My Vampire System Chapter 1532: The stronger group

If one was to watch the fight between Peter and the new Gen Dalki, they would have called it one-sided, but for the first time, it wouldn’t be the humans being overwhelmed; instead, it was the Dalki.

So far, many of the groups had struggled against the new overpowering Dalki, but in the case of Peter, he turned out to be the perfect nemesis of them.

He himself was a strong force, but of course, there had been many strong people in the other forces too, but the difference was that Peter’s strength didn’t just come from himself but even from those he rose. On top of that, any difficult enemy he would face and defeat would join his side in the next battle. Using the power of all those that Peter had risen before, including himself, they were able to finish off the humanoid Dalki swiftly, and then he added it to his super team.

Still, he wasn’t the only reason why this group, in particular, was able to do well. It was because of the Sixth family’s ability as well. The ability to create zones and traps. Once stepped on them, the Dalki would freeze in place.

More than anything, this gave the people time. While the Dalki were trapped, they would be vulnerable to those that were strong enough to deal with them. It also allowed the others to regroup and attack at once.

Like the power of the sixth family, the humans had employed similar techniques to delay the Dalki. Even though they were the attackers, they relied on this and used it on the Dalki until Peter, his lesser Wights, or the Sixth family leader himself, killed them.

All of these things put together easily defeated the Dalki fortress that contained the new Gen Dalki. In total, from the beginning until now, Peter managed to retain around sixty percent of his initial forces, which was far better than any of the other group’s performances.

They had taken over the fortress, and Peter was still in good shape. After taking over the place, they docked the ship nearby.

Onboard there were special meals just for him that he could use to restore his energy and strength. Although he only needed to eat them when he would get injured, it was almost impossible for him to with Legs around.

“It looks like you really were one of the strongest ones out of the lot… I would be interested in fighting you now at your strongest.” Peter stated, but there was no response from Legs.

“There’s been no response from Sam yet; he must be busy,” Jake informed. “What should we do now? Do we go to the other planets that need support?”

“No,” Peter replied quite quickly. “That wasn’t in the plan, and by the time we got there, it would already be too late anyway. Let’s stay in this part for now until we get further orders. We’ll send out a few scout ships to try and find the main Dalki mothership that Sam was talking about.

Once we find it, we will inform Logan. He wanted to take a reading and scout the number of Dalki’s in it.”

There was a reason for this. Sam wanted all of the nine battles to be over and done with and then attack the main base with the combined forces. Or if they only had the Demon tier dragon to deal with, only send a few of them.

It would be more beneficial for them just to send in those that could deal with the new Gen Dalki. After all, it was clear that in most of the groups, the majority of the forces couldn’t handle the new Dalki.

Although at first, it seemed like only one group had great success in fighting off the Dalki. However, there was another one: The Blade Family.

There was no grand battle on the Cursed faction planet they instructed to take back.

Vorden and the others had decided to let the surrendered Dalki live after getting Sam’s instructions.

Currently, they were walking on a rock filled planet. And to be honest, they felt that they might experience something similar on this Dalki planet too.

The planet had large rocks spread over that and were spread out on the sandy surface. The sand wasn’t deep like in a desert; instead, it was somewhat shallow.

“Are you upset, Raten?” Vorden asked as the group continued to march towards the suspected Dalki fortress.

“Hmph…I can’t entirely agree with Sam’s orders.” Raten replied. “We know that Graham isn’t here; we know that Graham also isn’t on the base where the Demon tier dragon is. So why aren’t we trying to hunt down Graham, their leader, instead?

“The Dalki aren’t strong; he is. Without him, there is no Dalki in this war.”

Thinking about it, Vorden and the others wondered the same thing. Now that they have dealt with Slicer and One Horn, was there anyone other than Graham that could take someone on like Sil?

“I think the point is that there might be those that are evolving,” Borden answered. “We all fought against Slicer, and sure we weren’t as strong as we are now, but, even if we kill Graham too, as long as the Dragon exists, more Grahams or more Slicers will come up.”

“I don’t know.” Sil finally spoke. “I don’t know if we are strong enough yet. Ever since fighting against Graham, I don’t know if there is anyone strong enough. I know everyone is relying on Quinn, but if he isn’t, it means that someone else will have to take him out.”

“And it will be my pŀėȧsurė when the time comes.” Raten laughed while puffing his ċhėst and folding his arms.

Up ahead, they suddenly noticed the Dalki fortress on a large slab of rock.

“Alright, everyone, stop here!” Vorden shouted, and the others paused, turning their attention on him as he continued, “I have decided that only a few of us are going to go in and scout ahead. We all know the reports on the new Gen Dalki and the fortress. They are strong, and in the fortress, there’s no Dalki under two spikes. I don’t want us losing our numbers over nothing.”

“Wait!” Shiro called. He had come along with the Blades since he had made friends with a lot of them. “Are you saying just the four of you are going to take on the fortress? If we are with you, then at least we can distract them!”

“Are you saying that I should use you guys? Do you really think we are that weak!” Vorden shouted with his wings unfolding. “If we can’t take them on, then it means that all of you would have just died anyway.”

The others gulped upon hearing this and didn’t argue anymore, allowing Blade Family to do however it wanted. They had gotten this far because of them in the first place, so right now, all they could do was trust them.

Sil had already gotten the powers that he needed from the others. Borden took out one of the syringes from Sil and held it in his hand, ready to take it. For now, though, he hopped onto Vorden’s back instead.

All four of them were off to the fortress in the next second. Similar to the Peter situation against the other Dalki…it was a one-sided battle and a victory for the Blade family.

The weakest of the Blade’s was Borden, who could amount to a four spike, but he had better skills than the others, and his strength seemed to be above most of them. Still, he didn’t have to worry about getting badly injured because he knew the others around him were far more powerful.

Two Demon tier beasts could kill multiple of the Dalki. Raten, using his mud ability, was able to trap and kill multiple enemies at the same time. Vorden had amassed great speed in the air and wind powers in his beast form.

His wings were razor-sharp like giant steel blades. He was unmatched in the air, and swooping down, he would slice the Dalki that came in his range. Of course, then there was Sil, the strongest of them all.

Over time, with fighting the others, Sil had gathered abilities best suited to go against the Dalki. To them, the new Gen Dalki was just as easy as facing the normal Dalki because it was just a number.


While these two forces fought, someone was on a special mission.

After leaving Owen and the Graylash group, Nate flew around the Dalki beast planet sector, looking for the main Dalki base.

He honestly didn’t know where to go, but the radar at least helped him know of the places where he had passed through, and due to it being linked to the other ships, he also knew where it wasn’t, which meant he had narrowed down his search area so he could find it.

“Man… I kinda want to find it, and I kinda don’t.” Nate thought, but his mind was honestly thinking about other things that happened. Still, as he was drifting through space, and then, his radar screen began to blip.

It was the first thing that gave an energy signal other than the other planets he had come across.

There was a ship as big as the Earth’s moon not far from him, and he knew it was the Dalki base.


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