My Vampire System Chapter 1524 – Unbreakable Shell

Since Erin could deal with whatever was coming her way and Nicu had his five bodyguards fighting alongside him, killing the Dalki relatively quickly, Nate decided to make himself useful in other ways.

He ran through the crater and, using his senses, tried to see if anyone was still alive on the battlefield. He was sure that there would be some at least. Although it seemed everyone had fallen after the fight, the Dalki didn’t have time to check and make sure each one was dead.

As Nate was going through the large crater that had become a battlefield, he saw devastating aftermaths and his hopes weren’t high. There were bodies everywhere, with torn limbs, and most of them were crushed by just a simple step of the Dalki.

He could even see armour that Dalki had ripped apart along with limbs.

‘This fight…it wasn’t a fight they could have won. The Dalki are too strong for this lot.’

Although Nate didn’t want to admit something, even though the large army of around a hundred thousand couldn’t do much, they were a big distraction for the Dalki, which was one of the reasons they were allowed to live.

Nate’s Demon tier shield was strong, so strong that he was confident in battling with most Dalki, and even against a five spike, he had a chance as long as they didn’t know what the shield did, of course. The battle becomes more unpredictable once the enemy learns of the shield’s active skill.

Still, when fighting multiple, the shield wasn’t the best, Nate could make up for this with his shadow powers, but against four spikes, his shadow powers were at best able to block a couple of hits.

‘The shadow power appeared strong at first…but that’s mainly because people have only seen Quinn use it against overwhelming strength. It just isn’t that useful.’

“What…is going on? I couldn’t breathe. They were so heavy.” The young man said while trying to catch a breath.

“What happened?” Nate replied. “The fight is still going on. They’re too strong, but we can still do our part. Come on, help me look for other survivors… this war, as many as possible have to come back from it.’

Thinking back to what Sam had said, the Dalki had prepared nine-strong forces in their part of the solar system to counter the strong forces that the humans and vampires had in this war. As long as they had won this fight, they would have won one of the grand battles that were to take place.

However, there was still the Dalki mothership and the Dragon to go after, and on top of that, one of the forces on their side had pretty much already suffered a defeat due to One Horn.

Looking towards Owen, Nate was cheering him on inwardly.

At that moment, the humanoid Dalki charged forward with its fist clenched. Its super-speed amplified his natural strength to the max. There weren’t many things that it would be unable to break if this fist hit them.

But Owen could perhaps think of one thing.

“Don’t let me down,” Owen muttered as the lightning bolt mark on his hand lit up. The next second, and a large shell had appeared, only a little bigger than Owen himself.

“The legendary Genbu has appeared!” The familiar shouted, looking towards Owen while its back faced the Dalki.

Not worried, the Dalki slammed whatever was in front of it with its fist. A magnifying bang was heard, and a shockwave was sent outward. The others could feel the air’s vibrations from such a mighty clash.

Yet, when the Dalki looked at the shell, there wasn’t a single crack on it.

“This thing is a lot stronger than those shells I have already shredded,” Genbu claimed. “Is this why you needed me? To stop weak attacks like this? I was worried that you might need me to stop others like that other kid.”

“No.” Owen smiled. “That guy is one of a kind, and our current opponent is someone else.”

Owen leapt onto Genbu’s shoulders as the turtle stood upright like a human. Honestly, Owen was surprised that Genbu hadn’t even moved an inch, but it meant that what he had claimed was true.

While Genbu and Owen had been together, he had asked what exactly he could do, other than having a solid shell and changing his size. The truth was, Genbu was actually a giant in size. His large figure was his true size, but his weight was still the same no matter how small he got and transformed his form down.

The familiar could use this power to its advantage. With his added strength and ability, one would need the power to move mountains to move him.

Owen held the pure lightning Bolt as he saw the Dalki’s fist was still on the shell as if he was frozen in disbelief that something was able to block it. Owen aimed to kill, throwing the pure lighting bolt down towards the Dalki’s head.

But the Dalki snapped out of the daze and moved his head to the side, avoiding the strike, and the lightning bolt hit nothing but the ground.

“This shell may stop my attacks, but you still can’t kill-” Before the Dalki could finish its sentence, he saw the very same pure lightning bolt that Owen had thrown seconds ago in his hands.

The lightning bolt was able to be attracted back to Owen even after hitting the ground.

“I can’t let you die so easily, and I realised I was wrong in my ȧssessment before,” Owen stated as he gathered all his lightning powers in his other hand. The lighting continued to spread up to his shoulders as it burnt his sleeves, revealing his muscular arms underneath.

With both of his hands covered in lightning, Owen shouted, “Genbu, now!”

The next second, the turtle grew in size; it was happening quickly, growing so big it was already half the size of the entire crater. It then jumped on its feet, and it looked like it was ready to crush the Dalki.

Seeing this, the Dalki was afraid that perhaps Genbu’s sheer weight would kill him along with others in the crater; it was madness. Using his legs, the Dalki tried to run out of the crater, towards the fortress, as fast as he could, but just as quickly as Genbu grew, he suddenly shrank in size and headed right towards the Dalki.

“Thank you, I needed you to get away from the others,” Owen smirked at the Dalki.

Genbu, now as large as a house, landed right on top of the Dalki, flattening it on the spot, and continued to shrink until he suppressed the Dalki lying just on his back legs.

Then Owen jumped off Genbu and landed in front of the Dalki. Genbu’s weight must have been immense if the four spiked Dalki could not lift it off its legs even with its power; in fact, he felt as if his legs were most likely crushed.

The Dalki was punching the ground, creating deeper craters underneath it until the pure lighting bolt stabbed it right through its hand.

“Stop this,” Owen shouted, stabbing the Dalki with the bolt again. He didn’t do this just once, but several times, stabbing the Dalki’s hand, again and again, each time creating a hole in his body. Owen wanted the Dalki to be incapable of moving his hands, and the power of Qi strengthened the lightning bolts.

“I was wrong about you…you weren’t as strong as a five spike, but those that you brought with yourself were also strong,” Owen said, as he finally threw one last lightning spike directly at the humanoid Dalki, finishing it off and at the same time he himself fell to his knees.

“Genbu…my vision is so blurry…I think… this might be it for… for me..” Owen said, clasping onto the floor.


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