My Vampire System Chapter 1551: Destroy everything

It was the first time the group saw this happen to a beast. After they had dealt with it, the Dragon’s body split into thousands of light particles, and it slowly began to disappear. To the people at the scene who had been to the familiar world, it reminded them of what they had seen in the familiar world.

After waiting a while, there was nothing left of the Dragon, and the light particles had vanished right in front of their very eyes. Everyone stayed there in the crater for a moment, not saying anything. They were exhausted and had expended all of their energy and MC cells.

It was the same for Sil as well. He didn’t hold back when using the MC cells he had gathered because he knew he couldn’t take this battle lightly because his foresight had revealed what would have happened if he had hesitated any bit. The only ones left somewhat standing due to not doing much was Logan and Linda, who had arrived with Borden.

Everyone started to make their way out of the crater, and once reaching the edge, they sat down facing the tower. They wanted to ask about Borden, see if he was okay now or not. After all, he had now become a five spike.

They now had the type of Dalki as an ally which they once had the most challenging time confronting. But they knew it wasn’t the time to celebrate because there was something else on their minds.

“This… isn’t good, is it?” Linda asked. “You said that we were meant to capture the Dragon, report back to Sam before we dealt with it. Isn’t there a chance that it will combine with the other one in the shadow space now and mess things up!”

This was why all of them worried because they somewhat knew this was what was most probably going to happen.

“I’m sorry.” Sil eventually said. “I couldn’t hold back. I could tell the Dragon would have found a way to get the black sword out from its neck. It would have then healed itself. I would have run out of MC cells, and we would have never defeated that thing….it would have killed us all. Simply put, if I didn’t go all out and kill it, then we would all be dead by now.”

Although Vorden didn’t know how far ahead Sil could see in the future, based on everything he was saying, it was pretty far ahead, but now that Sil had exhausted his MC cells, it would be next to nothing.

“We might not have to worry too much,” Logan said as he looked at the crater where the battle had just occurred. “Although we can’t be sure, I have a theory. When the vampires dealt with the Dragon Demon tier beast before, it would usually split itself into two parts whenever it was in a weakened state or close to death.

“This seems like a survival instinct more than anything. Sure two dragons might be better at fighting, but then why not just stay in two separate forms the whole time? I believe, as I said, it’s to survive. One half continues to fight while the other half runs away.

“Now, why would it run away? The answer is, even if you kill one half, it won’t immediately rejoin the other. It needs to buy time. I believe this is why we also found one half of the Dragon appearing on earth in an attempt to go as far away as possible so it could survive or as Quinn said, it was attracted to the tablet’s energy and was trying to heal itself.

“Either way, my point is, I think Quinn is not in immediate danger.”

The group was ready to set off, but before they did, Logan checked for any other signs of the Dalki or vampire clones for reassurance.

“So you’re a five spike now?” Vorden asked.

“Yeah.” Borden showed off his back. “And I guess this means I can’t ride on your shoulder anymore. Now that I’m as big as you.”

“And you don’t feel like killing us all, right?” Peter shouted over, making sure that was the critical part. “If you do, I just lost my own five spiked Dalki. We could always bring you back from the dead.”

Hearing this, the others were unsure if Peter was making a joke or not. Judging by his expression, it didn’t seem to be.

“Well, I’m pleased that everything went well, and you have a body of your own. You should have a special trait like the others as well. Maybe you can help out in this war a lot.” Vorden smiled.

“I think he can help out now,” Logan said, turning around and taking something off his back. They could all see it was a portable teleporter once he set it up.

“I tried to get in contact with Sam, but he’s not responding. This is making me slightly worried that there could be something serious going on at the moment at the settlement. Who knows what happened while we were here.

“But before we go, we need to destroy the whole lab; we need to make sure that they can’t use any of this machinery. We are close to concluding this war….but if we don’t end it now, we have to make sure there is no chance of them ever coming back from this again.”

Logan and Borden went back into the laboratory. There was a room filled with the energy of the demon tier beast, and at the same time, plenty of crystals they could use. With the use of his powers and knowledge, it was pretty easy for them to make sure the lab would blow up.

“ you can really do that?” Borden asked in amazement.

“Not just that..we are going to destroy this whole Dalki base planet…Borden, there was something that I didn’t say to the others…and it’s about you…” Logan paused there while the two of them continued inside the lab.

“I know…my life span…it’s still short, right? I still only have a few years to live like the other Dalki. You don’t have to say anything, I can tell, and destroying the lab, killing the demon tier beast completely rather than finding a way to heal me, is the right choice. I just want to enjoy the rest of my time with my brothers.

“I really thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have allowed me to help fight side by side with them again.”

Logan felt guilty in a way, but he was glad that Borden understood. However, maybe if they could find someone strong enough to take out the demon tier dragon without loss of innocent lives, Logan would have time to work on the way to increase Borden’s lifespan.

But he reckoned the Dragon they had fought today was around a quarter of its regular strength, and he was sure it would have been a nightmare to fight the real thing. After getting to the lab, Logan began to set up bombs in the lab using the devices around him.

The idea was to set off a strong enough explosion where it went deep down, reaching the core. It was easier to do because the planet was an artificial one in the first place. Logan could see the less dense areas, and it was easy for him to create a hole in the centre.

“We don’t know what the vampire settlement is going to be like,” Logan said. “We really don’t…and I know you are all weak and tired…but this is the last leg. This is the last attack force of the Dalki, and then there is only Graham left.”

Although Logan spoke these words, he kept his great discovery to himself. Right now, they didn’t need to know what they could be running into once reaching the other side.

After Longan pressed a few buŧŧons on his strange bio-mechanic arm, the teleporter jammer was disabled, and it also set off the bombs. Simultaneously, the group began to jump through the teleporter heading back to the vampire settlement to see what state it was in.


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