My Vampire System Chapter 1533: The last leg

Sam and the rest had docked on the rocky planet with a frozen-wave-like surface and were waiting to make the next move. They had plenty of supplies to last them a while, and they hadn’t really been there for long despite how long it felt to the army.

With nothing much to do and knowing that they would soon go into battle, time just felt like a standstill to them all.

They had set up somewhat of a base near the main ship and the other fleet of ships. Groups were taking turns to keep watch in all directions and would come back for reports. In truth, they weren’t needed because, on top of that, Logan had set up sensors just in case anything unexpected came their way.

Since they noticed that the Dalki were no longer leaving their fortresses, the group believed they were safe. For the time being, they weren’t attacking the Dalki fortress, which also had the new gen. Although, a few in the army wanted to act straight away.

In particular, Ivy and Peach, and even Layla. Although their reasons were understandable.

Sam was with Logan, and they had set up their own office space outside next to the spaceships. Several large crates of supplies were stacked together and placed adjacent to create temporary tables and a workplace.

Logan had several screens in front of him, and through them, he was analysing and sharing all of the information they had received from all the groups. It amazed Sam how Logan was able to work from anywhere and would always turn that area into such a mess. As there were small gadgets everywhere that Logan would play with when he had nothing else to do.

Currently, Sam was thinking back to when they had first discovered the Dalki fortress.


“That’s.. that’s….” Peach sobbed her eyes out, and so did her sister Ivy next to her. While one was a wreck of emotions, the other was comforting her, but she too was clearly in pain, as well.

“I can’t believe it; those bastards really did it!” Layla controlled her urge to shout, afraid that she might blow away their cover.

“It looks like they have figured out a way to imprint specific D.N.A. into the new Dalki they have created. Perhaps a more complete Borden?” Logan spoke to himself.

“You..!” Layla gritted her teeth, picking up Logan by the scruff of his shirt and holding him up in the air. His feet were dangling off the ground. “Is that all you have to say…she…is…”

“That thing isn’t her,” Sam said, placing his hand on her shoulder. “Logan was just making an observation. He wasn’t the one that created that thing. They used her D.N.A., mixed with the Demon tier beast, to create that. I understand how you feel. It’s disgusting and disrespectful to see the Dalki do that to her. But why are you lashing out at Logan?”

Letting go of Logan, Layla quickly apologised and even bowed down. Sam was right. It was just unexpected to see Helen like that of all things.

“Alright, so what’s the plan? I’m happy to go out in front and take those guys down.” Layla declared and was already gripping the sword’s hilt in her hand.

“For now…I think the best decision would be to wait.” Sam suggested.

“Wait? But we came here to fight; what’s the use of waiting?!” Peach, who was on the ground, shouted in rage. The two sisters were ready to kill whatever that imitation of their sister was, and the group with them, which was mainly composed of those in the Daisy faction, felt the same.

“Let me explain it to you.” Sam sighed. “Out of all the planets in the Beast solar system, this one is located right in the centre. It’s a strategic location for the Dalki. They can support the other groups from left to the right, and they can even continue going forward and enter our part of the solar system.

“On top of that, if the main Dalki base is located behind it like I suspect it is, they can even go to support that group as well. Right now, while we are here observing them, we are making them stay put.

“If they try to move, we can attack them right here and do more damage, losing negligible forces. However, I believe they already know this. Maybe they just didn’t think that we would get here that fast. Now, if we camp here, it will work as good intimidation, and these Dalki will be forced to remain in their fortress, unable to help any of the other fortresses.

“So, for now, let’s just wait and see how the other groups are doing.”


‘Out of the nine battles so far, both Graylash families won their battles. Owen and Grim have retreated but lost too much from their groups. Then from the Cursed faction, Graham was last seen by them.

‘From what we have heard…the group and Sunny have lost the battle there. Where Graham is now, we have no idea. We lost Sach to One Horn, but his group defeated him. Because of that, now the Dalki from one of the planets is heading towards the Daisy faction. Honestly, this is one of my major worries.

‘Still, the good news is that the other two Earthborn groups will most likely win their battles, but whether we can utilise their forces after that is another thing altogether. Then out of the Cursed faction, the Blade’s and Peter have done remarkably well.’

There was one thing they were waiting for. After Nate had discovered the main Dalki base, they were trying to get energy reading’s from it. The problem was, just as Sam had suspected, the main Dalki base was behind the current planet they were on.

No matter what, since the forces from this planet could not support the main base, they needed to take it out. Finally, though, an energy reading had come back from the main planet.

“I don’t know whether we are lucky or unlucky,” Logan said. “The energy reading on the Dalki planet itself is the same as the forces so far on the other planets.”

To Sam, this was good news because it meant the Dalki would be no more challenging than what they had faced so far. This also meant that there was no need to send an army of humans; a strong team would suffice to go and deal with the situation.

“Send an order out.” Sam finally said after thinking about it for a while. “Nate, the Blades, Fex, Linda, Peter, Jake Muscat are to head on to take out the Demon tier beast and will enter the Dalki planet alone.

“As for us, it’s time for us to make a move as well. We will proceed to attack the Dalki fortress. Once we are done here, we will split up our forces. Some of us will head to the main Dalki base to support Nate and the others, while the others will return to the Daisy faction to defend.”

Logan understood and sent out the order, but there was one nail biting volatile factor in Sam’s plan who could disrupt their whole plan: Graham.

Graham would most likely be making his next move right now, and in Sam’s head, there were three options. Graham alone was a strong enough force to try and take out the planets that we had just claimed, destroying the weakened forces one by one. This was the most unlikely option, but Sam imagined it would cause them the most trouble since he would have to manoeuvre everyone as quickly as possible to defend.

However, the other two options that were likely would make either one fail. Graham would either go back to defend the Dalki main base planet to protect his precious Demon tier beast. Or the most likely option, which Sam hadn’t told anyone yet based on his personality.

Soon, he would join the attack force on the Daisy planet and take it down.

‘Graham…I hope I’m not right…You are confident in your strength, and that’s why you’ve left us the demon tier beast. Why does the main ship matter if you can kill us all to get your demon tier beast back?

‘But if that’s the case…we have won this battle, and then it will just be down to Quinn and Graham to battle it out. I feel bad for the vampire settlement, but this is the best choice.’


Just then, in the very same vampire settlement, most of the vampires were staying in their homes. However, a few would remain stationed on the strongly fortified walls, and they were even those who would stand in the defensive towers their king had built.

They looked outward to see if they could spot anything since all of the vampires were alerted of the incoming attack. With no leaders to help them currently, they were on their own for now.

“They’re here, I see it!” One of the vampires shouted down to the rest.


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