My Vampire System Chapter 1552 – The last Dalki mother ship

The lab exploded as everyone left through the teleporter, and it continued until it reached the central core of the planet, where the Dalki created a special device to keep all of the different terrains together.

On top of that, it was powered by crystals and thanks to the new type of crystals they had received, Logan was able to create powerful explosive apparatuses.

In the next second, the core was destroyed, but the explosions didn’t cease, and the different terrains began to break off from each other. The powerful force made them drift apart as they slowly turned into nothing in the endless space.

All of the Dalki motherships that were on the planet were gone. And with this, all the Dalki motherships that had gone out to attack those in the beast planet solar system had also vanished. Now there were only a few stray dalki ships and one Dalki mothership left, which was heading to the Daisy faction.

After Sam and the vampire leaders had split up from the others to head back to the Daisy planet, they reached only to witness an ongoing battle between the vampires and the Dalki.

The final battle in this war wasn’t between Humans and Dalki; instead, it was between the vampires against the Dalki – it was between the creators versus their creations.


Before the other arrived, The knights that had been left behind were in charge of their respective families, but rather than coop up in their castles instead, there were forces outside the settlement.

Many forces were on top of the wall, and they had already set up the defence mechanism.

What was a little strange was the vampires were expecting them to somewhat attack from above. For the mother ship itself to hover and send out forces or, rather, a mixture of space and land battle, but they did no such thing.

A few hundred metres away from the settlement, the mother ship landed in the meadows, crushing the grass and flowers underneath it. The Dalki army began to descend from the ship, all of them being three spiked and four spiked Dalki, and numbering around a hundred, then there was one humanoid Dalki, who looked to be the leader of this Dalki force.

Unlike the reports so far, though the humanoid Dalki looked quite different compared to the rest, which would have made it obvious if they had a special trait, this one, however, looked like a regular Dalki.

It was just as tall as the others, and its arms, tails and other features were also identical to the Dalki around it. Only the head and the body looked human, making it easy for others to differentiate it from the other Dalki.

None of the vampires recognised what human the Dalki was based on, but that didn’t matter. It was clear now why they had decided to land away. The Dalki were gathering their forces because they had most probably received the reports as well.

Now, the Dalki couldn’t just charge in and attack one by one like they felt like they could in the past. They were going to spearhead and attack the Shelter together.

“The leaders said that they would be coming back soon!” Silver shouted to the other vampires. With her brother being one of the Royal Knights and her being stronger than most knights, she took charge of the whole force.

“However, are we really such a group of beings that need to rely on a select few vampires? They are attacking our home! Our king warned them to try and take on this place, and he stated that this place was unbeatable. So let’s prove his words right!”

The vampires weren’t tense even without their leaders. Instead, they stood confident, ready to fight. Not only because of their own powers but also because of the wall itself, which was filled with countless towers and statues on the outside.

Looking out, Silver saw the humanoid Dalki raise its hand, and that was the signal for it all to begin. The Dalki’s began to rush forward in a somewhat tactical position. As the fodder and shield of the group, all three spiked Dalki were at the front, while the four spikes were right behind them.

They continued to run, and the vampires did next to nothing. Their blood powers couldn’t reach that far. However, this didn’t mean they were planning just to stand still until the Dalki’s stepped into their range.

“What is that?” One of the Dalki said, and they could all see it. The towers at the front, which surrounded the walls, all began to light up and immediately started to fire out towards the Dalki. A large explosion of beast energy, more potent than any blast from a ship that the Dalki’s on the battlefield had ever faced. It crashed into the middle of them.

The blast wasn’t enough to kill the three spikes, but it was clearly affecting them, as they were hurt, and a few were even bleeding due to the heat and force. The towers began to light up again as they were getting ready to fire once more.

“Push forward! we have already gotten this far!” The Humanoid Dalki leader shouted.

“Are the Dalki really this stupid? I wonder why we were so worried about them in the first place…” Silver thought upon noticing this.

As the Dalki somewhat injured and moved on, the gargoyle statues suddenly began to break free from the wall and soon leapt, only to crash into the forces.

On the other hand, as the Dalki also got within the range, the vampires began to unleash their blood powers and continued to fire it at the incoming Dalki, making sure none of them got too close.

Still, these Dalki were strong, and they managed to get through despite all of the firepower. Soon it was time for Silver, along with her knights, to make their move as well. They leapt from the top of the tower and landed on the surface, adding themselves to the strong force of around three hundred vampires already fighting at the scene.

She saw a Dalki almost punching one of the vampires, but on her way down, she wrapped her string around its arm, stopping it, and then pulled on it while moving her forward and stabbing the Dalki on its right side of the ċhėst.

It wasn’t dead, and it was hard for her to pull out her sword, but eventually, she did, and the green blood of the Dalki gushed out. Raising the sword closer to her lips, she soon licked it, which in turn increased her strength even more.

“We can win this fight without our leaders…we will prove to them that this is something we can handle without them.” Silver cried.

The fight was tough, for the three spiked Dalki were nearly a similar strength or stronger than the knights they currently had. If it weren’t for the fact that they outnumbered the Dalki, had the tower and gargoyles for support and lastly, that the green blood of Dalki empowered them, they perhaps would be miserably losing the fight.

But at this moment, the fighting was somewhat even and balanced. The vampires lost three times as many forces as the Dalki, but because the number of individuals on both sides had a huge difference, it looked like both sides were evenly matched on the battlefield.

During the fight, the humanoid Dalki hadn’t done much apart from occasionally turning his head and looking at the mothership as if he was waiting for something or someone.

“If nothing changes..we will win this battle.” The humanoid Dalki mumbled to itself.

However, at that moment, something did change. Turning his head, he witnessed a vampire leap from the wall and just as it was about to land, it suddenly threw some of its blood and it immediately exploded hitting the Dalki below.

Another one falling from the wall wrapped itself in a cape, blocking a Dalki’s hit, and then stabbed it through the ċhėst, killing it on the spot. Then, another grabbed one with red blood string and flung them over to the other side.

“It’s..the leaders!” Silver smiled, happy to see the father and the rest of them. Not all the leaders were there. A few had perished in the war, and while a few were on another battlefield, like Jake and Vincent. But this was the boost the vampires needed to lean the balance of the battle on their side.


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