My Vampire System Chapter 1531: Stronger than the king

Two more of the Cursed faction groups were behind the others. They had entered the Dalki part of the beast solar system, armed with the information that the others had already gathered.

Based on the information so far, the groups believed that they were going into a tough battle ahead of them. However, one of these groups, led by Peter, wasn’t nervous at all.

At the moment, he stood firm on his large ship as it approached the Dalki planet that was primarily made of what looked like ice but had a purplish tinge to it.

“Do you think Wight has some sort of problem?” The recently promoted vampire knight of the sixth family knight asked. His eyes were staring at Peter’s back; to be specific, he was staring at what was around him.

“You should be careful with your words,” Jake replied. “That man is the reason why we have had to do next to little work. Honestly, he is fearless, and his strength seems limitless. Sure he might have a strange taste, but that is down to him.”

The other vampires at the table, along with Jake, had known him for a long time. Since he had been their leader for a while now, they were mostly at the rank of Earls working inside the sixth family castle. Yet, in all their time of serving someone, they had never seen their leader so… possessed by the person in front of them.

Watching Peter fight had absorbed him, and their leader had become a true fan. The thing was, it wasn’t just him; many of the other Earls, the viscount, and vampires had become his fans. Peter’s personality is what they imagined a vampire leader should be like.

No hesitation, great strength and dominating everything with his sheer power. As for what they were commentating on about his…special taste, it was about the Lesser Wights that he had chosen. Like a bodyguard, a headless human stood beside Peter at all times, and he too could utilise strong beast gear and had a strong body itself.

Then there was the five spike leader, Slicer, who had a tail faster and sharper than any Dalki and could even defeat four spike Dalki with ease. Lastly, there were two new additions to their group.

Peter had taken the highest tier Dalki he could find, two four spikes, yet one of them had only a single arm. Peter himself had ripped it off during the fight and had a hole through his ċhėst from where Peter had killed him.

Only Peter had made it even more unique, or to be accurate, his partner Leg’s, who had cut off one of its wings during a fight now, making them practically useless. Because of this, each of the lesser Wights Peter had around him seemed to have a missing limb or two.

The others didn’t know whether that was a coincidence or not, which led to some strange rumours being passed around between the vampires.

‘Quinn, whenever you get stronger, I can feel the strength in me rising.’ Peter thought, ‘But…what I don’t have is your martial arts skills or your blood powers. I’ve been improving the way I fight, improving my powers of the Wight…but what’s this feeling I have right now?

‘What is happening to you? And… what is happening to me.’

Peter couldn’t quite explain it, but there was always a link between him and Quinn. Although it is said that Wights grew stronger with their leader, it is defined by the limits of the Wight’s body.

However, Peter had continued to grow in strength along with Quinn, and he had a feeling it was due to the connection he could feel even now. Yet, for the first time, Peter could feel energy stronger than his body was slipping away.

‘Is it me that’s changing or…’ Since his powers were growing as well, Peter thought perhaps this was a way for Wight to grow independently and not a special trait or circumstances.

The ship had anchored away from the enemy signatures. According to the latest information, there was a high possibility that the Dalki might not attack them. Instead, they would go on the defensive and wouldn’t leave the fortress.

With how Peter had led so far, he stood in the front of everyone, along with his four lesser Wights in front, as they all marched forward. With the probability that the Dalki weren’t going on the attack, they took the chances and landed the ship closer to the fortress.

While marching, they followed the strange ice, which had begun to make a peculiar shape. They entered what felt like a narrow ridge, with an enormous giant skyscraper of ice towers over them, but because they were leaning against each other, it allowed for some light to get through the gaps.

However, if they were to try and escape left or right, it would be somewhat impossible due to the ice all around them, unless they wanted to climb up the side of the walls until they went through the gaps.

Eventually, they saw their target in sight. The fortress was in the large gap of ice. Up ahead, they could see the fortress, and due to the ice surrounding it, they could only attack from one direction.

Far off in their distance, the Dalki stood on the wall, and among them, one of them smiled back at the group.

“So that’s the humanoid type Dalki that they all have been talking about.” Peter smiled. Although its body had the skin of a human, its arms were scaled, and its hands were slightly different because they looked a bit darker and worn out, turning a slight red.

It reminded Peter of Slicer’s scales and the type which the other five spike Dalki would have. In addition to that, the new Gen Dalki had very long claws, much longer than usual.

‘Hmm, I guess others would be scared, but I’ve seen scarier people.’ Peter thought, thinking of Quinn’s familiar.

“What’s the plan?” Jake asked, noticing that Peter hadn’t charged in headfirst like he usually would have done similar to before. “I thought perhaps I should go with the other vampires first. But we wouldn’t go for an attack; instead, we will lay some traps on the walls and the outside. That way, it will leave the rest to take them on.”

Jake thought he had come up with a good suggestion and was being a good support to Peter by suggesting this. He was actually thinking for the best of the whole group, rather than what was easy for the vampires or humans.

“The plan?” Peter smiled back. “The plan is him!”

The next second and Peter took off on his own again. He had beast gear on him, not as good as Quinn’s, but still at a high level. However, what he did have of Quinn’s was the speed running across the ice; not even his lesser Wights could keep up with him.

“Do you think your fortress doors could hold me back!” Peter smirked.

Two four spike Dalki jumped down, trying to block Peter’s path. Just then, he reached for two buŧŧons with his hands, and jumping through the air, he thrust them forward rather than swinging them.

His attack was too fast and powerful for them; the batons went straight through their head, killing them on the spot. Seeing this, the Humanoid Dalki decided to jump down, but Peter’s own Lesser Wights had caught up by then.

The two undead Dalki were the first to charge forward. The humanoid Dalki sliced their arms with its sharp claws, which fell off like gauges on the spot. Still, they were alive, and even without their arms, they were able to hit the humanoid Dalki.

“You’ve never fought against an undead, have you!” Peter smiled and got right in the centre, swinging the baton he would use, digging it right into the Dalki’s stomach, and lifting it in the air. As soon as it fell back, the Dalki began to spin its body like a drill, and the claws shredded the body of the two undead Dalki within seconds.

Then it looked like Peter was the one that was about to get hit next. However, a quick tail slashed at the hard hands, knocking the Dalki to the side, and a large fist from the headless man punched the humanoid Dalki to the ground.

Before he could react, Peter was already above him.

“Your heart is here, right?” Peter said, and without hesitation, he stuck his baton type weapon, the tonfa, right through the ċhėst. It wasn’t a sharp weapon, but it didn’t matter with his strength, and soon the heart was crushed in the ice.

The humanoid Dalki, which everyone feared and talked about, was dealt by Peter without a scratch on him, but this wasn’t the end because the Dalki, in the fortress, soon jumped down and were coming towards them.

“Thank you..for making my job a little bit easier,” Peter said, placing his hand on top of the humanoid Dalki. “Wake up!” He shouted, and in less than a second, the Dalki’s eyes opened.


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