My Vampire System Chapter 1523 – Two Demons

The situation looked dire for the main Graylash family. From the initial large strong attack force, only a few were left alive, whereas there was still a third of the enemy side left. However, Owen did still have one trump card up his sleeve.

‘The humanoid Dalki… it’s strong. Nicu might be a loudmouth, but he is not a weak Vampire, yet it only has a few scratches of blood. It would be a mistake to regard these New Gen four spikes on the same level as the older ones.’ Owen thought. ‘I just hope Grandfather and the other groups are okay….’

Just when they were on their last legs, that was when Nate had noticed a fierce blonde beauty running from the side. Swinging her sword, a tunnel of ice came down. It froze a few of the Dalki, and with large slashes of yellow aura and strength in every swing, she had managed to kill three of the humanoid Dalki without breaking a sweat.

“Who is that?” One of the surviving vampires of the first family questioned. They could smell that Erin was somewhat similar to a vampire but didn’t recognise her appearance. They also had no idea who it was from the looks. That was until her hair started to change colour, turning from a blonde into black, and her eyes began to glow.

It was a trait of a Dhampir, when next to other vampires, for their hair colour to change. Although Erin had learned how to control it, that required her concentration, and in the midst of battle, she couldn’t afford to lose focus.

“Everyone, this is our only chance. Whatever second wind you have in you…we have to attack now!” Nate shouted at the top of his lungs and was ready to with his shield.

Nate knew some of the abilities that the Demon tier sword held. He also knew that there was a cooldown after using the first skill, the second one was practically useless in this situation, which was why he had decided they had to act now.

Since Erin had made such a grand entrance, the four and three spikes had turned their head towards her. This gave a chance for the vampires, Nate and Nicu, to go out on the attack. Five vampires, all wielding swords similar to Nicu, had charged in together. They were aiming to take out whatever Dalki they faced as quickly as possible.

A slash in one’s stomach, Nicu then twisted the hilt of the sword and infused his blood powers, making a large hole. Before the Dalki could act, the other five of Nicu’s men leaped and stabbed it with their swords, into the Dalki’s arms.

Grabbing his hilt, Nicu used all his strength and blood aura to pull the sword up, slicing the Dalki’s head in half from his stomach and finishing it in one spot.

Now, he could see the Humanoid Dalki that hadn’t gone towards Erin, the one that had given him so much trouble from before.

“You!” Nicu pointed his sword towards him. The humanoid Dalki looked towards them and smiled, seemingly accepting the challenge to go for another round.

As he charged towards the first family leader, its legs grew in size, mainly around the thɨġh area. They were now larger than his torso, and his former speed seemed as if had just been warming up. However, before it could reach Nicu, a flash of lightning came down, striking directly at the top of the Dalki’s head.

“I have to deal with this…I have failed my family, allowing too many of them to die. This one is mine.” Owen declared.

He held his metallic fan and pulled it apart with his bȧrė hands, split into around twelve different metallic pieces. His fingers were still electrified and the current was passed through from one hand, going through each part of the fans to the other, making them stay in place.

Swinging his arms downward, the fan pieces split out, and hit the ground, making a circle around him and the Dalki. They started to glow blue and an electric current passed through each of them.

Now, around the Dalki was an makeshift arena spread to look like an electric fence.

“I know you can probably just storm out of this place, but you Dalki are warriors, you should have some pride, so let’s just make this a fight between the two of us.”

In the meantime, a little away in the massive crater. Erin could see a group of four Dalki charging towards her. She gripped onto the handle tightly as she thought back to that time.


The entire group were sweating and panting after having defeated such a colossal monster. Its body laid there in the background. Ice tunnels everywhere and ice all around. Rafer had been injured quite badly, yet he was still alive, and the others didn’t look much better than him.

Bliss was currently the only one that wasn’t out of breath. She had created a safe area for all of them, so their wounds wouldn’t worsen by the surrounding heat.

“You want to know where to go next, don’t you?” Bliss asked, looking at Erin. “Take the crystal, and use it to strengthen your powers. They will need you in this war.”


Thinking back and seeing the Dalki run towards her, Erin twisted the hilt of her large sword, and something strange happened. The colour of her blade started to change slowly, going from a white and blue metallic shine, turning red.

The edges on both sides and the inner rings all started to glow red at the same time, and a strong heat was emptying from the sword.

Pointing it towards the Dalki, in front of her, one of the rings on the sword was activated, showing the first active skill was being used again. The next moment a large tunnel of fire appeared on the battlefield. It hit the Dalki straight on, and just like with the ice, anything that touched the tunnel of fire, would soon be covered in flames.

Nate, who was coming in to help, couldn’t believe it. The Dalki’s strong hide resisted flames, yet the power of the demon tier weapon was melting them in front of him.

‘Since when..could Oscar’s weapon do that?’ Nate wondered.

This wasn’t an active skill of Oscar’s weapon. This was the power of the other Demon tier weapon that Erin had gotten her hands on. After being told what planet to go to, and what to do, Erin had taken the beast crystal.

The others wanted to complain, but they really couldn’t. It was undeniable that her contribution had been paramount to obtaining the crystal. Besides, who could stop her in the first place? Searching far and wide, she had eventually found someone who could do something with the Demon tier crystal.

It wasn’t a humanoid one like her current one, so she thought it would be weaker. However, the forger was inexperienced, and the best he could make out of the crystal was an attachment, for her sword. It was one that would go onto the hilt for better grip.

After testing, these were the results. Every single effect that the sword had, and its active skills, had been altered slightly. Instead of ice, she could use the power of flames. The power wasn’t lacking, either.

Twisting the hilt of the sword again, a click would be heard, and the sword would go back to how it once was. The cooldown for the active skills on the weapon were separate as well. Allowing her to use six different active skills on her sword. Now she wielded the power of flames, and ice on her weapon.

She ran forward towards the incoming Dalki, and slashed one of its arms. A yellow aura covered the blade, and a trail of flames were left behind as she swung down, cutting the arm. She was fast, and slashed again, killing the Dalki in front of her. Soon another one was approaching, and twisting the hilt, the blade changed.

She stabbed the ground, and a trail of ice started to leave the ground and had reached the Dalki freezing its feet. It was strong enough to break free, but it had slowed it down just in time. Not only had Erin gotten strength from the skill, her Dhampir powers had grown, and she now had the stats of two Demon tier weapons she was untouchable.

Back in the fight with Owen and the humanoid Dalki, the two looked at each other, and the Graylash family leader was taunting the man, and he gathered a pure lightning bolt of power, holding it in his hand from the centre like it was some spear.

The Dalki didn’t stop smiling, circling around the arena, and eventually charged forward. It was even faster than before, and rocks were chucked up from the ground itself. It readied its fist.

“With this power, I feel like I could destroy the whole planet!” The humanoid Dalki said, believing nothing could survive its punch.

“Have you tried destroying a shell, though?” Owen smiled.

The marking on his hand started to glow.

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