My Vampire System Chapter 1543: Inside the Dalki base

Around Logan’s left arm, there was a constant robotic casing. For the most part, this was because he covered up what his Dalki arm looked like. It didn’t look too out of place for Logan because his whole suit was made up of strange nanomachinery, which he could break down to create different suits or use for unique circumstances like the current one.

The good thing was, Logan always had a set of supplies with him, and he had somewhat predicted that there would be vampires at the Dalki main base. One of his guesses was that Jim would be here, though he wasn’t considering encountering this many.

Still, because of this, he had prepared a special spray with him that allowed him to blend in with other vampires. They would be picking up his special scent, and thus, he also sprayed it on Borden and Layla for safe measure. Subclasses carried a different and detectable scent, and as for Borden, Logan honestly had no idea, but there was no need to take risks.

They were using the special spiders, and thanks to the big distraction in the opposite direction, they managed to reach the special lab without any trouble. They had the perfect team with them. The spiders could spot hallways and more, alerting them if anyone came their way.

As for Little Borden, at a glance, most would choose to ignore him, so help the team get through small places, then there was Layla. Currently, the group had made it into the main lab and the locked doors weren’t a problem for Logan with his powers. The only one who felt somewhat useless was Linda, but she was ready to help whenever needed.

“We need to get to this lab’s server room or something similar. Although it might not have the information we need, it should have the layout of this place.” Logan explained.

His spiders were busy searching the place, and they could see two Dalki coming their way down one of the hallways. They were in somewhat of a rush. Rising her hand, Layla started to float up a few rocks she had picked up from the outside.

She slowly moved it past their feet on the ground and then flung it as fast as she could, hitting the wall of that hallway in the opposite direction.

“Did you hear that… let’s go; we need to check it out. I heard the attackers are humans, but there are only a few of them; there could be more!” The Dalki said as they rushed over.

Logan realised on this mission that the Dalki weren’t exactly the brightest, and as they went around the place, they also noticed that all the vampire clones were being treated like slaves.

They were being pushed around without any regard and respect and were silenced whenever they tried to say anything. How the situation came to be would certainly be an interesting one, but first, Logan had another job to finish.

Heading into one of the rooms by the hallway, the team found themselves in some type of storage room. It had a mixture of chemicals in glass bottles, melted crystals and more.

‘Judging by this, we should be close. Instead of walking around and getting caught, I should wait for my spiders to do the job. We are in a good enough location right now.’

Thinking about this, Logan began to guide the spiders to start the search, and it didn’t take long for Logan to find what he was looking for. It wasn’t the lab but a server room. That place might give them some basic information about where the Dragon and Graham’s lab was.

“How are my brothers and the others doing?” Borden asked.

“They don’t seem to be in trouble. I haven’t gotten an update from them, but they said they would contact me only if there was some trouble. I am more concerned about trying to pinpoint the location of the Demon tier beast.

“The device that we were using before is getting readings from all over the place. My guess is they are using the Demon tier energy for several things, which is messing with the readings.” Logan replied.

Using the same tactic that they had done before, they made their way to the server room. It was almost left unguarded, and honestly, Logan was quite surprised how few Dalki there were in the whole lab.

‘Have they already consumed all of the beast’s energy, or perhaps was Sam right in thinking that Graham is overconfident?’

Placing his hand on the server, Logan was ready to get whatever information he needed. As expected, the servers linked to the Demon tier beast weren’t here and the same for Graham’s lab, but it did reveal their location.

Unfortunately, the two of them were in opposite places in the lab. With the main centre in the way, they will have to decide which one to go to first. While looking through the server information, although it said nothing about the demon tier beast or Graham’s research, it did have some other information.

‘A breakout?’ Logan thought. Looking into it a bit more, he had just uncovered some shocking information. ‘It said here that there was an ability user here, who, along with Truedream, had escaped from this place!

‘So Truedream really was alive after all…and he even managed to escape. Well, the Dalki are a bigger problem right now. It seems he’s been gone for a while and hasn’t done anything. Perhaps he is planning to stay out of this war?’

Glancing at Layla and then at Borden, Logan finally made a choice. For now, they would head to Graham’s lab. He was still unsure what they would do with the Demon tier beast, and it might take a lot of time to defeat it anyway.

In the meantime, Logan wanted to see if he could do anything for Little Borden. The group rushed, following Logan, but he didn’t say anything. This was the choice he had made. Eventually, they reached the lab and for once, came across another pair of guards. The pair stood firmly in front of the lab, and it didn’t look like they could be distracted just with some noise, unlike the previous ones.

“They’re both three spike Dalki…I won’t be able to take them out without making some noise. Borden, if you used your injection and turned into a four spike, do you think you can beat them up quickly?” Logan asked.

Borden thought about it for a while. A four spike’s strength was far greater than a three spike, but to defeat the enemy without making noise was a big concern.

“Hey,” Layla called out. “I can do it.”

It didn’t cross Logan’s mind to ask Layla. Because even though she had defeated the Dalki Helen, everything he had noticed about her seemed odd.

“Layla, I know what Peter said might have annoyed you, but it’s too risky,” Linda replied.

Logan looked at what was in Layla’s hand. She was already holding the black sword by her side rather than the bow. Logan wondered since when did she start using this weapon.

“If you are sure you can do this, then go for it. Anyway, I don’t think you would say anything if you didn’t feel confident.” Logan answered.

Nodding her head, Layla soon changed to her second form. She grew slighter taller, and the Horns on her head ported the most when she was in this form. Still, other than the fourth form, this was when she was at her fastest and had abilities more like that of a vampire, but the most noticeable thing was the flickering sword marking, pulsing like a heartbeat.

Layla squinted as she tried to ignore all the cries that went off in her head, and in the next second, she ran out. Her eyes had bȧrėly opened, but before the Dalki could even notice, her sword had already moved and sliced through the pair’s necks, killing them on the spot.

The others, witnessing this, were speechless.

“Wow…maybe she should have joined the competition after all.”

Borden smiled, but they suddenly saw Layla collapsing on the ground, right in front of the lab door.


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