My Vampire System Chapter 1529: A six spike

Flames were erupting from an enormous dropship on the desert-covered barren planet. Countless crates fell from the ship and tumbled in a wide area on the surface, though the fall from the sky wasn’t enough to break the strong crates.

With the switches on, the crates moved, and it opened up, a swarm of dangerous vampire subclasses began to swarm out. Their numbers had bȧrėly diminished after the battles they had been used in so far.

From high up, if one was to look at the scene, it looked like a swarm of black ants were all heading towards Graham, the Dalki wearing clothes.

Sunny wasn’t nearby Graham, but she could see him off in the distance with her enhanced eyesight. There were two others with her; Rokene was one of them, and the other was the older female Nina, travelling along with her on this expedition.

During the attacks so far, the two would usually stay in their ship, but due to the attack, the two weren’t exactly able to do so anymore.

“You two, head back towards the ship. There should be a couple of combat ships still in good condition, so you should hurry.” Sunny instructed.

“Are you telling us to leave you?” Rokene asked. “Leader, there is only one Dalki.”

Of course, due to the reports they were handed out and the fact that this Dalki was on his own, Sunny knew that this was most likely the Dalki known as Graham.

The ship had crashed east from where the Dalki was, and the swarm of beasts soon was coming his way.

Surrounding the Dalki were several different crudely made black objects. They had no remarkable craftsmanship, and they looked like sticks stuck in the ground. This material was the same by which the Dalki made their ships and fortresses, and there was a special reason why Graham kept them next to him.

Picking one of them up from the ground, he hurled it towards the horde of beasts. The Wendigos and mouthspilters were the fastest and were ahead of the other subclasses. The second the object had left Graham’s hand, it almost immediately had hit the group.

The vampires heard a loud bang as it broke through an air barrier, and all looked at it in disbelief. A whole section of the vampire subclasses had been wiped out from a single spear!

“Now I understand how it was able to destroy the ship’s shield…it wasn’t a special object or anything like was the Dalki’s pure power,” Roken said as his lips were trembling.

After throwing the first spear, they saw six spikes piercing through Graham’s oversized shirt from his back. However, the vampires couldn’t gauge much about the power and strength of the Dalki.

Having fought against them, Sunny had learned of the strength and difference between the spikes. She remembered the vampire meeting, where Sam had stated a five spiked Dalki was the highest spiked Dalki they had seen, but now, they could clearly see six spikes on Dalki’s back.

“This is an Order! Both of you hurry to the ship before it’s too late. Make a report to Sam about everything you have seen here!” Sunny ordered again.

Although the horde of subclasses had taken quite the blow, and a single spear attack had wiped out around five percent of their forces, they were fearless and didn’t understand better as they continued towards Graham.

In the meantime, Sunny didn’t waste any more time and summoned her inner blood weapon. Rokene was watching everything, still frozen and not wanting to leave Sunny. He was a direct descendent of her. Although never treated as a successor to the Fifth family, at the end of the day, the person he was standing beside was his mother.

“We have to go. She ordered us to!” Nina shouted as she pulled Rokene away.

While running towards the ship, all Rokene could think of was one person.

‘Quinn…if Quinn was here…he could save her…we have to tell Quinn…Quinn….where are you!’

Roken wanted to go back, but every time he would attempt to turn his head, Nina pulled his arm, forcing him to look in front of them until they had eventually reached the ablaze ship.

It was big, but they knew where the combat ships were placed. When getting to the back, they could see that the attack had damaged most of them, but one of them appeared to be in somewhat good condition.

“Wait, there’s only one ship; how will Sunny get off this planet?” Rokene asked.

“There has to be a ship that the Dalki used or worst case, we will come back here when she has defeated him. She just wants us out of the way.” Nina replied, and the two soon got in the small ship that could seat around four people at most. A combat ship had no space to move around.

However, even though she was curious to see just what was going on, she slightly turned the ship, so they could see how the fight was going so far. That’s when they couldn’t believe their eyes. They hadn’t taken long to get to the ship, but the battlefield already looked like a graveyard with over half of the subclasses slaughtered.

It took them a few minutes to regain their composure.

On the ground, the beasts had latched on their fangs, clawing at Graham, but could do nothing. A single swing of his hand and the air itself distorted, killing several of them in an instant.

Sunny looked to be standing behind a group of the subclasses, hoping for the right moment to jump in, but it didn’t look like she would get a chance there.

“Any of the Dalki that had been killed by these pathetic creatures deserved to die,” Graham said as he jumped up in the air. The jump itself had killed the beasts around him. He floated in the air for a moment, and then clenching his fists, he flew back towards the ground.

Slamming his fist down, the impact crushed the area beneath him, sending out a powerful shockwave. The beasts that were close had their bodies crushed before the fist even touched the ground. The nuclear-like fist had created a kilometre-wide crater in the ground, but it didn’t stop there and continued to spread, creating more shockwaves, and soon, it reached three and finally four kilometres wide. The whole area was destroyed from the power of the punch alone, and it seemed like Graham had taken out all the beasts on the ground.

Sunny, who was caught up in the strong shockwave of the attack, had somehow managed to defend herself using blood hardening, but the shockwave destroyed her weapon, and at the same time, blood dripped from the corner of her mouth due to internal injuries.

‘This….this power is on the same level as Laxmus…no… it was an ordinary punch, and the Dalki himself wasn’t even injured, which means…this wasn’t his full strength.’

Graham looked around with a calm expression, not fatigued at all. He picked up one of the vampire subclasses’ bodies near his feet. It was a mouthspitter whose body was primarily intact still from the shockwave but was clearly dead.

“It’s time for me to have a feast and get stronger. Thank you so much for bringing all of these to me.”

Seeing what happened from a distance and the shockwave somewhat shaking the ship, Nina started to fly out of the area.

“What are you doing…are we going to abandon her? If we do… she will die!” Rokene cried.

Nina’s eyes were also moist as tears streamed down her cheeks.

“If we stay, then we would be dead as well. At least her life will mean we get to live.” She wanted to leave the planet safely.

Now Sunny’s fate was in Graham’s hands.


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