My Vampire System Chapter 1534: A second chance to win

The decision had been made and everyone was informed about what they needed to do next. They were also made aware of the unfortunate and fortunate events that had happened so far around the beast solar system. However, there was one detail that Sam kept from most, and that was regarding Nicu’s death.

They had been informed to be weary and careful if they were to see a black or blonde haired female, and those that knew it was Erin, they were told about it as well. After all, not everyone knew about who Erin was or where she had come from, and Sam was sure that Quinn wanted to keep it that way for now. The good thing was for the vampires that were the least of their worries. However, just when the vampire settlement was about to be attacked. Sam believed it was better that they didn’t know the first leader had died during battle.

Still, there was one more group that hadn’t been made aware of what had happened with Erin, and that was Sam’s own group. This was because if they did see her, he could warn them on the spot, and at the same time, there was one person in the group that was already emotionally unstable as it was. If he were to add to that, Sam didn’t know what would happen and if her life was to be lost in this battle as well, he didn’t know how that person in particular would act.

“So, what’s the plan?” Dennis asked, as the leaders walked out front, and the group was heading towards the fortress. The current group was half the size that it originally was, as Sam had left half of them behind to look after the Ship.

There were two reasons for this. One of them being that they needed to protect the ship if they wanted to head back towards the vampire settlement. Logan had also brought along a portable teleporter, so it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

An anti jammer had also been sent out to Nate and the others to be used once they reached the Dalki home planet. That way, reinforcements couldn’t suddenly come. Of course there was a chance they had a way around this, yet Logan thought that to be unlikely.

According to him, they would have to get their hands on his anti jammer device that was different to the Dalki’s to reverse engineer it. Worse case scenario, it would at least buy them some time. It certainly was a good thing that Logan was on their side.

Still, there were some great minds that were with the Dalki as well.

The real reason why Sam had decided for half of the forces to stay behind was because they were useless. With the emergency of the New Gen Dalki, the fact that numbers weren’t particularly helpful was just further cemented. Only to be used to delay the Dalki to getting them before the others.

Half the force was the number he had come up with, which would determine whether they would be able to beat the New Gen Dalki or not. Losing beyond this number, In the amount of time it would take, if the others hadn’t dealt with the Dalki by then they would have lost this battle anyway.

“So far we have only seen one Humanoid Dalki, but there have been cases at other Shelters with them being two.” Sam explained. “We will make two teams, one to deal with the humanoid Dalki and the other to help out the attack force against the others.”

The two groups were as follows. Vincent, Layla, and the two Daisy sisters were to take on the Humanoid Dalki. While Sam, Dennis, and Logan would lead the rest of the group to raid the fortress and go for the other strong Dalki.

They soon came into sight, and the group split up. There were also a few strong members in the Daisy faction and vampires that would be somewhat supporting the attack force of the humanoid Dalki.

“Move carefully!” Sam ordered as the group were getting ready to sprint across the field at any second. They had ranged ability users, and once they were in range they would send out their attacks first. As powerful as they could, and that was when the rest of them would charge in towards the fortress.

He needed to see how they would react, if they would rush out, or if they would continue to protect the fortress. However, before they had even reached the fortress at a range that the ability users could start their siege, one of the Dalki that was looking out towards them leapt up in the air.

They could see it high up like a small dot, and eventually it crashed and landed on its own out in the open. It wasn’t just any Dalki though, it was the humanoid Dalki that had the appearance of Helen.

“Should we charge in?” Dennis asked. “This wasn’t in the plan.”

It surely wasn’t, and as the strategist and leader, Sam now needed to adjust to his plans, but of the other Dalki were moving out. The next second, though, the Dalki Helen started to speak.

“I’ve come here with a proposal. ” Dalki Helen announced quite loudly. Those around Sam could hear her, but not the humans beyond them. “I know that you vampires can hear me.”

“We shouldn’t be listening to whatever she has to say. We just need to attack. Now’s our chance to take out the humanoid Dalki while she’s on her own. I doubt the others can come to help her in time.” Vincent advised Sam.

Because of this, Sam gave the nod, but the next second, just as they were all about to move, something sprouted from the ground and readily grabbed Sam. It looked like a Dalki hand had grown from the ground itself.

It soon smashed Sam on the floor and kept him in place.

“You vampires aren’t the only ones with good hearing. There will be no sneaky plans, and if you don’t agree, I will kill him on the spot.” Dalki Helen warned them. “My proposal is in the best interest of both our groups. We’ll have a duel, your strongest representative against me.

“I have heard the reports of the other places so far. I believe that we all understand the current situation. If you can’t defeat me, then it’s hopeless for your side, yet if I can’t beat your strongest, then it would be the same for my side.”

After making this proposal, many of them looked towards Sam to make a decision, but his mouth was covered up. It looked like whatever was holding him in place was made from roots or some type of plant, but at a closer look, it had the same set of scales as the Dalki.

They were all sure that it had to be the Dalki Helen’s doing.

“Vincent, you’re the next in charge, what do we do?” Dennis asked.

“The proposal might actually be in our favour. Honestly, though, I have trouble believing that the losing side will adhere to the conditions. If we lose, then a battle will probably still break out. If they lose, it would be the same, but it does give us the chance to get rid of the most problematic one.

“The question is… is there a single one among us that is strong enough to fight the humanoid Dalki on their own. She seems to be serious about the duel, since they are holding Sam hostage rather than killing him. … It also means we have to take part if we don’t want to lose him.”

“Shall I make things easier for you?” Dalki questioned.

The next moment, the strange roots started to move, still moving on to Sam. However, they were moving away from the fortress, as well as the attacking forces. The roots stopped when they were a fair distance away from everyone.

“You’re correct, you don’t really have a choice if you want to save him. If you win, I ȧssure you that I will do everything in my power to make sure the rest of the Dalki don’t act. Can’t you see, all of them are being good little boys right now and staying back there?

“They listen to me, so don’t worry about that. I offer you this proposal because I just want to protect as many of their lives as possible, just like you do on your side. A duel should decide things while also minimising the loss of life.”

With the conditions made, and the situation they were all in, it was hard for them to really say no to the proposal, even if it felt more like blackmail. So now, they needed to decide who would be the one to come forward.

The sisters looked at each other, they wanted to go and get revenge for Helen, killing this cheap imitation of her. However, their strength relied on each other and they were unsure if they could do the job, especially since Dalki Helen only wanted to fight a single person.

“I guess, I’m the best shot we have.” Vincent eventually stated. “I’m just as strong as Quinn and I have a lot of experience, on top of that I can use my Blood powers. However, that’s it, I don’t have an ability… but I still think I’m the best chance we have.”

.They had seen Vincent’s strength, he was indeed strong, but… was that enough?

“No.” One person disagreed, already walking in front of the others. “Vincent, I’m sorry, but I want to take this one. I think I’m the best chance we have. I know you’re strong, probably stronger than me… but this is more of a personal matter for me. Furthermore, I have to do this, and I promise I will take her down… no matter the price I have to pay for it.”

With that, Layla walked in front of the others. Hearing such conviction in her voice, Vincent couldn’t really do anything but smile.

“Good luck.”

Layla stood a good few metres away from the Dalki Helen, and the two were quite far away from the fortress and the attack force. Far away from them not to get involved.

‘I lost to you once in a duel… and I guess this is my chance to make up for that. I will free you from your pain, Helen.’


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