My Vampire System Chapter 1553 – Dalki Trump card

A group of people were heading towards the vampire settlement where the current battle was taking place. They were currently travelling via spaceship rather than teleporter. It wouldn’t be long till they arrived anyway, and there was another reason why Sam had decided to travel via ship.

“Have we had any match of Dalki energy readings apart from that on the vampire settlement?” Sam asked for a report from his team.

“No, I’m sorry, Sam. I know you’re trying to find Graham, but we can’t find him anywhere.” Chucky replied. “The last time we heard of him and knew his whereabouts was when he was facing Sunny. The vampires who had left the planet have returned, and this is what they had to report.”

They were now seeing the video footage on the screen, captured by the small combat ship. Rokene had left Sunny behind as per her instructions, but in the end, it was too much for him. He felt guilty and convinced his partner to turn the ship around and try to save Sunny.

However, all they could see was what Sam was looking at now. It was a destroyed wasteland, a giant crater in the floor that looked like it had caused a nuclear bomb, but the strangest thing in the video was the subclasses. There were no signs of the subclasses anywhere, just their blood, and there was no sign of Sunny’s body either.

“Where did all the bodies go… I don’t understand. Did Graham eat them, like he ate his own people?” Sam asked, not expecting an answer.

“We aren’t sure, but at the moment, we have to presume she’s dead. The energy reading device that was placed on the planet was destroyed as well.” Chucky added to the report.

It wasn’t as if Sam believed they could beat Graham, but maybe they could slow him down. Sam knew that they needed to finish that fight; if Graham joined, the whole settlement could be done for. On top of that, the report from Quinn’s side told them the latter was still not done yet.

‘I’m sorry to say this, Quinn, but what the f*ck are you doing?! So many people have died in this war. What was the point of you getting this crystal if you were just going to be out of the whole war?’ Sam inwardly said to himself, nearly pulling out his hair. It was the first time he had criticised Quinn like this, even if it was in his head.

The toll of the war was getting to him; they had a tough time, and they were getting close to the end, yet even after everything they had done, he still felt they needed to rely on Quinn more than ever.

While in the middle of these thoughts, Sam suddenly received an update from Logan. He informed Sam about his discovery in the lab. His eyes lit up, and he was at a loss for words. Turning around, he began to give out instructions.

“Alright, stop this search; we have to head straight back to the settlement. We have to help them now before it’s too late.”


Somewhere in the vampire solar system, on a swampy-like beast planet, a group of vampires stood exhausted, encircling a region, and facing outwards. Fighting against the beasts was easy to do, but with how many were coming towards them, even they couldn’t imagine.

Still, thankfully the fifth and fourth family, with these two groups, could rest, and as for the engineers, they had finally fixed the ship. Even the beasts were now decreasing in number.

“I feel like we might have just killed every single beast on this planet.” Earl Ronsten stated, and it really did seem that way, as finally, after a claw hand had gone through a beast’s head, the last one in the area had fallen. The only one that was still alive was the beast Jesk who had been helping them out the whole time.

As if to signify their victory, Jesk started to pound on his ċhėst with all of his arms and roared as loud as he could. The question was, what do they do next. Most boarded the ship, while others stayed outside to protect it. They were being watchdogs in case there were any more beasts in the area.

The last thing they wanted to happen was the engine get destroyed just after the engineers had repaired it. Now, all the viscounts and Earl Ronsten was looking at Quinn, who sat in the middle of the ship’s command centre.

“And… he’s just been like this the whole time?” Viscount Norvic asked.

“No, there were a few times when I came in here, and he was shrieking with pain. I could see it; his body was changing going through something. I don’t know what, but my guess is it’s something to do with the nest Crystal.” Ronsten replied. “The thing is, the glow around, and the energy is greatly diluted. Whatever he was doing, it’s finally closing to an end.”

With this, the group had made the decision. It was time for them to head back to the vampire settlement. They doubted that just movement of the ship would disturb Quinn, and the vampires were bound to be attacked by now.

Besides, if Quinn wanted a way to go back to the others quickly, he always had his shadow, but there was one thing on which others had no confusion about…he was almost done with whatever he came here for.


In the first place, they had sent out most of the best fighters among the vampires for the war, so they had lost a good amount of their forces. On top of that, they themselves were pretty exhausted. By continuously fighting, using their blood powers and abilities, they had pushed their bodies to the limit once already, and they were doing it again now, exponentially increasing the risk of draining out.

Although they tried their best not to show it, it was clear something was going on. Then, though, the strangest thing had happened.

The humanoid Dalki turned around and started to run back, and in the next instant, the rest of the Dalki followed. They were running back towards the ship.

“What should we do? Should we follow and attack? We have the advantage.” Silver asked.

“No,” Lee shook his head. “It could be a trap with stronger forces or maybe even self-destruction of the ship. It’s not a good idea to follow. Also, we need to recover and gather the vampires’ bodies who have sacrificed their lives in this battle.

Looking around, that’s when Silver noticed that the leaders themselves were exhausted. It was the first skirmish, and it looked like they had killed around a third of the Daliki forces, while the vampires’ attack force had also taken around the same, percentage-wise.

A moment later, a ship they recognised appeared from behind had begun to land. Descending from the ship were Sam and Vincent, along with them were reinforcements. Since the humans of the Cursed faction were sent away, there were only the group of fifty or so vampires from the tenth family as reinforcements.

As the two got out of the ship, the leaders and others were quick to greet Sam. Seeing them some of the vampires were concerned because not seeing thier leaders arrive with the others, they thought that maybe they would have come with Sam.

“I don’t see the first family leader anywhere? Where is Nicu?” A Vampire asked.

“Now is not the time for that!” Sam shouted, and along with Vincent, he quickly rushed to get out to the field where the rest of the leaders were. All of them stared at the Dalki mothership off in the distance.

“What’s wrong..what’s with that look on your face?” Silver asked.

Both Vincent and Sam could see the Humanoid Dalki smiling near the Dalki ship, and they knew why.

“Everyone, prepare yourselves for battle any second now. Inform all of the vampires behind the walls – Fight for your lives!” Sam screamed at the top of his voice, leaving the vampires just to wonder what he was so concerned about.

“It looks like they are finally ready.” The Humanoid Dalki smiled.


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