My Vampire System Chapter 1549: Seeing Everything

The whole group was still in the giant crater. It now felt like they were doing battle in a giant arena against such a beast. A beast that perhaps might be too much for them to take on.

“That’s good news!” Raten shouted, overhearing the conversation that went on between Fex and Jake. “If the vampire originals were able to take down this thing, and the six spike Dalki, then it means it’s not impossible. We can do it as well.”

At this point and time, Fex wasn’t too sure, and he remembered that last time, his strings were practically useless against this thing.

Rushing onto the field before anyone else, though, was Sil, who grabbed both Legs and headless Hilston and chucked them back as far as possible. The next second, the Dragon’s feet stomped the ground, and the impact led to the destruction of the surface. Rocks were chucked out in a circle along with a radiating energy, which Sil was able to jump over at the right time.

When landing, he placed both hands on the ground, and a giant wall of earth appeared from the floor. A wall that was as enormous as the Dragon.

“Peter, order your wights out of this fight!” Sil shouted. “I’m telling you now, if they stay in the fight, they will die. Everyone, just do your best and follow my instructions when you can.”

Sil moved to the right using his super-speed, and the next second, the Dragon burst through the wall. Its head is the place Sil stood a few seconds ago. It was then that Vorden remembered something.

“Everyone, listen to Sil. He has the foresight ability; he can see what will happen next. If we listen to him, we might be able to get out of this!” Vorden ordered. Usually, he was the one in command, but he was quick to know when there was someone better and when there was not.

Then, flying in the air, Vorden tried to get a better view, but as soon as he ascended, the large Dragon flapped its wings again, generating a strong wind force from them, but thankfully, Vorden’s wings were sturdier.

The type of beast he was, was a strange one in the first place. His wings were heavy, strong, and sharp as well, yet he could still fly with them.

“I am a Demon tier beast as well, and you are only half of that. I refuse to believe that you are so much stronger than me!” Vorden cried.

He soon shifted through the wind creating a large gust of wind through his constantly swinging his arms. Each time Vorden did, a powerful wind strike would shift through the air. In doing so, it hit the Dragon on the tip of its nose.

It sounded like a sword was bashing against its face, and although it didn’t break the scales, it was clearly annoying the beast to some degree. In anger, the Dragon looked like it wished to move, but when looking down, only to see one of its legs sinking into the ground and it struggled to pull the legs out.

This was Raten’s doing. He was also a Demon tier beast, and his powers were far stronger than he had previously let on. His powers allowed him to turn any substances into the same mud from which his body was made. The only thing was that Raten liked to fight in hand to hand combat.

Still, he had turned the ground underneath into a pit of endless mud. Usually, the Dragon would have been able to lift its other leg, but it was unable to this time. This was because its other leg had landed into one of the traps that the sixth family leader had set up.

“It really stepped right where you said it would.” Jake smiled. His ability wasn’t strong enough to stop the whole Dragon from moving, but if activated at the right moment, he could stop at least one part of Dragon’s body: the other leg. The problem was trying to trick it into stepping into his trap.

However, with Sil being able to tell the Dragon’s next movements, Jake didn’t have to lure or trick the Dragon. He knew exactly where it would go.

“Nate, are you ready?!” Sil shouted.

Since it could not move, the Dragon was getting desperate. It decided to use one part of its body that was strong, flexible and quick: its gigantic tail. The Dragon then took a large swing at everyone once again, and Nate braced himself with the shield in his hand.

The Demon tier shield was meant to absorb the energy, so in theory, there was no need to brace himself, but seeing such a gigantic tail swing at him at such a speed, he couldn’t help but worry.

The middle part of the tail bashed into the shield and stopped that instant. It was, without a doubt, a Demon tier weapon. At times, Nate would doubt its strength, but being able to withstand the impact from a Demon tier beast’s tail proved its worth.

“Throw me the shield!” Sil shouted, and Nate chucked it like a frisbee. Seeing where it was going to go, Sil leapt up, grabbing the shield, and held it out towards the Dragon’s body. It lit up in blue light, and now the Dragon had to deal with twice the power of its own tail attack.

A blast so strong left the shield that it went out in one bang and covered the whole body of the Dragon. Immediately, its legs lifted, and it fell to its side, shaking the entire ground as it fell to the floor.

‘I can’t believe it.’ Fex said, witnessing the whole battle. ‘With Demon tier beasts, demon tier items and Sil… they are really taking out the beast against which we stood no chance before?’

To top it off, as the beast head fell to the floor, there was one person waiting for it at the exact spot where he needed to be as per Sil’s instructions.

“There is a reason why you’re there and not me…because, without a doubt, you are stronger than me.” Sil smiled.

Throwing out his fist, Peter threw a punch as strong as possible. His veins all over his body tensed, because he wasn’t going to hold back even a single ounce of his strength and attacked as if his whole life depended on it. The Dragon noticed that Peter was aiming for its large eye and tried to shut the eyelid, but Peter was far too fast.

His fist went straight through the eye, and the power of the punch itself exploded within it, causing a gush of blood to pour out everywhere, and its head to swing about widely in the air.

Flying through the air, Vorden landed next to his brother Sil. It was clear the fist had hurt the beast, but a single damaged eye wasn’t going to kill it.

“What do we do now?” Vorden asked.

Soon, the Dragon’s body started to glow green, and as it got up on its two feet, Peter and the others moved away from it once again, surrounding it in a circle. The next second, its scales were no longer green, and when it opened its eye…to their shock, the eye was once again in a perfect condition.

“This f*cker can heal itself!” Peter yelled.

“Don’t worry; there’s one more piece to all of this,” Sil reassured.

Holding out her sword, Layla had it activated as the markings on it began to glow. And intense pain rushed through her head, but she didn’t dare to back down in this situation.

As she flew through the air, strings had suddenly wrapped around the head of the Dragon, and Fex attempted to pull down on it. The Dragon, of course, lifted its head, easily breaking the string.

“Well, at least I can be a distraction. Are all lizards this stupid?” Fex said out loud.

This allowed Layla to get through with no trouble, and her black sword pierced right in the Dragon’s long neck. She let go and quickly landed on the surface, leaving the sword stuck in the neck.

“That sword is special…the dragon shouldn’t be able to heal while the sword is inside its body,” Layla shouted as she stumbled upon landing and tried to maintain her balance. The more she used the sword, the worse it affected her, and the time left for how long she could use it was declining rather than increasing.

On the way, based on the information Logan had gathered from the database, he knew the Dragon was capable of this, and it looked like someone else knew all of this was going to happen.

“Just how far in the future can you see?” Vorden asked, but he didn’t receive any response because Sil’s ċhėst had suddenly begun to glow.

“Enough to see that I will be the one to kill this beast,” Sil replied as he slowly raised his head and stared at the Demon tier beast, the Dragon.


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