My Vampire System Chapter 1545: Everyone die

The group outside the black tower were doing very well in dealing with the Dalki. Still, even though this was the case, a thought flashed through Fex’s mind as he watched everything.

‘If I remember correctly, Logan said that the energy reading from this place was the same as the other places.’ Fex thought. ‘Yet so far, it appears that they are weaker than the other forces we have faced before. Which means that there should still be a humanoid Dalki.’

The battlefield was starting to get quiet as the number of enemies rushing out of the tower had lowered considerably. The dead bodies of the Dalki had piled up around the area, and the boys had ended their competition long ago.

The main reason was that there was already a clear winner among them all: Sil. Even though he didn’t get directly involved much in the battle, but some time ago, he found a hard large rock-like substance not too far away, which he smashed with his bȧrė fists, creating several smaller rocks for him to use, and throwing them, he dealt with the Dalki as soon as the latter stepped out of the tower.

“This is a bit unfair,” Raten complained. “Sil had killed some of those that were stuck in my mud. As I contributed somewhat, I’m sure that should count as a half a point for me.”

The next second, Vorden had landed right by Raten’s side, who had somewhat stopped fighting as well. “I didn’t expect you to be such a whining loser. Anyway, it’s fine; it’s a good thing that of us was badly hurt in the first place.”

Surprisingly, there was someone else too, who hadn’t fought much and that was Peter; instead, he was busy walking through the battlefield, looking at all the Dalki that had been killed so far.

“All of these guys are useless!” Peter shouted, kicking one of the Dalki’s bodies so hard it went flying off in the distance, “If Sil can kill them with a rock, then that means a five spike or more would be able to beat them. You would think that at their base, they would have something worth fighting!”

It was at that moment, at the very top of the shelter, a large object crashed out from the top. Parts of the tower began to fall, and the group quickly regathered themselves. They were in the crater, and the object that had landed in front of them was around ten metres away.

It looked like an uneven ball of a black mass as big as a van. Upon careful observation, they noticed it move slightly, and along its back, five spikes slowly protruded out.

Slowly breaking out of the strange ball, a large Dalki stood straight. Its forearms, shoulders and legs were twice the thickness of a regular Dalki.

“That doesn’t look like a regular Dalki,” Fex noted, which was obvious to all of them.

The Dalki itself was far broader, and its body structure was different in every way. It looked like a Dalki covered in thick armour that was two sizes too large for itself. The only thing was it wasn’t armoured; they were just the scales of its body.

“This doesn’t look like a humanoid Dalki,” Vorden said. “Which means it’s a regular five spike.”

Sil threw a stone from his hands towards the Dalki’s ċhėst like he had done on many others. It was fast and hit it perfectly, only to get crushed into pieces upon impact and not even making the Dalki flinch, much less force him back.

“This is what we needed. Last time, Slicer was too much for us; we needed the help of the other Blades and Quinn. This time, we have to show that we are strong enough to take out a five spike on our own!” Sil said.

The others were inclined to agree, ready for a fight.


Meanwhile, on the other side, before heading off to the Demon beast’s location, Logan decided to inform Sam of what he had found out in Graham’s lab.

“We are still making our way to the Settlement now. All of the leaders are there…but if what you say is true, even with us arriving, it still won’t be enough. Although, I just checked the energy reading, and your worst-case scenario has yet to arrive.” Sam replied, “For now, continue with the current plan. If the energy readings change, I will let you know.”

Still, there was a considerable worry in Logan’s mind. The only good thing was that they had their portable teleporter they could use, but Logan had created a wide range jammer for all teleporters so that the Dalki also couldn’t suddenly appear here for backup.

Before they used the portable teleporter, they would have to finish their job here to head to the Daisy faction. Although they could go to the other battlefield once they finished their mission here, the question was, would they even be in the condition to fight?

‘There are multiple options. Killing the Dragon will force it to go to its other half, which is currently in Quinn’s shadow space, making it whole again. If that’s the case, then there is a high chance it will wake up.

‘But who knows how long that process will take. And whether or not the Dragon will go on a rampage is a different thing. We could stay here and protect the demon tier dragon until the battle is over, but others will most likely need our help.

For now, they needed more information, and because of that, Logan and Layla were heading to the other side of the lab, where Graham had held the Demon tier beast.

While walking through the lab, Layla and Logan noticed fewer workers around the place. Even Logan’s spiders were unable to pick up anyone.

‘The others must be doing an outstanding job.’ Logan thought.

“We might have to fight the demon tier beast, right? It was already in a weakened state from the fight on Blade island, and now most of its energy is drained, so it should be at its weakest.” Layla mentioned and no longer held the sword in her hand, but it was still by her side at all times.

“Yes, correct. However, remember that the Demon tier beast is still a Demon tier beast. We always were taught that the Humanoid Demon tiers were the strongest, but from what we have learned, we know that this Dragon is an exception to the rule. I’m just hoping that we can find a way where we won’t have to have a direct confrontation with it.” Logan replied.

As they got closer and closer to the other part of the lab, Logan noticed something from his spiders. The room where the Demon tier beast was held…was already open. So far, every room they had come across was securely shut by the Dalki, and this one should have been, but to their shock, it was open – it meant only one thing – someone had opened the gate and could be inside the room!

“We have to hurry!” Logan shouted, running forward, worried about what was about to happen.

Based on what his spiders were showing him, he recalled all of them to himself. The remarkable part of his suit was that it would break down when releasing the spiders.

“What’s wrong? What did you see? ” Layla asked.

“Get ready to fight; we have to stop them!” Logan shouted.

The door was up ahead, and they knew immediately they were in the right room. Upon reaching it they could see a giant rectangle container that held the Dragon in place. Countless large machines were injected into the Dragon, keeping it in a strange sedated state while continuously draining its energy.

Seeing the Dragon once again was a reminder of how fierce it was, and what frightened Layla most was that its eye was open, staring towards them.

“Layla, stop them!” Logan shouted.

On one side of the container, besides the control panel, was one of the Jim clones and two Dalki.

“Too late! If we are going to die anyway…why don’t we all die together!'” Jim said, smashing down on one of the buŧŧons, and soon all the strange machines linked to the Dragon began to come off one by one.


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