow motion, and Quinn was going to each one of them and punching under their chin, blasting their heads off.

Running forward, he threw a powerful kick, which sent one of the dalki flying back crashing into the others. A loud bang was heard as he threw out the kick and the air broke around him. Then, he would move on to the next Dalki closest to him. Each time Quinn moved from one Dalki to the next, a bang was heard as if Quinn was breaking the speed barrier moving to each one.

These weren’t just regular Dalki; they were all three and four spiked Dalki that Quinn was dealing with, without even getting a scratch on him.

However, the real threats eventually started to get involved as Slicer began heading his way. She lept in the air spinning with her tail.

‘I remember…when it felt like I could do nothing against you.’ Quinn thought while a shadow rose from his hand, and he unleashed Arthur’s sword. Running forward, he sliced right through Slicer’s tail, chopping it off and making it fall on the ground underneath.

At the same time, Green Horn had fired two energy blasts towards him, but quickly spinning around, Quinn swung his sword, and a large explosion went off, destroying the energy blasts there and then.

Once again, Quinn charged in towards Slicer, who had regrown her tail, but Quinn slashed it off again before constantly hitting her across her body. Light scratches appeared all over, but they eventually got deeper and deeper.

While fighting Slicer, more of the strange energy blasts came his way, and quickly, Quinn had kicked Slicer in the head, not able to knock it off but smashing her bottom teeth, before turning around and casting his shadow and absorbing the energy blasts.

The energy blasts then rose through the ground, hitting other Dalki and killing them on the spot. When spinning back, he soon grabbed Slicer’s head and held it there in place.

Her body was bloody from the wounds blood dripping from her mouth, it was clear that she didn’t stand a chance, and Quinn was almost toying with her. The Dalki did become stronger after getting injured, but there is a limit to it, and it was the same Slicer because now, she had lost too much blood to make a swift recovery or a comeback.

“There’s a reason why I kept you alive,” Quinn said as he activated his new Demon tier weapon and started to use the energy drain active skill on Slicer—taking her energy and adding it to his.

“Is it just me…or is Quinn getting faster,” Sil mentioned.

Now only a few Dalki remained – Green Horn, the humanoid Dalki and around twenty odd survivors.

[System is currently syncing – 22 per cent]

The others noticed that Quinn had gotten stronger and improved after absorbing the nest crystal energy into himself, and they were right. Now, it looked like it was syncing with his body, enhancing his strength with every passing moment.


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