My Vampire System Chapter 1550: Blade's Quest complete

Out of the corner of Vorden’s eye, he could see something glowing from Sil’s ċhėst. Seeing this, Vorden felt like his eyes were playing tricks on him because there were only two things that this could possibly be, and for some reason, he didn’t think it was the first.

When the brothers had found out about Blade island, they wished to know more about their father Hilston Blade. Why he did the things he did, and the reason behind them. In the end, they had received their answers from Brock, who was one of Richard’s most trusted vampires.

During that time, they found out that Hilston had a strange complex – a complex to constantly get stronger by searching for new power through his blood. He had a plan to take over someone else’s body if he found them stronger than him while carrying the Blade family powers.

Sil was the first one, the first Blade family member to wield six abilities at once. The strongest blade in terms of ability-wise in existence, yet that wasn’t the only reason why Hilston was obsessed with Sil; instead, it was because Hilston believed that Sil could very well be the first one ever to unleash a soul weapon.

It didn’t take long for Vorden to see what Sil was doing. When the glow over his ċhėst dimmed and slowly died out, everyone else noticed a book in front of him. The strange-looking book was a mesh of different colours, like a mixed rainbow.

“Sil, is that a soul weapon? An item type soul weapon!” Vorden exclaimed.

Of course, now wasn’t the time for Sil to answer. He soon opened the book and turned to several pages. Upon reaching the right pages, Sil would close his eyes, and a strange glow from the book would go through Sil’s ċhėst.

He did this a few times and eventually placed the book away. Putting it back inside his ċhėst. Vorden was confused, to say the least. Soul weapons, even item types, were normally used in combat. To help them fight, a finisher moves per se or a final stand. Yet Sil had summoned it then put it away.

“Everyone!” Sill shouted, and suddenly, both his arms lit up blue, and his hair was standing on its end. In his hand were two solid forms of lightning. The next second, a strike from the sky appeared, and Sil was seen right above the Dragon’s head.

Sil slammed down the two pure bolts of lightning into the Dragon’s head. One had gone through the eye that Peter had initially damaged, and the other had gone between its nose and disappeared. Everyone had seen the pure lightning bolt get through the skin of the Dragon.

‘This doesn’t make any sense… It has been over 24 hours since Sil touched anyone with the lightning ability…how is he able to do that?’

It didn’t stop there, as Sil held on tightly onto the Dragon’s head. With his super speed, he quickly moved to the Dragon’s ear and hung on the edge. Then using his hand, a spark of solid white light began to form.

The others weren’t sure what happened, but they heard an incredibly loud bang in the next second. A sonic blast had hit the Dragon in its ear, bursting whatever it had of its eardrum. Its head flung to the side, and Sil fell towards the ground, but he didn’t stop there.

While in midair, he transformed his body into a bolt of lightning, shooting himself after the falling Dragon. A second before his momentum came to a complete stop, Sil threw his fist, hitting the side of the Dragon’s face, right on the snout.

Everyone heard a loud impact again, and the Dragon’s face swung faster, and it looked like its whole body was falling to the ground.

“Wait.. that power… I’m sure Sil’s punch has gotten more powerful.” Nate noticed.

Sil still had the demon tier shield, and sure he was relying on a boost from the weapon, but that wasn’t the main reason. It was all because of his soul weapon.

While the Dragon had fallen onto its side, Sil wasn’t giving it a chance to rest. He made a single pure large lightning bolt, this time in his other hand, and it was far larger than anything they had ever seen Owen create.

Sil’s whole right arm was lightning up blue as he held the bolt of lightning in his hand and threw it, causing it to pierce right through the Dragon’s wing in an instant. Beaming with energy, the bolt stayed stuck in the wing and began to pulsate.

With each pulse, it shocked the Dragon’s whole body, and in response, the Dragon roared. It looked like the shocks from the lightning had stunned it in a spot, keeping it paralysed. At the same time, the black sword was stopping it from healing like how it healed its eye.

Seeing this, Sil’s body started to levitate, revealing another power they hadn’t seen until this point. He went up through the clouds to the point where the others couldn’t see him while the bolt continued to shock the Dragon.

‘I know the Dragon is weaker compared to what it was before…it had its energy drained, but how can Sil injure it to this degree?’ Vorden thought.

Everything that Sil was doing now, everything he was showing, was all due to his Soul weapon. The book was no ordinary book. It was almost like a personal diary that was made just for Sil. Each book page signified each ability he had ever copied during his lifetime.

The book allowed Sil to switch out any of his current abilities, with any of those in the book, and in the book itself, Sil had all of the powers of the Big four, including all of their MC cells. It didn’t matter if he hadn’t touched the others within 24 hours or not, now that he had the book.

Sil had managed to do something that Hilston had never achieved, not just creating a soul weapon but overcoming the weakness of the Blade family ability. With this soul weapon, no matter where Sil was or who he was with, he could reach his strongest.

Right now, no one could see where Sil was, and on the ground, they noticed that the pain was now becoming bearable for the Dragon. It started to lift its body, ripping its wings as they tore through the pure lightning bolt.

“What are you guys doing? Kill that thing!” Peter shouted as he charged forward with his familiars. The Dragon was clearly slow as Peter proceeded to punch it.

Seeing this, the others followed suit, attacking it with blood powers, even emptying their MC cells and Qi, to injure the Dragon even more. Unlike before, the hits it was taking now seemed to affect it somewhat.

Even if they couldn’t get through the scales, they could still hurt it, and that was exactly what they were aiming for. However, one part of its body recovered faster than any other, and that was its tail. Once again, the Dragon swung its tail towards anyone who was at the back, and the one that was at the back this time around….was Fex.

He knew that the Dragon’s blows were powerful. If he got slapped by this tail, it was probably the end of his life. They had all avoided a strike thanks to Sil’s foresight ability.

“Don’t worry..I know what’s going to happen. My brother will save you.” Sil said from above.

It grabbed the tail in place, holding it with all its strength, stopping it, and then threw it to the side. When turning around, the others could see him.

“Borden!” Fex said. “You saved my life…and you’re… big now! Is this permanent?…wait…you have five spikes!”

“I think it’s permanent,” Borden replied.

Perhaps if Sil’s attack didn’t already weaken the Dragon and made it dizzy, the tail would have hit them both, but everything, including Borden now having five spikes, was seen by Sil through his ability.

The Dragon lifted its head, and the next second, Sil came down from the sky, shooting down like a torpedo and slammed right on top of the Dragon’s head. Pushing it down into the crater so hard that it lifted its back legs, and the crater expanded even more. They had gone so deep into the land that ponds of water were starting to form, but they could see Sil stood there on top of the Dragon, having defeated it.

“I…I was saving that for Graham…but this was a good test as well.” Sil smiled.

Only the next second and the Dragon began to break down into particles. Bit by bit, its body was disappearing.

“What’s happening?” Layla asked.

“I think…we killed the dragon,” Logan replied, not knowing whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.

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