My Vampire System Chapter 1521 – Flying balls

“Come on, do you really expect us to believe that?” Conan asked, right after Bliss had revealed the information. “This is a Demon tier beast we are talking about, and I’ve never seen her in my life. What rank are you even?”

Conan was referring to her Traveller rank, the different coloured tags that they would have around their neck that would prove to others the rank they had obtained.

“I don’t have a Rank. I was in the military academy long before the civil war broke out.” She answered honestly, and thought there was no need to prove herself to some nobody. Still, what exactly did Bliss mean by her statement?

Was this a vision that she had actually seen, or did she just want to stir trouble.

‘Does she know that I have the Demon tier weapon on me? There should only be a handful of people who know… I can’t imagine that information might have leaked. However, if she does know, then I could see why she would think with me there’s a good chance of subduing one. … but does that really mean she can see the future?’

“Damn it.” Conan sat back down, hearing that as a reply. “We are all going to die.”

Although Conan might have been the only one to audibly complain, deep down, the others that had come along in this journey felt the same way. Since the start it had sounded like a suicide squad, but they had at least hoped the military might have had a secret weapon or something. As it turns out, though, they apparently chose to trust a crazy lady.

Only a few seconds later, the outside of the vehicle started to rumble, and a loud sound had come from the left side. It was clear that they had been hit by something.

“Hey bro, did you do that?” Brook asked. “Are you a jinx or something? Just when you say we’re all going to die, beasts appear?”

“Hey, now’s not the time to be pointing fingers! Besides, shouldn’t our psychic Bliss over here seen it coming with her powers?” The Traveller refused to take the blame for this coincidence.

While the two were arguing, Rafer was on the move, heading to the control panel, and pressing a buŧŧon that would open the vehicle up. The tires stopped in place, and out from the sides the vehicle anchored itself in the ground, shooting strange devices from under the vehicle itself.

After that, a small little energy blast was sent out in all directions like a bubble around the vehicle. It was a defensive measure that would allow them to get out safely and deal with whatever the problem was.

As the back opened up, the group rushed outside to see what was going on.

Bliss was the only one who walked out casually, unfazed by that had just happened.

The first thing the group noticed as they stepped onto the black, charcoal-like ground was the fact it was hot. They could feel it on their feet, even through their beast gear. It was similar to the feeling of walking on a sandy beach with bȧrė feet, with the sun being out. They needed to move or the pain would get to them.

This was because of the type of planet they were on. The two Shelters were placed on a levelled black ground, and most of the surrounding space was the same, but the whole planet wasn’t like that. There were certain parts that were filled with molten lava from the ground below.

Even now in the distance they could see mountains of lava flowing down the side of them. In the ground itself, although not on the surface, they could see part of the ground cracked with heat waves and little embers coming out as well.

“They’re…they’re… balls? Floating pair of balls?” Conan, said as for some reason, when lifting his crossbow, he was hesitant to shoot at it. The beast looked like two giant balls stuck together floating in the air, and he felt like if he were to hit such a thing, he would begin to feel pain in a certain area.

Soon, though, they turned towards him, and a single large eyeball could be seen, on each of the balls.

“Ahh, it’s hideous!” Conan shouted and immediately shot out an arrow from his crossbow, hitting it square in the eye. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to kill the beast. The next moment, the strange tentacles that were attached around the balls started to fire out fireballs towards him in a rage.

He managed to avoid most of them with ease, but soon more attacks were coming towards him from the others. The beasts had surrounded the vehicle, and there looked to be around thirty or so of them.

Conan would roll on the ground, and fire at those closest to him. He proved that his crossbow was a mighty weapon. While he didn’t manage to hit each beast in their eye, they would still get pushed back a few feet, giving him time and distance to fire at another one.

Brook had taken out the two sickles, and hopped from side to side, not allowing any of the flames to touch him. He had attempted to strike the ball from below, but the balls would just spin along with the hit, trying to minimise the damage. So instead, Brook decided to cut off the tentacles that were firing the balls of fire in the first place.

Finally, there were the other three, Berg didn’t have any problems, when the flames hit his body they did next to no harm. If he timed it right, he could even hit the flames back at the beast that would even hurt them when being hit.

There was Bliss who even though stood still not a single one of the flames were hitting her. Finally, there was Erin. Who hadn’t used her Demon tier blade, though she was showing off with her blood weapon.

The Dhampir pretended to struggle against one of the beasts at first, before bisecting it so fast that it had no time to react. She had expected to see blood, yet there was something else inside. Its insides were glowing, not just that, but the energy was getting larger by the second. An explosion went off.

And that’s when all of them could see, since they were unable to kill the humans in front of them. The floating pair of balls started to shake violently. They then started to glow, and it looked like all twenty of them had decided to self-destruct.

“Everyone, gather around me.” Bliss called out.

She had been drawing a large circle with her staff on the ground. The others listened and got inside, including Rafer who had been observing how well the others were doing. Mainly just using a beast shield to stop the flames.

When they got inside, explosion after explosion went off one after another, and no one could see a thing, but they realised that none of them felt pain. Bliss’ staff was lit up, and she had created a barrier that had protected them all from the attack.

Now there were no more beasts on site, and at least the vehicle they had arrived in looked to be okay as well.

“Phew, that was a close one, I guess I should be thanking you.” Conan said, as he was constantly hoping on the spot to make sure his feet didn’t get too hot. Brock and Rafer were doing the same, but for the others the same couldn’t be said.

Conan gave them a look as to wonder why they didn’t feel the same way. Berg, he could understand.

“It’s an active ability of my armour equipment, I knew what type of place we were going to after all.” Bliss explained, seemingly having read his mind.

Since they were safe, Erin already started to head back to the vehicle to get a move on. In her case, the reason she was fine was due to the Demon tier weapon. Just being next to it was giving off this cooling effect on her body. It was the perfect counter to this type of environment.

When getting back on the vehicle, Rafer had made the decision that they would camp for the day. The military officer drove the vehicle to a safer area… One that was away from the heated spots of land, and was at the foot of a mountain that wasn’t spewing lava.

He asked Bliss if it was okay, though she just gave him a smile and nodded. The vehicle had beds on the other end and were stacked on top of each other like a large bunk bed. Erin was sleeping on the bottom bunk and on the other side was Bliss. However, before both women went to sleep the Dhampir had decided to approach the God.

“It’s clear you’re not normal.” Erin said. “I don’t understand it, but I can tell you’re special. I also have a feeling you’re not actually lying, which is why I’m asking you. No, I’m begging you. Tell me, is there a way to stop the future that you saw from happening? Is there a way to stop what is happening to me?”


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