My Vampire System Chapter 1530: A power surge for everyone

Out of all the attacking groups, the Earthborn group was the slowest out of them all. However, they had reason to be as they were being cautious, trying to lose as few numbers as possible and doing their best to cooperate with the vampires.

They had done well taking back the planets that initially belonged to the Earthborn group and were now finally heading into the Dalki part of the solar system. Sam had instructed them to continue ahead, and Longblade, who was leading one of the groups, understood somewhat why.

This was their only chance to win this war. Based on the reports of the new Gen Dalki so far, the new enemy seemed quite powerful, and not just by a small difference. From the information gathered, it looked like the Dalki had figured out how to create a new type of Dalki, better than the current types.

On top of that, they already knew the Dalki could get stronger by evolving, and time was not on their side. If they left the Dalki alone, the latter would create more new Gen Dalki, giving them a chance to grow more powerful.

Waiting was not an option. If they stopped their attack, it would allow the Dalki to regroup. In this case, the Dalki would just wait to create more new Gen and evolve their current forces. Although the human force was large, already having lost so many, it wasn’t like their own forces could suddenly increase in strength or number.

It was a formidable force they had to face, and Longblade and his group were approaching one of the Dalki planets on which they were expecting to come across the new Gen Dalki. Along with Longblade was the thirteenth leader Lee, and the second leader Katori.

The string ability from the thirteenth vampires had helped them considerably in holding the strong Dalki in place, and they had even saved many human lives when using the former as puppets during the war.

At the same time, the second family with the reversing ability meant that they could enjoy the effects of healing that were better than normal healing. It made the Earthborn group under Longblade’s command just respect the two families even more, and he was hoping he could utilise all of their powers in this fight as well.

At the same time, the other Earthborn group was made up mostly of vampires and generals, and they were able to use their brute strength to defeat the Dalki. Jin, Ken Kilton, and Dillan Scutter, three vampire leaders who had abilities suited for taking on the Dalki, really showed off their powers in the fights so far.

On top of that, since most of them in the group were vampires, the Dalki’s green blood gave an extra boost while fighting.

Soon, both of these Earthborn groups would be landing on the Dalki planet, ready to go into battle.

An hour later.

It had only been an hour since Longblade and his vast army of a hundred thousand had landed on the planet, and they were now greatly struggling against the new Dalki. The planet they were fighting had quite large grass fields and large meadows.

This meant there weren’t many strategic locations for them to use in fighting. Tactics were useless, and since they were on the attack, they had to go towards the fortress on the planet in an attempt to take it out. Currently, the new Gen Dalki had already massacred a quarter of their forces.

‘This is difficult..’ Longblade said while ȧssessing the situation. ‘The Dalki aren’t fighting us head-on. Did they get reports from the other fortresses which our forces have defeated?’

Unlike the previous battles that had been an all-out war, the Dalki here were going on the defence and holding up in the fortress. The humans practically had to raid the place. Some of the vampires from the thirteenth family successfully scaled the wall with their abilities and brought others up with them.

But just like the reports stated, the Dalki forces were far stronger than other forces they came across. They consisted of three spikes and four spikes, and even though they weren’t even large in number, taking them down seemed impossible.

‘There’s also that humanoid-looking one…with the abnormally long tongue. I didn’t even know anyone could use a tongue like that.’ Just as Longblade thought of this, he saw the humanoid Dalki coiling its tongue around someone’s body, and like a frog, the Dalki pulled him towards its mouth, killing it by crushing it to pieces.

“We have no choice,” Lee stated, who was also watching things go on. “We have tried to find ways to infiltrate the fortress, but are working. We will just have to create a force of our strongest and head in together to create a gap so the rest can join in as well.”

Longblade wasn’t quick to agree with Lee’s plan. They had already lost many lives, and he didn’t want to view his people as just a number. From the reports so far, even if they were to create a potent force, the enemy can still take them out.

The Dalki were staying in their fortress, and the group had yet to figure out a way to enter the fortress. And they had also just attempted what Lee had suggested with the vampire leaders, but it turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt.

In fact, one of the vampire leaders had even lost his life. The eleventh family leader Dillan Scutter. This caused them to retreat. In the retreat itself, the Dalki were able to take out half of their forces, and now they were at a loss of what to do.

“I understand how you feel, but we won’t be getting reinforcements,” Longblade stated. “We have no choice but to fight to the best of our ability and hope that our side comes out as the winner.”

A few moments after he said that, Longblade had received a message from someone he didn’t expect. It looked like the help they needed might arrive.

He called for a temporary retreat and then told the vampires to gather for the meeting.

“We plan to attack the fortress head-on, and for that, we will require your power,” Longblade said. “I hate to admit it, but we can’t do this without you. I, as the leader of this group, ask you this favour, and if you can get us inside, the rest of us will try our best to get rid of the Dalki.”

The vampires looked at each other in confusion. So far, attack forces had been quite mixed, but now Longblade was asking the vampires to lead the charge. Where they basically asking the vampires to be their human shield.

“Sacrifice your own people, and we will get rid of the Dalki.” One of them shouted.

The others soon agreed, and Lee and Katori were ready to silence them, but Longblade shook his head, knowing that this was the expected reaction.

“There is a reason why I am asking for your help.” Longblade smiled and looked up, “And that’s because of them.”

A ship was seen approaching the area that they had made their temporary base for now, which was quite far enough to be away from the sight range of the fortress. Besides, the Dalki weren’t chasing after them, so there wasn’t much trouble.

When the ship landed, two figures walked out, and with them, they pushed along a large crate that was the size of a car; as for who these two people were, they were Linda and Fex.

At the same time, landing on the other Dalki beast planet, supporting Jin and the others, was another pair doing the same thing, and this pair was Samantha and Mona.

“This here will help you win the fight. Tell all the vampires to take a drink this… and we will win this war!” Samantha instructed.

Opening up the containers, the vampires could all smell it immediately. It was Dalki blood, but not just any Dalki blood; rather, it was blood from a five spike Dalki.

One Horn’s death would be the turning point in the battle. Oscar’s and Sach’s death wouldn’t be in vain.


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