My Vampire System Chapter 1526 – War Crime

The first leader’s body fell on the surface without a head. The young Nicu hadn’t been the leader for the first family for long, and he was a youngling compared to the others. In fact, other than ones whom Bryce had turned long ago, Nicu was the last child and end of the first family bloodline from Bryce.

The thing was, for the people who had witnessed this sudden turn of event, none of them knew how much of a big deal this truly was. That was because none of them were officially a part of the settlement. Nate, who was also a vampire, wasn’t involved in that world.

“She killed one of the vampire leaders, who was helping us…is she going to come after us,” Jerry said in a worried tone as his sword shook in his hands. Just seconds ago, he was about to praise this woman for her beautiful skills in combat and for helping them defeat the Dalki, and now he was scared by her for his life.

After Erin had spoken her words, she had a pained look on her face as she stared at Nate, and after a moment, she turned around and ran away.

“Hey…should we go after her?” One of the men asked, unsure if it was a good idea. However, even if they wanted to chase her, she was far too fast and was already too far for them to catch up.

“No…we can’t defeat her anyway.” Nate answered and glanced at the sliced corpses of Dalki not far away from them.

Although Nate had initially disliked Nicu for his noble attitude and his view that vampires were better than humans.

But at the end of the day, not just in vampire terms but even in human years, Nicu was just a child; thus, Nate disregarded the former’s thoughts as childish.

However, a part of Nicu wasn’t childish at all, and that was when fighting by their side. Not for a second did he waiver and always went head-on to face whatever was thrown at them. He had done things that other vampires and humans would have hesitated to do.

The vehicle from the main ship had returned, and for now, Nicu’s body and his head were carefully placed in it, and with all of the survivors, they headed back to the ship. They would then bring the ship back and store the dead in a special place. Thankfully there were mechs on board and special equipment; thus, the few survivors could manage all this.

In the meantime, Nate stayed at Owen’s side, where he had fought the Dalki; he was on the surface sleeping peacefully despite it being hard and rough. And Nate just sat there thinking about everything and resting, waiting for Owen to wake up eventually.

“You’re finally awake,” Nate said.

“Oh…and the blockhead is still alive,” Owen replied, trying to move his muscles, but he could bȧrėly move them. No matter how much he tried, it felt like his body was stuck on the ground. He was exhausted and would need some time to recover.

“Do you remember the mediation technique I showed you? It would be best to work on that and slowly try to recover your Qi. You used it all up, nearly surpassed your limits, and were going into your real-life energy. If you meditate for a while, eventually, it will speed up your recovery.” Nate suggested.

Owen followed his advice, and after around fifteen minutes of meditation, he had gathered enough energy to slowly move his body and sit up in a better position.

Still, he knew that it would take a while for him to get back to fighting condition again.

“We lost a lot, didn’t we,” Owen said while still sitting in a cross-legged position and meditating.

“We actually lost more than you think…the vamp dead.” Nate held his head in shame. Since he had survived, he now felt like he perhaps could have done something. Maybe if he even stayed and helped Nicu fight. He was sure that Erin, having at least known her somewhat, wouldn’t have attacked him.

Honestly, though, Nate still had no clue what happened, why Erin had done such a thing, and if she was killing the vampires, why hadn’t she killed him as well. In the end, Nate explained what happened to Owen, how Erin was the one that killed Nicu.

Perhaps it was something he should have hidden from the Graylash leader until the current situation settled down, but he was now frustrated with Erin. Having committed such a war crime, Erin wasn’t an ally anymore.

“That is a crazy story.” Owen finally replied. “I am just as at a loss as you are. However, although I agree she had done a bad thing, and I would not be kind to her in any way after killing someone I fought side-by-side with, I wonder if we could have survived if she hadn’t interfered at the time.

“Sure, I was able to defeat the humanoid Dalki, but I collapsed shortly after, and we were truly on our last legs at the time. Still…I was starting to like that young vampire.” Owen smiled and started to think back to the little playful competitions the two of them had during their time in this mission.

Eventually, the ship arrived near the crater. It landed at a short distance from the Dalki fortress. Soon, the survivors began to gather their fallen comrades and place them inside.

“I’m scared.” Nate eventually said. “Based on what happened, I should have called Sam and updated him on what is going on, but now I’m scared to hear news of what has happened to the other planets. We had you, one of the previous big four, a demon tier weapon, a vampire leader, and even Erin, who had a demon tier weapon, to eventually win this fight.

“The other groups, some of them don’t even have half as much power as we had, and our whole force was wiped out. What if we are the only ones to win the battle…what if… everyone is already dead?”

Of course, Owen understood Nate’s feelings well, especially after looking at the devastation the new Gen Dalki had caused. At the same time, there wasn’t even a five spike among them, nor was their leader Graham.

“I need to know what happened to my Grandfather.” Owen eventually said. “He is strong, but as you said, even with the leaders helping him, I imagine the forces he has run into are troublesome. If he needs help…I will have to go and support him.”

Sam had told them not to do this, but even Nate couldn’t go against Owen when the latter’s family was involved. The plan was to continue from this planet and search for the Dalki home base. Those that succeeded in taking over one of the nine Dalki planets were tasked with this job.

“I will continue to search for the Dalki base,” Nate answered. “You should go see your grandfather, but before that, let’s make a call.”

On the receiver, Nate was trying to get through to Sam on the other end, hoping to hear an answer to everything. It rang for a while with no response, but of course, connections across different planets would take a while anyway.

“This is Sam. Nate, have you contacted me to make a report?” Sam asked.

Hearing his voice was a relief for Nate.

“Yeah, we are done on our end. Are you in a suitable position for me to tell you all the details, or would you like me to write a report for you to look at?”

There was a pause for a while until Sam eventually replied again.

“It’s alright; you can tell me everything that has happened so far. We have landed on the Dalki planet and have discovered the new Gen Dalki. However, we have yet to engage; we were in the middle of deciding what to do as we got the reports of everyone else.”

“Please.” Owen suddenly interrupted, “Can you ask them if they got a report from Grim?” He asked.

Nate relayed the question over, to which Sam replied.

“Yes, I have received a report from two groups, one of them being from Grim, and the other from Sunny…I have some bad news.”


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