My Vampire System Chapter 1522 – Come to our table

Before asking the question, Erin made sure that the others were busy. No one seemed to be paying them any attention, and Rafel was the first one on guard duty as he looked outside the vehicle’s window while keeping an eye on the radar equipment.

The group would take turns during the night so all of them would get some type of shut-eye.

The worst thing that could happen was if a Demon tier beast suddenly attacked them in the middle of the night. Just in case, though, seeing how careful Erin was being, she stood up and walked towards the back of the vehicle to a small table where the kitchen cooking area would be.

Berg noticed this but decided to ignore it and close his eyes.

‘For two people who don’t like each other, they sure do talk a lot.’

By the next second, he was asleep. It was his talent to sleep within seconds no matter what time of day it was or worry he had in his mind.

“I can’t help but notice that you’re worried about my earlier words.” Bliss started the conversation.

“I remember every single word,” Erin replied as she clenched her fist. “Heed my warning, as two sides that didn’t know of each other come together to defeat an enemy the other created, the whole world will learn about them.

“At that moment, something will break the trust and bond between those two, and a new chaos will destroy the other. You will become that Chaos. Those were your exact words.”

Erin hadn’t made a single mistake when repeating back what Bliss had once said because, since that day, she had been repeating the phrase over and over again.

“Two sides that come together to defeat an enemy the other created. It looks like this part has already come true. You must know that the vampires were the ones that created the Dalki. And now the humans and the vampires have come together.

“Since your first prediction turned out to be true, I’m now worried about the second part. You said I would be the chaos that destroys the other… it’s the vampires. I have the urge to kill vampires, and that’s what you meant.”

She stopped there, waiting for Bliss’s response. It took a moment before the latter eventually replied.

“I don’t know if that’s the case, Erin. The future has changed, and I do things to prevent the future. However, don’t you think there is a middle section that you have skipped over to some degree?

“The Dalki have yet to fall. Perhaps you trying to change your fate will even change this part, but who knows? What I can say is this… I don’t have an answer for you, but I have knowledge that might help you find your answer.

“The vampires are beings created by a god who resides on the other side. Now you might think I’m crazy saying all of this, but hear me out till the end, and then you can make up your own mind. You, yourself, were created from a vampire, yet you have the urge to kill those who created you.

“You can bypass the laws and powers that were set by those beings and gods that created you. Your existence is nothing less than a miracle, and that is why the vampires are so scared of your kind. And because of this, even the God that created vampires will be after you.

“To God, you’re an existence that must be hunted down because you have the power to rise to his position or to even rise above him. You have the potential to go beyond a vampire and reach his level. If you try to fight what you are and what you have become, you will lose your life.

“But maybe you shouldn’t be fighting it, perhaps to overcome it, you need to accept it. If you don’t, then it also means that you will never reach that place, and you will be running for the rest of your life.

“I would suggest, even though I shouldn’t, that you should strive to become a power. I want you at our table, and I ȧssure you, you will be alright.”

Bliss stood up there with nothing else to say, but it didn’t seem like she was running away this time, and her words had left Erin with a lot to think about.

As time went on, Berg woke up. It was dark outside, and he was rubbing his eyes. He took a peek below him and noticed that Erin still wasn’t in his bed.

‘Don’t tell me she is…’ Berg thought, looking over in the direction where he had last seen her before she had gone to sleep. There he could still see her on the sofa, not having moved.

‘I wonder if she fell asleep; oh well, not my problem.’ Berg thought, closing his eyes again, and a few seconds later, loud snores buzzed from him.

Sometime later, Berg started to wake up, but it was because he could hear sound creaking from above. He imagined that it was due to another going on watch duty. Turning to his side, he decided to ignore it. As for the person above him, it was none other than Conan.

Walking on the floor, he was making his way towards Erin.

‘I could feel it from before.’ Conan thought as he walked towards her. ‘There is a chill whenever I’m next to her. At first, I thought it was coming from her, but then I realised it was from whatever she had wrapped up.’

The huge sword usually left on Erin’s back was currently on the sofa next to her, leaning against the sofa.

‘A weapon that’s able to sustain the user in a heat like this. It has to be of a high tier level.’ He thought as his temptation had reached the better of him.

Turning over again, Berg opened his eyes, wondering if Erin was still there, and that’s when he saw Conan’s hand reaching out, attempting to seize the sword.

“What are you doing?!” Berg cried.

Hearing this, Conan jolted forward and grabbed onto the cloth material; simultaneously, Erin turned her head. She had fallen asleep at some point.

“AGHHHH!” Conan started to scream in shock and confusion upon noticing what was happening to him. The scream had woken up everyone in the vehicle, and when they moved to see what was happening, they saw ice that was slowly spreading up to his arm and was freezing his entire body. It took a few seconds, and when the ice encased his whole body, it shattered into hundreds of small pieces.

“I told him his death would be cold,” Bliss grunted, looking at shattered ice, which was Conan a few seconds ago, “It seems your sword did not find him worthy. Your weapon is a picky one. Take pride in that.”

‘My weapon Did that?’ Erin was still in a stupor, but what else could it have been. Without a doubt, it was the weapon’s potent freezing powers.

Erin claimed that she wasn’t the one who acted against Conan. Luckily due to Bliss’s prophecy from before and Berg as a witness, the others didn’t need much convincing about the whole thing.

“I can ȧssure you; I didn’t steal this… it was given to me. You can confirm with Samantha if you want.” Erin said.

“No worries here; besides, now I understand why we have a chance of beating this Demon tier beast.”

With the Demon tier beast in her hand and the words from Bliss yesterday, the group was now confident to go out and hunt for another Demon tier beast.


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