My Vampire System Chapter 1544: Getting an Upgrade!

The group outside in front of the large black tower didn’t panic as they faced the Dalki. It looked like Logan’s reading device was working correctly after all since there were around the same number of three to four spike Dalki that were at the other fortresses so far.

However, with the team, which consisted of many of the Cursed strongest, it was proving to be very little trouble. It was strange; never in their life would they think they would feel this way when fighting against the Dalki, treating it as some sort of competition.

Vorden was able to fly up high and slash out wind attacks from above, and then when needed, he would swoop down with his steel wings, dealing fatal blows to the enemy. Some Dalki even attempted to jump and latch onto him, but his clawed like feet were deathly strong and sharp.

If he managed to get a grip of any Dalki, they would find it near impossible to break free, not unless they wanted to kill the beast. After obtaining the crystals the vampires had kept, Vorden had used those crystals to evolve himself into a demon tier beast just like Raten.

His speed was deadly when he flew in a straight path using his wings. His wind powers were just as strong as a high-level wind ability user, and his body was just as strong as the Dalki he was facing.

At the same time, another Demon tier beast was causing a rampage, having created several sharp blades. Raten’s strange mud-like substance also slowed down his opponents somewhat. Then calmingly walking on the ground, he would slice his enemies as if they were standing still.

Fex, who was down below, couldn’t quite believe it. It was clear that Demon tier beasts were always a bigger worry than the Dalki. However, they never tried to take over earth, and the beasts didn’t fight as a group. If two demon tier beasts found each other in the same territory, they would attempt to take each other out. It was something built-in to their nature.

‘Man, if the humans ever had to go up against an army of demon tiers…that would be troubling.’ Fex thought while standing at the back, with his hands by his side, not taking part in the battle. This was not because he didn’t want to join and help; rather, it was just that there really was no reason for him to join.

Even Nate, who Fex always saw as someone below him, was doing fairly well due to the Demon tier shield he still had in his hand. Blocking hits left and right and blasting the Dalki away with twice the counter-power was sure to finish off nearly any of them.

Finally, there then was Sil, the one who, as expected, was performing the best among all of them. It was strange, but all Sil had been doing so far was picking up rocks from the ground and throwing them at the enemy. At times the force would be so strong that it would break before reaching its target.

Thankfully, Sil could use plenty of materials on the Dalki planet that withstood his throwing power, but each one that hit the Dalki pierced right through their body. If it hit the head or the heart area, the Dalki would die on the spot, as if a bullet went through them.

It was hard to tell whether this was a strength ability or something else, but Sil seemed very focused on his attacks.

In the tower itself, more Dalki were rushing down going towards the human’s, but even they could see that what was currently going on was a slaughter fest. One of Jim’s clones was also taking a peek out of the window inside the room.

“Two beasts, humans, vampires… It feels like everyone is going up against the Dalki. I guess Graham underestimated them after all.” Jim said

“What do we do?” Another Dalki asked. It was a four spike whom Graham had left in charge in his absence, “We can’t get in touch with Graham at the moment either. Something is jamming our devices!”

‘So it looks like a great mind is here as well.’ The clone thought.

“I have a suggestion. It’s up to you whether you follow it or not, but if you choose not to, there’s a good chance that all of us will die.” Jim’s clone smiled, thinking perhaps it could use this situation to his advantage.


Over in front of what the others believed to be Graham’s lab, Layla had just collapsed. Immediately, the group rushed over, but it looked like she was still conscious. The first thing Linda did was lift her and place her on her back.

Then, she and Borden quickly moved the Dalki inside the lab while shutting the doors behind them.

“I’m okay, Linda. You can put me down…it’s just a minor headache, that’s all.” Layla replied.

“I think it would be best that you don’t use that sword too much if that’s the drawback of using it. There are other ways we can deal with the Dalki.” Logan said, but he wasn’t looking at them. Instead, he looked out towards the lab and was surprised at what he could see.

There were large glass containers filled with liquid and more however that wasn’t the surprising thing. All of the servers and other devices were smashed and destroyed.

“Why would he destroy his own lab and leave it like this?” Linda asked.

Seeing it, Logan could only laugh.

“It seems like he somewhat expected us to get this far and wanted to keep the information. Maybe, the old me would have been devastated to see this, but just hitting on these machines wouldn’t stop me from extracting any information at all. That Dalki doesn’t know who I am.”

Placing his hand on the ground, Logan activated his soul weapon. Because of the information he had gathered before from the other server room, he knew the details of just what terminals were in this place and other necessary things. It was also all based on things he had seen upon getting information from Richard.

It looked like a lot of what Jim, Graham and Richard knew was most likely the same thing. Because of this, Logan could rebuild the entire room with his soul weapon. He broke down the machinery into finer, smaller spiders and began to restructure it again.

His skill wasn’t like healing or reversing time; he was just fixing things and putting it back together. This was why when everything was complete, it was as if no one ever destroyed it in the first place.

“There might be some corrupted data here and there, but I think I’ll manage.” Logan smiled, placing his hand on the terminals and trying to uncover whatever he could.

The information was soon downloaded into his head. Now he was getting information on experiments that Graham had done so far, including about the humanoid beasts he had created.

The layout of this base showed that this place was linked to the Demon tier beast on the other side. Finally, after he downloaded everything, Logan had finished his work in this lab.

“Hahaha, the Dalki are searching for a way to get the ability to reproduce and live a long life. I now have all the information they want.” Logan smiled. “Which means Borden…it’s time for an upgrade. Hurry up! Hop into the glass container!

“It will take a long time to build a lab like this anywhere else. So, this is currently our best shot.”

Borden didn’t know what was happening but had trusted Logan before and would trust him now. A strange claw-like device came and picked up Borden, placing him in the glass container. Logan then turned it on, and the upgraded process would soon begin.

“How long is this going to take?” Linda asked.

“I’m not sure, perhaps an hour or so? Once Layla has recovered, I was going to tell you to look after this room. With what’s happening outside, I doubt anyone would come in here while Layla and I go and check up on the Demon tier beast.” Logan explained.

Layla was still a bit dizzy, but she was recovering very fast, so they should be able to move out soon.

Logan didn’t tell them that he had found out something dire while going through the information in Graham’s lab. The vampire settlement was in serious trouble, and he knew why Graham was so confident now.


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