My Vampire System Chapter 1555 – Fight for the World

Looking through the information that Logan had sent to Sam, the tactician was aware that those weren’t exactly One Horn, Slicer and Green Horn. These three leaders had already died, and there should be no way to clone them.

And indeed, Graham had done something else. Through countless testing he had attempted to find the DNA that had been used to create them. The unique DNA structure that had been infused with the Demon tier beast to create the strongest Dalki in existence.

There was a problem though, even after mixing two different sets of DNA, he had been unable to create an exact replica. It was similar to two parents having a child. Although the parents didn’t change, a new child would never be quite the same as any previous ones, or subsequent ones.

Still, it wasn’t as if his ‘failures’ had been useless. Many of the three and four spikes of the New Gen Dalki had been created thanks to Graham’s dėsɨrė to recreate ones that could match up in power to him.

This process killed two birds with one stone. Graham could create countless Dalki to fight against, hoping to improve himself, while trying to find those that would be as close to a match as possible.

Eventually he had succeeded… at least somewhat. Even New Gen Slicer and New Gen One Horn hadn’t been born as five spikes. Improvements had been made on Graham’s special healing device. One of them would break down the body, attacking it constantly while monitoring the Dalki.

Once it was on the brink of death, the container would start healing them again. This process repeated over and over. It didn’t work so well on Graham, he knew he needed something else to evolve, but for the others it had worked perfectly.

Now, Dalki were walking out on the field that resembled One Horn, Slicer and Green Horn, and all three of them shared the traits of their originals.

“Leaders, we need to take out those three as quickly as we can, do you understand?!” Vincent shouted to all those on the ground. “Don’t hold anything back. Treat them as monsters on the level of Laxmus!”

They all roared back in response. The next second, the Dalki army charged back in, the Humanoid Dalki from before still taking the lead. The three five spike leaders though were walking over carelessly, and just seeing this was putting so much pressure on Sam.

‘Think… think.’ Sam thought as he looked around him. The vampires were in the settlement, worrying, watching the broadcast that Bonny was currently showing. The walls were too high for them to see anything that was happening on the other side.

The vampires could join the fight, but would it really help them all that much? In the end, the only thing Sam could do was send an update to everyone on the situation, including to those still on the Dalki planet, as well as to Quinn.

“Everyone!” Sam shouted behind him. “This is a fight for our lives. If we win here, the war is OVER!!!”

Leaping off the wall, Sam also joined the fight.

Just like before, once the Dalki got within range, the towers started to activate and the Gargoyles joined in the fight as well. Seeing all of this, Vincent went to run past the carnage that was taking place to deal with the three behind him.

That was until the Humanoid Dalki jumped in his way. The two of them threw their fists and clashed in the centre. Vincent’s strength had won out of course, pushing the Dalki back, but they were clearly annoying.

“Damn it, get out of my way!” Vincent shouted, activating his blood powers, but more Dalki were upon him as well. He was wondering what happened and where the other vampires were.

What the tenth leader was unaware of, since he and Sam had just arrived, was that the vampires were exhausted. The same was true for the leaders as well who had little use of their abilities left. They could no longer use their inner blood weapons because they had already fought before.

‘After I take on this Humanoid Dalki. I’ll just have to kill the other three myself.’ Vincent told himself, even though he felt like it was impossible. He still had no powers, only blood aura, no Demon tier weapon either. Taking on a single one of the New Gen Dalki leaders, he might be able to fight them to a standstill… but he wasn’t sure he could win… never mind three.

It was then that New Gen Green Horn’s fists started to glow. They glowed with some strange energy. Watching the tower fire off, it blasted into the field of fighting. Seeing this, Green Horn threw his own fist of energy. It went right for the tower and the second it had hit the top, it exploded, crumbling it to pieces, causing it to fall.

The video footage being filmed showed the destructive power of the New Gen five spike leaders. In the middle of the battlefield itself, the Gargoyles were putting up quite the good fight, that was until New Gen Slicer swung her tail, bisecting their bodies.

They were a simple thing to cut, and eventually the crystal itself had been destroyed as well. The defences that had been built up by their King started to go down one by one. The extra defences that made them feel invincible were crumbling to the ground.

Lastly, one of the Dalki leaders started to grow in size. It grew larger and larger. A Dalki that was large enough to perhaps destroy the battlefield, though that wasn’t New Gen One Horn’s intention at all. He walked past all the fighting, and went directly up to the wall.

“This is your unbreakable fortress?” One Horn chuckled, as he readied his arm and threw out a punch. Hitting it, with such a force, the whole battlefield was shaking. Surprisingly, the wall managed to endure it.

Unfortunately, the giant Dalki simply continued to punch the wall, shaking the entire place. As durable as it might be, cracks were starting to appear, and it was only a matter of time until it fell.

The look on the vampire faces showed fear for the first time, as they saw a giant Dalki head towering over the wall, continuing to punch it again and again.

“No!” Sam shouted. Using his Shadow to travel away, blocking whatever stray attacks hit him. Eventually running through One Hour’s legs and going through the wall, Sam had reached the other side.

“This is it.” The viewers were saying. “If the vampires can’t even defeat the Dalki… then how are we supposed to?”

As that was said, though, there were many people seen leaving the tenth castle, coming out. At the same time, as the ship was seen approaching, Green Horn fired off an energy blast towards it. Before it was hit, there were those that came shutting down like a rain of lightning hitting the ground.

It wasn’t just Owen, but also Grim, the other members of the Blade family, Samantha and Mona.

From the tenth castle, those that had arrived were those that had just come back from the main Dalki base, their homeland. Logan, the Blade family, Layla, Jake from the vampire leaders.

Everyone had arrived.

“They all came back! That means the mission was a success! Right?!” Void shouted, feeling over the moon. Thinking that maybe they still had a chance. These were the people that had defeated them before, but Bonny wasn’t so sure.

When zooming in, the camera closer to them, she could see the look on their faces. None of them displayed any confidence in this herculean task, and judging by the incoming mass of comments, the viewers could tell the same thing as well.

“I’m sorry.” Sam said, standing in front of them.

All the vampires had escaped to their respective castles, while others had gone to join the battle that was going on outside.

“I can tell all of you are exhausted. You already fought with everything you had already…but if we don’t get rid of these guys then they will kill us all. I’m sorry, but the world needs your strength one more time!” Sam shouted.

The others didn’t say anything because they knew what they needed to do.

“Damn it… after this is over I demand a nice and long vacation… no, make it a honeymoon, paid with all expenses!” Fex complained, looking at the new One Horn in front of him.

One more large punch was made, and this time, the Dalki’s hand pierced through. The next moment, the wall crumbled to pieces, and now they all could see One Horn once again. Just as everyone was ready to use every bit of strength in their body, there was a voice.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry I took so long. You can all rest now.”


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