My Vampire System Chapter 1547: Another White

Everyone there knew that Peter was strong. He always had been, but the reason why he had never seemed somewhat impressive to the others was perhaps because of Quinn, who would always outshine him.

There was always someone more powerful, faster and more skilful, which was why even Vorden was thinking about what to do when it was his turn.

Right now, on top of that, Sil had already thought about combining his abilities as well.

“You guys can stop thinking about your turns because you’re not going to need it,” Peter stated.

The first one to approach the Dalki from his lesser weights was the new addition to the group – the four spiked humanoid Dalki with the long claws. Of course, it wasn’t as strong as a five spike, but it wasn’t far off.

In a way, it looked like the Dalki was there to test the waters.

“It looks like you can raise the dead and have pitted a new-gen against me. I’ll be quite happy to crush this fool!” the five spike said.

As with all the other fights so far, though, when the five spike Dalki swung its arms and more, it was slow, slow enough that the four spike was able to dodge them with ease. It got its claws ready and started to swing them at the Dalki’s arm that the latter had attacked it with.

Others heard the clashes, but the claws couldn’t scratch the hard skin just like all the other attacks.

‘In a way, this five spike Dalki is not much of a threat because it doesn’t really have a way of attacking properly. Perhaps it still has the strength of a five spike, so if it could grab onto one of us, we would be in trouble, but it doesn’t appear like that is going to happen anytime soon.’ Vorden thought as he continued to analyse the fight. ‘That’s probably why even though being a five spike, it wasn’t even considered one of the leaders. Either that or Graham had some way to fast track the Dalki to evolving and had only recently created this blob.’

Continuing to watch the fight, the Humanoid Dalki, under Peter’s control, tried to do something else. It avoided the punches and constantly attacked the enemy’s ċhėst right where its heart would be. Moving in and out, the humanoid dalki was fast, almost like a vampire.

However, the five spike looked unafraid, and why would it be when the humanoid Dalki’s claws couldn’t even pierce through its body. Still, Peter and the other two lesser weights had yet to join the fight.

“You know, these humanoid Dalki have a special trait just like the five spiked.” Peter started to speak, which was unusual for him. “But the humanoid Dalki, their traits seem to be more impressive than the five spiked Dalki. I’ve already won this competition.”

The others were wondering just what Peter was talking about, but turning their heads for the first time, they saw a cut on the five spike Dalki’s ċhėst. It wasn’t deep, and it was only a flesh wound, but the Dalki was clearly bleeding.

At the same time, the humanoid Dalki’s claws were burning a hot red. After using the Humanoid Dalki to fight a little bit, Peter had noticed that the more it struck against someone or when it was fighting, its claws would change colour, and this wasn’t just for some coolness factor. They were getting stronger and sharper during the fight while also producing some strange heat.

The humanoid Dalki right now was the perfect opponent against the enemy. This continued, and the claws were scratching off more scales and making the five spike bleed more, but then something else happened.

For the first time, when the Dalki threw a punch, it had almost hit the humanoid Dalki.

‘Damn it, the Dalki’s special trait. The more they bleed, the faster they get. Now that blob is actually becoming quite a fast blob. Hurting it more is only going to make this job harder for me.’ Vorden thought.

“Now, it’s time for us to act,” Peter said.

“You know, I never chimed in or got involved with this little match of yours,” Jake, the vampire leader who had come along with the group but stayed silent for nearly most of everything, began to speak. In the first place, he wasn’t really close to any of them, and his closest person was Peter, who never talked much.

“But that was because I was confident that he could deal with it all himself.”

Bringing out his strange baton, Peter used all his strength and slammed the weapon down towards the ground. This gave a chance for his two other lesser wights to come in. Legs moved and spun around, digging her tail right into the Dalki’s ċhėst.

It cut through the hard scales easily, but after piercing a few inches, it came to a sudden halt.

“Hahaha!” the five spike Dalki hollered, “You finally managed to pierce me, but it’s not enough!”

It was at that moment that Legs did something strange. It moved away and detached its tail, leaving it in the five spike Dalki’s body. The next second, with its foot’s bottom, it kicked its own tail deeper into the five spike’s ċhėst.

The great pain caused the five spike, forcing it to tumble as the tail inched closer to his heart.

“Don’t worry; we just need to kill you so she can get her tail back!” Peter shouted, but he wasn’t the next one to strike. Rather, it was the headless Hilston. He spun on his toes and activated the beast gear on his body, and he, too, punched the end of the tail.

It was a good thing that Slicer’s tail was one of the strongest things in existence because the punch was sure to break most things. Due to the punch, the tail moved in deeper and had somewhat pierced the Dalki’s heart. It could feel it, but it still wasn’t dead yet.

“Hey, I have to be the one that finished you off!” Peter shouted as he swung both his fists back, then running forward and jumping in the air, he thrust them both ahead at the same time with all his strength. As his fists hit the bottom part of the tail, it not only pierced through the Dalki’s heart but continued through to the other end, and the next second, the five spike Dalki fell to the floor.

The others were speechless as they watched what had happened. Vorden had planned so much in trying to defeat the five spike, and Sil thought that he was the only one, the only one out of the whole group, who could take down the five spike Dalki.

“When did he get so strong?” Raten complained. “He freaking won the contest, didn’t he?”

“I mean, there wasn’t a prize or anything,” Fex replied, wondering what the big deal was. “But yeah, Peter won.”

Pulling the tail out from the Dalki, Peter threw it over to Legs, who got it with her feet. She then somehow managed to attach it back onto herself, which was a bizarre sight for the others to witness.

“Alright, Blob, it’s time for you to wake up. You are my final fourth piece. With scales like that, I’ll have an unbeatable team.” Peter smiled.

A few seconds later, the others were quite surprised as they saw the large blob standing up from the ground once again. It looked the same as before, but now it had a hole in its ċhėst.

“Holy Sh*t! You can do that?! You should have been there when One Horn died!” Fex shouted and now felt like he should have kept his body intact rather than used it for green blood, but that was a must at the time.

However, something soon caught Fex’s attention. He turned his head and could see a large figure flying their way. It landed on the ground the next second, causing them all to startle.

“It’s the dragon!” Vorden shouted.

Immediately, Peter went to get out of there with his Lesser weights; he wasn’t in the best position after all. Everyone moved away quite fast, all for one, of course. The dragon looked down at the blob and immediately jerked its head forward, grabbing the five spike beast.

Lifting its head, they could see it hanging in its mouth. When it closed its jaw, its teeth ripped through the hard scales they all struggled even to scratch a few seconds ago, and after a few chews, it swallowed the beast, and that was the end of it.


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