My Vampire System Chapter 1548: Half A Demon

Logan and Layla saw they were too late in stopping Jim’s clone from unleashing the demon tier beast dragon. But they were still hopeful that perhaps they could figure out a way to put it back and place it in the same state it was once in.

‘There has to be a way. The Dalki’s managed to capture it and sedate it once. Which means we can do the same thing as well.’ Logan thought.

The encasing around his arm had already fallen off, revealing his Dalki self. At the same time, Logan placed both his hands on the floor, and his eyes started to light up green. Upon noticing that there were intruders, Jim’s clone and the Dalki immediately charged forward.

However, the next second, some of the wires seemed to come to life and had wrapped around their bodies. The vampire clone Jim slashed through them straight away, but it gave Layla enough time to fire an arrow full of Qi and aim it right in its face, thus killing it.

“Are you sure we didn’t need him and his brain?” Layla asked.

“I have all the information he already has in here!” Logan shouted, charging forward. Although Logan wasn’t as powerful as the others, and these were three spiked Dalki he was going up against, he still was a good fighter and had his suit on with him.

He charged in, running right underneath one of their arms. At the same time, while the Dalki was looking at Logan, two more arrows fired at the same time pierced them in the side of the head. They hadn’t gone quite deep enough because of hard scales, but jumping up, Logan grabbed the arrow with his Dalki arm pushing it in further, killing it on the spot.

Now there was only one Dalki to deal with, but they could see that all of the wires had gone off from the demon tier beast, and the liquid was draining from the container as well. Logan was distracted looking at the demon tier beast and was hit by the other Dalki right in the ċhėst.

Layla caught Logan mid flight with her powers and safely placed him down as she got her sword ready and unleashed one of the black balls. When hitting the Dalki, The spiritual chains held it in place. She didn’t activate the sword this time and started to strike at the Dalki again and again.

She avoided its hits, but the sword seemed to be somewhat blunt as it could not pierce through its skin. Now being able to use Qi on them instead, she had five arrows hovering around her back while in the middle of the fight and using her sword. When she saw an opening, one of the arrows would aim for the Dalki’s head or heart.

In the end, they finished off the last Dalki too. Logan had recovered and ran over to the console, but the Dragon had flapped its wings as the base’s ceiling started to open. When it fully opened, the last thing the two of them saw was the Demon tier beast flying out of the base.

“We screwed up!” Layla said. “The demon tier beast is free. What if it runs away?!”

Looking at the sky and where it was heading, Logan felt like it wasn’t going to run away for some reason.

“I think that would be the better option if it ran away. If it decides to fight us…then the only thing we can do is fight back.”

Reporting back to Linda, Logan made her aware of the situation, and he then contacted the others as well.

“Don’t worry; we know it’s here!” Vorden replied back. “It’s right in front of us.”

This was what Logan feared. It looked like the only option they might have was to fight the beast head-on and kill It.

“Come on; we have to help them, Layla. They might need every help that we can give them. The demon tier beast just woke up. It’s probably a bit dizzy, and I saw that they already took away a lot of energy from it. You were right; if we have any chance of beating that thing, the time is now.” Logan said.

Although he didn’t say anything about the special black sword yet, he thought if it was able to work against the Helen Dalki, it might work against the Dragon. They were still unaware of the side effects or where the sword came from, but now was not the time to worry about those things.

On the other side of the Lab, Linda had just received a news update from Logan about what had happened. Now she was in the middle of a conundrum.

‘Should I go help out the others…I don’t think there are even anymore Dalki or vampire clones in the lab. All of them are most probably killed…but then I can’t leave Borden…’

Glancing to her side, she noticed he was peacefully asleep in the glass container. His body had already regained its normal size and was floating there; whatever was happening, it had worked so far. She kept an eye on the terminal as per Logan’s instructions.

Some of the energy transferred to him was coming from the Demon tier beast; however, it looked like there was still enough energy to be extracted and was either stored somewhere or was in the pipes for Borden to continue whatever he was going through.

‘I’ll stay here until you need me, guys. I hope you will get through this.’


So far, on the journey to the Dalki main base, of them felt fear when fighting against the Dalki, not even when they went up against the five spike Dalki. It was only now that they had seen the Demon tier beast landing in front of them did they become very cautious.

Its sense of power was beaming from its body, and everyone at the scene could feel it; however, the final nail in the coffin was the fact that it had so easily crushed the Dalki that all of them were struggling to even scratch.

“What’s the plan, Vorden?!” Raten asked.

The Dragon looked their way and flared its nostrils. It was clear that it wasn’t just going to let them buy time. In fact, the next second, it flapped its wings, producing a large gust and roared so loud the sound almost blasted their ears drums.

However, two figures were unaffected by the scream and could move at that moment. Those figures were Legs and Hilston. Under Peter’s order, they moved in front of the beast. And it looked like they were about to repeat what they had done last time.

Spinning with her tail, and building momentum using the strength of her tail, she swung her tail against the Dragon’s front Legs. However, unlike what had happened with the five spiked Dalki, there wasn’t a single scratch on the beast after the attack.

What had worked for the last time didn’t work this time.

“We were planning to face this monster anyway, so we have to fight. If we can’t hurt its scales, then we go for its eyes! Last time, the dragon was dealt with, it faced off against six spiked Dalki that Jim had artificially created. So We can also defeat this thing!”

However, Raten knew that if the five spiked Dalki couldn’t pierce it, what could he or Vorden do. Even though they were both Demon tier beasts, this one was clearly at another level.

“I think I heard of this beast before that the vampires fought it long ago!” Jake shouted.

It was then that the great Dragon swung its tail. All of them decided to avoid the blow in their own way. Vorden flew up in the air, others jumped, and Raten turned into mud, sinking in the ground.

The tail had missed them all and only missed Fex by a few inches. But they noticed that the tail wasn’t slow despite the beast’s size.

“Tell us, Jake! How did the vampires defeat the beast?!” Fex asked.

Realising the vampires were the ones that had initially caught it, they must have had found a way.

“The originals..the originals worked alongside the leaders to take it down, and soon after were put back to sleep…this beast was something that nearly defeated the strongest vampires of that time.”


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