My Vampire System Chapter 1541: Peaceful Dalki

The new ship travelled faster than the usual medium-sized vessels, which meant they wasted next to no time getting to the Dalki main ship’s location, the place which their enemy called home. Looking out the window, they could see it did really look like a small planet.

What was most interesting about it wasn’t just the shape of the thing, but the fact that it was made up of several different terrains. It was a spaceship that the Dalki had made using all of the other beast planets.

“When I look at this, I feel a bit sad for the Dalki,” Logan said as they slowed down upon approaching the place. They turned the ship’s camouflage system on as they slowly came to the planet, lowering the probability of alerting the enemy.

Logan had backed every bit of his family’s technology and his own knowledge, including Richard’s, to create this ship. After completing the trials, everyone was left with a weapon to help them in this battle.

Although it might have seemed like the reward was the Nest Crystal, to Logan, he felt more like it was the knowledge left behind by Richard for someone to take his place in all of this.

“What do you mean? The Dalki are trying to kill us; why would you feel sad for them?” Fex asked. “No offence Borden.” He felt like he needed to mention since Borden was also a Dalki.

“Just think about it, can’t you? The Dalki were created by vampires, but that place never felt like home to them. Earth is a place they hadn’t been to before, so what did they do? Looking at this, it feels almost as if they tried to create their own home.”

“That still doesn’t change the fact that they are trying to kill us, again, no offence Borden,” Fex added once again.

“It makes me wonder, why doesn’t Borden want to kill us?” Vorden asked. “I mean, he’s just like the Dalki and the humanoid Dalki that we have encountered.”

Borden placed his finger on his chin as he thought about the answer himself.

“I don’t even know the answer to that one.” He finally replied. “When I first was born, I just wanted to find you, brother, but I do have an urge to keep fighting, but that goes for all creatures, not just humans. Still, I can suppress it.”

“It was my first time.” Logan suddenly said, which made the others strangely look at Logan, waiting for him to explain himself. “I think Borden mixing in with so little of the beast DNA compensated for using most of your structure Vorden…or Sil’s structure, to be precise. Honestly, there are some things that even I can’t explain with science.

“For instance, at the time, the mind that was occupying Sil’s body was yours, Vorden, and the personality that Borden represents most out of all three of you is yours. In fact, I can say that he nearly doesn’t have a trace of the other two.

“Yet, the body always had and always belonged to Sil? Honestly, it might just be that Vorden’s nature is so good that it overcomes any Dalki dėsɨrės, or just like any creation, when mixing a set of genes together and mashing things up, no person or Dalki, I should say in this instance, is the same. Let’s think of Borden as a mutation. In fact, if we could study Borden more, we could try to find out what makes him different from the rest.

“When we know this factor, we could try changing the Dalki. However, to even try to do something like that, even if we did find a solution, we would have to capture them and modify them. Imagine trying to do that when we are already fighting for our lives.” Logan explained

“Speaking of which,” Little Borden said. “I only have one injection left. I know you made a lot for me when we had the Demon tier beast, but I was wondering if you had any more.”

“Unfortunately, that is the last one. The demon tier beast that Quinn has can not be used anymore. Perhaps if we are successful in our goal or find something in their lab, we can do something.”

The ship was ready to land in a forest-like region as the conversation ended. It looked for the most open area and scanned for any traces of life, but there weren’t any signs of life on this side of the planet. After crushing a few trees, the ship landed, and everyone descended from the ship.

Looking back, they could see that the ship was practically invisible; it was amazing, and with the trees, it was nearly impossible to find it. Although one could still touch it, and if touched, a ripple around the ship would reveal its location.

“Don’t worry; the ship is linked to inform me if it reads any signs of life coming within its range,” Logan explained. “However, we have a long walk in front of us. All of the Dalki, just like the forces before, are focused on one location.”

“I think it might have been that large black tower. I mean, that has to be a dead give-away that something is there, right?” Fex commented.

The rest nodded at this, and soon, it was time for them all to make their way over there. The group walked through the forest-like territory for a while, and up ahead, they noticed the surface changing into a strange hard black substance ground.

“Before we engage in combat, I would like to ask everyone a favour.” Logan started to speak, following something on his wristwatch. He was seemingly looking at something, but the others couldn’t really see.

“The Dalki have a lab here, and I would like to gather as much information from them as possible. So let’s try to get all the Dalki out of the area. Deal with the Dalki first, and then try to handle the Demon tier beast. In fact, if we deal with all the Dalki here, then maybe we can just leave the Demon tier beast captive. They are sure to have it locked up somewhere.” Logan asked.

“Why would you want to get information from the Dalki? We will be getting rid of them all away.” Jake said and then received a look from small Borden, who was riding on Vorden’s shoulder. “Sorry little guy, I keep forgetting.”

“Destroying knowledge is something we must not do because it can help us in the future; besides, you guys keep talking about how strong you were. If it’s true, then these forces should be easy for you.”

“Haha, that sounds great!” Raten stated, punching his fists together. “Alright, then why don’t we all have a friendly competition? Who can deal with the most Dalki while on here? I mean, I would win anyway, but maybe I should use one hand to give you guys an advantage.”

Usually, the others weren’t so much into competitions, especially with how serious the situation was, but Raten always managed to annoy them somehow.

“Are you so sure about that Raten? Is Sil included in this as well?” Vorden asked.

“Haha…I have a big advantage if that’s the case.” Peter said with his lesser Wights walking by his side.

“What is wrong with you guys!” Layla suddenly spoke up. Linda had been quiet all along as well. She was still affected by what happened in battle with One Horn, but she knew this conversation was just a way how the others were dealing with the pressure of the situation. For Layla, it was different.

“This is dangerous; we could all die, people are dying now, and there are even those attacking the Vampire settlement. Once they’re done there, they will go for the other planets, and here you are taking all this as a game.”

There was silence from most of them until Peter broke the ice.

“Calm down, are you on your period or something?” Peter replied. “Just because we know your weak arse isn’t going to win, no need to complain about our fun. Stop spoiling it for us….”

At that moment, Peter’s voice trailed off, and everyone paused and glanced at each other, because coming out from behind a rock…was Dalki.


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