My Vampire System Chapter 1527: Unexpected Help

Usually, Owen was a calm leader who could handle nearly any situation. He knew that it was always best to remain level-headed when making decisions and during combat, but lately, he had been losing calmness.

Right now, he could hear his heart thumping as he awaited the news from Sam. It didn’t help that Sam had already stated that the news was a bad one.

“I suppose Owen is with you; I will inform you about the other Graylash group first. Three-quarters of their forces were wiped out. They had claimed they went against multiple three to four spike Dalki, and there were even a couple of ones that appeared to be more human.” Sam explained.

The situation seemed to be similar to there’s, if not worse. They had only fought against one humanoid Dalki. Hearing this, Owen didn’t have much hope if it wasn’t for what he said initially.

“Three-quarters of their forces were wiped out?” Owen repeated, now joining in on the same call as Nate.

“Yes, although a lot of lives were lost, the second Graylash group managed to achieve victory because they had some unexpected help come their way.”


The second Graylash family was on the move. The planet was located somewhat close to the sun, and its ozone was very thin, allowing a lot of the heat to pass through, making the planet quite hot. For a large force that wasn’t used to fighting in these types of conditions, they were already struggling.

When going up against the New Gen, the group faced a mammoth task that was more challenging than they could have ever thought. Thankfully though, Grim had trusted his gut somewhat. The Graylash Family’s old ex-leader had a gut feeling that something terrible was about to happen, and they couldn’t take on the enemy as they had done on the other planets.

He had rearranged the group into separate forces based on the abilities, rather than having small teams like they usually would support each other. Grim had a feeling that individual strength and individual groups wouldn’t be able to deal with the threat, and they needed to unite their numbers and powers.

On top of this, by noticing the enemy before they reached the place, they had fared quite well against the Dalki, far better than Owen had done, who were unprepared when seeing the fortress in front of them.

Hermes, who was also travelling with Grim, had tried to fight off the other Humanoid Dalki; this one had longer limbs than usual. Its arms were almost twice the size and had double elbow joints.

It allowed the Dalki to kill a mass amount of people at once. Unfortunately, facing a four spike creature with such a unique trait was the end of Hermes’s life.

Old man Grim was at a loss of what to do. He knew that they would be unable to win, but if they were to retreat, it would do them no better, and they were more likely to lose their own lives.

That was until an unexpected ship was seen approaching the battle from a distance. A shiver went down Grims’s spine as he noticed the ship’s design.

Countless ability users dropped from the ship. Honestly, the Graylash family thought they were reinforcements from either the Cursed faction or that of the Earthborn group, but increasing their numbers wouldn’t do much for them with the situation they were in.

However, all of them dropped down in the middle of the fight, and the Graylash family couldn’t believe their eyes. Some of the ability users in there were somewhat able to deal with the Dalki better than they were.

The Dalki that was soon to go up against Grim for another round soon found two blond figures standing in front of it.

Both of them then pressed their hands on the ground, and an invisible force field stopped its advance.

“I never once in my whole life thought that I would be happy to see you… I hope you won’t chain me up again once this is all over.” Grim joked.

“We…no longer want to live like that. With him gone, we can do as we wish, and we wish to join in this fight and help defend this place.” An older middle-aged man answered.

Large explosions were going off to the right of Grim, a few hundred meters away. He knew that was where the other Humanoid Dalki was there as well, and that’s when he noticed a young brother and sister pair.

“It looks like nearly the whole family is here.”


“With the arrival of the Blades, and the Chained that they had reclaimed and gathered amongst the solar systems, they were able to overwhelm the new Gen Dalki in the end. However, considering how only a few had survived, they will no longer be taking part in the war and are returning to the Graylash planets.” Sam explained.

Nate and Owen couldn’t quite believe it. Like them, the second group had received help from the most unexpected people they thought of during the time. However, although one could say that they were victorious so far, truthfully, it was more like a draw since the forces couldn’t continue.

After Sam had finished explaining, Nate and Owen reported everything that had occurred on their end and even told details of Erin. Nate thought it would be best to warn him, just in case Erin appeared in different places after this and also thought Sam would be the best person to know somewhat what to do with the information.

“I see. Right now, I think your suggestion is best, Nate. Owen can no longer fight in his current state, and he will head back to the Graylash faction with the survivors. You take a small combat ship; they are faster for movement if you run into trouble. Search for the Main Dalki base. If you find it, inform me, and Logan will send out an energy reading.

“With how many Dalki they have placed on these patents, I doubt that they will have much left. With each group that wins their remaining battles, I plan for them to go ahead and defeat the Demon tier beast.”

Nate nodded along as he got a gist of what Sam was planning, but he realised that the latter hadn’t told them about the bad news yet.

“The bad news?” Nate asked.

For a second, Sam paused.

“As you know, we had created nine forces to take on the Dalki forces. However, we have already lost one of the forces due to the incident with Sach and his Earthborn group. I thought the Dalki might stay still, but instead, the Dalki used this to their advantage. They saw the gap, and there is a Dalki mothership that is heading straight for the Daisy base.”

“The Daisy base…. you mean the vampire settlement!” Nate cried back.

If the enemy was as formidable as they had faced here, and with all the vampire leaders away, Nate knew how much trouble the Daisy Planet was in.

“What about one of the Cursed factions group? Can’t we send them back?” Nate asked.

Sam shook his head.

“This plan…we just have to hope that the vampire settlement can hold out without their leaders. We can’t get distracted. No matter what, many lives will be lost. This is the final battle, Nate. We must locate their base and destroy it before they take down ours. Once we have taken over the main Dalki forces in the beast planet solar system, we can turn around and finish them off.

“Besides, there are no Cursed faction forces we can dispatch. The Blade group has just landed on a Dalki planet, and the bad news I was talking about wasn’t even the Vampire settlement under attack. I got news from Sunny… she has run into Graham.”

Nate’s eyes winded after hearing that name. Being one of the few that had gone up against Graham, he knew how strong the latter was. Nate believed whoever ran into him, apart from Quinn, had no chance of surviving this fight.

“Call Quinn, tell Quinn immediately; we have to tell him!” Nate cried.

“I already tried,” Sam replied. “We have even sent out a force from the settlement to the planet where Quinn is at. They are unable to move. All of the beasts on that planet have locked onto something. The vampires are fighting endlessly to protect the ship while Quinn is going through something. I have no idea how long Quinn will take, but we need to try our best to win this war without him.

“All we can do is wish our allies luck. The best thing we can do for them is to continue winning our battles. We have a tough battle of our own ahead of us.” Sam said, ending the call there.

Owen was now done with his part, but Nate still had his mission to complete, as he wondered what on earth was Quinn doing.


[42 percent of nest crystal has been absorbed]


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