My Vampire System Chapter 1542: Creating a big bang

The reason why most of them had glanced at each other was that they thought that seeing the first Dalki was the sign for their little competition to start. They all looked at the Dalki like it was some prey, and at the same time, when it saw them, it opened its mouth wide, as if it was ready to attack.

The Dalki aren’t the type of beings to run away in the first place, and it wasn’t as if they knew or bothered learning the faces of the humans that they needed to be scared of.

“The first one’s mine!” Peter shouted, almost charging forward but before anyone else had moved. There was already someone faster than him and had punched Dalki in the ċhėst. The fist pushed through the Dalki’s ċhėst, and it died without knowing what had hit him.

“So you decided to go for a speed ability once again?” Fex questioned. “Damn, I really thought that you might have picked stronger abilities in case you went up against Graham. Since you know they didn’t work last time, why didn’t you pick some other abilities?”

“This ability…saves lives,” Sil replied and went back to walk with the rest. “Also, that’s one point to me.”

Honestly, Fex was just complaining because he knew with all of these monsters in this group, he stood next to no chance of ever winning the competition. He just wasn’t even in the same league, even though they would often call him on these events because he knew the Cursed people well, and his strong ability came in handy a lot.

It made him think if his ability was something else, would they even consider inviting him along? Still, Sil did think Fex had a point because it wasn’t enough to beat Graham if they ran into him with the current set of abilities.

“The competition is a good idea. My abilities won’t last for a long time, so we should get a move on.” Sil reminded them.

“Agreed,” Logan said. “Since we have already encountered the first Dalki, we must be close to the main base.”

The group was treading lightly with their destination, the huge black tower, now in reach. Nate didn’t know how to use Shadow travel, but he succeeded in spreading out his shadow on the ground, making their footsteps almost silent as they continued to walk.

Once again, the terrain changed, and now it looks more like a jungle. The ground was still black underneath, but there were plenty of trees, which was perfect for the group to conceal themselves. The others had spotted a few more Dalki, but raising his hand, Logan stopped others from going after them, at least until they were aware of the whole situation.

“I can hear something. It sounds like a ship’s engine.” Jake said.

Trusting the vampire’s leader’s ears, they decided to follow the direction of the sound and soon reached what looked like a launching pad, but not just any type; it was one where all the Dalki motherships that they had seen were.

There were several ships here, around four of them landed at present, and the sound of other Dalki making more, but not just Dalki, they also noticed the presence of vampires, and surprisingly, all of them looked the same.

“What the f*ck!” Nate almost shouted, but it just turned into a loud whisper. “That’s Jim! That’s all those clones from that island, do you remember? Come on, you guys, you have to remember.”

The others knew all right.

“Just because the original might be dead doesn’t mean they can’t stop creating clones,” Logan said.

“Wait a minute, why can’t they clone Dalki then? Like they do the vampires. Can’t they use those new nest crystals you found?” Nate asked.

Logan shook his head.

“I think it’s something to do with a demon tier beast’s energy. In the first place, a nest crystal can’t produce a demon tier beast, and how they actually exist is something unknown. Perhaps a beast keeps evolving? An unnatural occurrence, but the beast made by a nest crystal is never that powerful to start with.

“Since the Dalki have the Demon tier energy in them, it’s impossible to replicate. Anyway, speaking of the Demon tier beast, the reading seems to be coming from behind them, and if I am not wrong, the structure which I am sure we can all see is the lab we were discussing earlier.”

Indeed, the others noticed the lab too; it wasn’t too far away.

“The other reading, although there are a lot of Dalki here, most of the energy sources are coming from closer to where that tower is,” Logan explained.

The tower wasn’t too far off from where they were, and they could see it too, but it was perhaps a kilometre over in the other direction. Now the question was, what was the group to do.

“I have an idea. I know before we left the ship, we agreed it wasn’t a good idea for us to split up.” Logan said. “But in this case, it might be. You guys still want to have your competition, right? Then my suggestion is that the Blades, along with Nate and Fex, except for Borden, head towards the tower.

“He comes with us, and Linda and Layla will stay with me. You guys, I want you to make as big a bang as possible, and if there is any trouble at all, notify us immediately. If you can handle it, then go crazy. If you can’t, we will come up with another plan.

“Honestly, if you guys can’t handle it, I doubt we would be able to as well, which is why we need another plan to get rid of the Demon tier beast. The other group will head inside the lab.” While saying this, he gave little Borden a wink.

To see if there was anything they could do about his state. According to Quinn, he had seen the technology they had, and if Jin’s clone was still here, he felt confident he would find something that would help little Borden no longer be little anymore.

The others seemed to agree somewhat, apart from Fex, who wanted to go along with the girls, but both groups were already moving their own ways, leaving Fex just to shake his head.

‘I wish I was with Samantha…anyway, I just need to get through this, and then I can spend the rest of my time with her.’


It didn’t take long for Nate and the others to reach the front of the black tower, but they noticed something strange. While making their way there, they noticed that in front of the base was the ground caved inward, and there were several cracks in it as well. Eventually, they realised it wasn’t natural for the land to be that way; what they were in was an enormous crater.

At first, they thought it was just part of the land layout, but now that they were by the edge that only just reached the black tower, they could tell it was a crater.

“Is that just me, or does that look like someone bombed the ground, or maybe…punched it?” Nate asked.

It certainly looked to be the case.

“Does that mean…whatever created that is here?” Fex asked.

“Either way…we will have to face whatever created that crater if they are here or not. We have to try and stop him. We can’t just rely on Quinn all the time.” Sil said as he picked up a stone and threw it towards the Dalki. The stone went through the Dalki’s head in the next moment, killing it instantly.

The others redied themself as it sounded like more were soon coming.


Back where Logan and the others were, they were patiently waiting a few seconds later, and they could hear constant explosions go off in the distance, not too far away. The Dalki and the clones, noticing this, started to rush over while a few had stayed behind.

“Looks like they are causing quite the commotion over there. Let’s go.” Logan said.


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