My Vampire System Chapter 1546: The strongest in the group?

Soon after throwing the rock, Sil went in to perform his next move. He ran across the field, and when he got close, he switched from his speed ability to his strengthening ability. Since he could not reach Dalki’s head, the only thing he could do was slam his fist into its stomach in front of him.

A loud bang resounded in the area and even blew the hair of the others a little. However, the Dalki didn’t even flinch from where it was; instead, it stared down at Sil.

“I’m starting to wonder why the others were so scared of you,” The five spike Dalki said as it lifted its hand and threw a punch at Sil, but with just a slight movement, Sil was able to avoid it with ease, and now that Dalki’s head was a bit lowered, Sil moved again and whacked on its head.

This time, the head flung to the side a little, but turning back, the Dalki just smiled, and anticipating what it was going to do next, Sil took a few steps back.

‘I knew that a five spike Dalki’s scales were tougher than the four spikes but to this degree?’ Vorden frowned while watching the fight. He and the others weren’t nervous even though there was a five spike.

In the first place, their main task was to cause a distraction, and since Logan hadn’t asked for help, they were sure he was okay for now. So instead, without anyone saying anything, they were almost taking it in turns, seeing who could defeat the five spike.

‘Right now, I think Sil must have the foresight ability.’ Vorden thought. ‘Usually, it allows the user to see a whole two seconds ahead of what the enemy is about to do. But with his powers…I wonder how much time he can see ahead of the others? Speed, super strength, and foresight, that’s three out of the six so far. I wonder how much he has been practising with this set of abilities. The foresight ability is tricky to use and fight with at the same time.

‘This is also the problem with Sil. Depending on those around him, he can be insanely strong or sub-par to the point where he can’t even hurt a five spike Dalki.’

“ that’s what you guys are doing?” Fex said, having figured out their plan. “Well, why don’t you all have a minute each? I’ll keep the time. We all have two goes each, apart from me, of course, and after two rounds each with that big blob, we will all go in together to finish it off.”

“And what if one of us kills the five spike before we get a chance to act together?” Raten asked.

“Well, that’s just part of the game. You either go in earlier and defeat the five spike winning the match. If you go in later; maybe the five spike is injured, and you’re able to figure out a way to defeat it with the knowledge of witnessing the others fight. Since you said the game was unfair last time, this sounds fairer. Especially since Sil has already had his turn.” Fex said, looking down the line and smiling at the rest, ensuring they agreed with his words.

“Fine…but I will go next,” Raten said, with his arms crossed.

Nate was able to pick up what the others were saying with his vampire’s ears, and it lit a fire in him. Recently with all those around him, Nate had been feeling a bit down, but he was someone who obsessed over learning the best form of martial arts and finding strong opponents to face.

In the end, though, he discovered there were people with potential far above him who could grow much more powerful than him. However, with the shield, Shadow powers and a vampire body – the things he had obtained from the Cursed faction – How could he not blame himself for not being like the other monsters?

If anything, he had just as much opportunity as the others to grow strong. Seeing the Dalki attempt to punch him twice, Nate quickly avoided the hit.

‘I saw his movements against Sil, and he was a bit slow. With the beast weapon active and the shield, I should be able to do something.’

After dodging the first two hits, Nate himself charged forward, running as fast as possible and threw out a punch. The two fists would slam into each other head-on, but the Dalki’s fist was four times the size of Nate’s.

But just then, the shield that was attached around the other arm of Nate’s disappeared. At the same time, the shadow enveloped his fist, and the shield suddenly appeared in front of him the next moment.

The Dalki’s fist banged into the shield, and the whole impact was absorbed inside, and the shield began to glow in the next second.

“I imagine that damn Graham must have already informed everyone about this shield by now. But there are still ways to trick you guys.” Nate smiled.

The shield exploded with power. The power of the punch should have been twice as much as the impact, and it was what Nate had used so far. But when the bright light settled, the five spike Dalki looked completely fine without a scratch on its scales.

“Hmm, it makes you wonder… is the impact from the shield weak, or is this Dalki’s defence just too strong?” Vorden thought.

Seeing this level of explosion, it seemed like a bit of both were the correct answer. Nate could tell that its own attack was weak, which meant he could never use its own power against this Dalki. If that didn’t pierce its hard shell, what else could he do?

Attempting to hit it with his bȧrė hands a couple of times, Nate successfully landed some solid hits and had even produced a hit similar to the hammer strike to put some internal damage, but the Dalki seemed alright.

After that, Nate’s time was up, and he went back to join the others. The next to enter the field was Raten.

“Damn it,” Nate expressed out loud. “A demon tier weapon, and I couldn’t do anything with how weak its attack was and how slow it was. It’s almost as if this Dalki was created to stall us. I think you were right when you called it a big blob.”

Observing Raten, Vorden wondered if he could see an opening, a chip in its armour as one would say, but so far, he didn’t find anything. Apart from running away from the blob due to its sheer size.

“One Horn was big as well, right?” Vorden asked.

“Yeah, actually, he was even a lot bigger, faster and stronger, but this guy’s skin seems harder than his,” Fex explained.

Hearing that, Vorden was thankful that someone like One Horn wasn’t left behind. Otherwise, they really would have more trouble, or maybe not since Sil was probably strong enough to face him.

While watching Raten fight, others noticed that he was having the same trouble as everyone else. His mud-made blade hands smashed on impact as it hit the hard scales of the Dalki.

There seemed to be nothing he could do, but in the next moment, Raten climbed on top of the Dalki’s head and formed his hand into something as small and pointy as a needle. With it, he stabbed Dalki in the eye. Soon after, though, the Dalki grabbed Raten and slammed him into the floor.

A part of Raten’s mud-like body broke but regrouped together when he landed.

“You bastard, hahaha…I’ll poke both of your eyes out until you die and bleed to death!” Raten laughed.

“Time!” Fex stated, informing Raten that it was time for him to step back.

“Well, Vorden, Peter, it has to be one of you?” Fex asked and soon saw Peter walking forward and punching his fist into the palm of his other hand, with his lesser weights following him.

“It’s time to show you guys that Sil isn’t the strongest in this group.” Peter smiled.

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